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4Quarters 2013 MLB Prediction Roundtable

Tonight the 2013 MLB season kicks off in Houston, Texas as the Astros begin life in the American League against in-state foe the Texas Rangers. Once again I’ve called on Joe Tichy and Jerry Durney to share their predictions on the upcoming season.

The 2013 MLB season begins in Houston but here is the predictions roundtable.

Key – MV = Mike Vamosi, JT = Joe Tichy and JD = Jerry Durney

AL East – Joe and I like the Blue Jays to win with all they’ve done while Jerry wrote a novel on why the Rays will claim another AL East title

MV: Toronto – Glamorous pick to win the AL East with everything they did this offseason but compared to others why not? However, they could turn out to be the Marlins of 2013.
JT: Toronto – I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.  Fast lineup bolstered by a solid rotation.  Only thing that could hurt them is Melky facing additional suspension time
JD: Tampa Bay – Toronto is the trendy pick coming into this season but I still feel as if there are too many variables with them (the health of  Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson, can R.A. Dickey stay a top of the rotation pitcher, can Rickey Romero even return to the majors, how will Melky Cabrera perform allegedly off the juice). Add in Baltimore unlikely to replicate their late-game magic of a year ago, Boston still recovering from their cratering and the impending free-fall of the Yankees, I’m taking  the Rays to win their 3rd AL East title in 6 years.

AL Central – We’re all going with the Tigers in the Central here.

MV: Detroit – Whose got it better than the Tigers? Probably no one in the American League given how tough the East and West divisions should be.
JT: Detroit – Lot of firepower if they stay healthy.  Return of V-Mart will be interesting
JD: Detroit – Cabrera and Verlander. Nuff Said.

AL West – Ask three different people and you get three different responses on who’ll win the division.

MV: Texas – I don’t know if they got better with some of the subtractions they made but I do like there staff which will allow other parts to develop.
JT: Los Angeles – Not a hole in their lineup.  Bullpen could use some work
JD: Oakland – Against my better judgment, I’m taking Oakland. The Angels rotation is shaky after Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson. Texas’ lineup appears to have taken a massive hit with the losses of Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli. Meanwhile a good, young A’s squad is a year older, I feel like they’re still growing.

AL Wildcards – I’d say that everything is in order here but we’ve got an interesting collection of teams as our picks.

MV: Tampa Bay and Oakland
JT: Chicago and Tampa Bay
JD: Los Angeles and Kansas City – The Angels lineup is still too good for them not to at least get one of the two wild card spots. I’m gonna take a risk and see the Royals playing in October. An Eric Hosmer rebound plus a leap from Mike Moustakas and good rookie campaign from Johnny Giavotella bring postseason baseball to Kansas City. (Pandering: It’s not just for politicians!)

NL East – All three of us decided on the Nationals which isn’t unsurprising at all given the talent this have.

MV: Washington – 2012 we were introduced to the era of Natitude which will continue with no more pitch limits we hope and the heartbreak they suffered last October.
JT: Washington – Gotta love this team.  If Gio avoids suspension, this team should contend for the NL title
JD: Washington – Most would have you believe this is a two-team race, but the Nationals might be the most complete team in baseball. The difference in this race  will be arms. Atlanta’s depends on Kris Medlen and Mike Minor carrying over their 2nd half success of 2012, while Washington adds a full season of Stephen Strasburg and Dan Haren to an already  great rotation. Factor in the addition of Rafael Soriano to an (NLDS Game 5 withstanding) exceptional bullpen and it’s gonna be very tough to score on the Nats. Oh yeah, and watch for Bryce Harper to make those Ken Griffey Jr. comparisons to seem not so far-fetched.

NL Central – So far we are all agreeing on who’ll win these National League divisions with a unanimous pick of the Reds.

MV: Cincinnati – I’m on record as not a fan of Dusty Baker but he’s got enough talent that he won’t get in this teams way until October again.
JT: Cincinnati – Deep team with a great rotation and future star Billy Hamilton waiting in the wings in AAA.
JD: Cincinnati – Add Shin-Soo Choo (and subtract Drew Stubbs) to an already explosive Cincinnati lineup, and the Reds are a darkhorse NL pennant pick. The Reds also have a great 1-2 at the top of the rotation in Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos. The Cardinals will be there to be sure, but they have some question marks that prevent me from picking them to take the Central flag.

NL West – We make it 3-for-3 taking the Giants to repeat in this division.

MV: San Francisco – 2010 when the team won the World Series Buster Posey getting hurt derailed a chance to repeating. With a healthy and probably better team plus the motivation from SoCal I like this team that’s proved it before to us.
JT: San Francisco – Weak division should allow the champs to repeat
JD: San Francisco – Don’t let the Dodgers trust fund kid spending spree fool you, it’s theGiants and everybody else here. San Francisco brings back nearly all of last year’s championship squad. The offense is better than most people give it credit for, as they have one of the game’s top 5 players in Buster Posey and will now have a full season of Hunter Pence, who should have a better campaign than his half-season with them last year. Add a potential rebound for Tim Lincecum to an already loaded rotation and a bullpen that got even better when Sergio Romo became the closer, and it’s gonna be another year of seeing 1’s and 2’s below the run column for San Fran opponents.

NL Wildcards – Two us agree on the Pirates and Braves with the Dodgers and Cardinals thrown in for good will.

MV: Pittsburgh and Los Angeles
JT: Pittsburgh and Atlanta
JD: St. Louis and Atlanta – We get a 2012 rematch here as the Cardinals and Braves are still good squads who I trust to make up for their deficiencies more than I do LA.

AL WC Round – Joe and I pick the Rays to move on while Jerry tries (successfully) to pander to me with his Royals pick.

MV: Tampa Bay over Oakland – This game at the Trop will be tough for the A’s as the Rays advance to the divisional round.
JT: Tampa over Chicago – White Sox just don’t do well in high pressure situations against Tampa
JD: Kansas City over Los Angeles – It was Oakland and Baltimore in 2012 and this year it’s the Royals turn to shock the world and big money Anaheim.

ALDS – Read and decide what you like here.

MV: Toronto v. Tampa Bay, Rays in four – These two teams have played each other tooth and nail for years will meet in October for an entertaining series.
Detroit v. Texas, Tigers in five – This could be an ALCS matchup that’s taking place in the divisional round.
JT: Los Angeles v. Tampa Bay, Angels in four – Potent lineup that will have many pitchers looking like scrubs
Detroit v. Toronto, Tigers in three.  Stacked Tigers team will prevail
JD: Detroit v. Kansas City, Tigers – Much like the two cinderellas of last season, the Royals will give the big money boys one hell of a fight but in the end, the Tigers have one of the 5 best pitchers on earth to put them over the top.
Tampa Bay v. Oakland, Rays – On the other side, the Rays have the best rotation in the American League and should handle Oakland in 3 or 4.

ALCS – I like Tigers, Joe likes the Angels and Jerry is going with the Rays.

MV: Toronto v. Detroit, Tigers in six – Experience is the difference which Detroit has over Toronto and it’ll prove to be the difference.
JT: Los Angeles v. Detroit, Angels in seven – Each team has the same weaknesses and strengths, but Albert and Josh trump Prince and Miggy.
JD: Detroit v. Tampa Bay, Rays in five – This should be a matchup of the two best staffs in the AL. As has been the case in the last two postseasons, this Detroit lineup can be silenced by the right staff and Tampa’s rotation fits that bill. In order to beat Detroit’s 4, you have to play small ball and Joe Maddon’s team does it better than most.

NL WC Round – Two us like the Pirates while Jerry says the Braves exact revenge on the Cardinals.

MV: Pittsburgh over Los Angeles – Want to see what the highest payroll losing in the wildcard game looks like?
JT: Pittsburgh over Atlanta – Yes, I work for a Pirates affiliate
JD: Atlanta over St. Louis – In a 2012 rematch of two teams with rotation questions, the Braves bullpen is the difference why they finally get over the St. Louis after 2 straight painful late-season rundowns.

NLDS – We all like Washington to make the NLCS but I’m alone picking the Giants.

MV: Washington v. Pittsburgh, Nationals in three – While the Bucs return to the postseason it’ll be a quick visit as the Nats role.
San Francisco v. Cincinnati, Giants in four – Revenge might be on the Reds minds but Dusty again turns into a mental midget against his old team.
JT: Pittsburgh v. Washington, Nationals in four – Pittsburgh will be better, but they have a lot of holes that Washington doesn’t.
Cincinnati v. San Francisco, Reds in five – X-Factor-Aroldis Chapman
JD: Washington v. Atlanta, Nationals in four – A great climax to what will be a year-long battle of the NL East and while it won’t go the distance, this should be a tremendous series.
Cincinnati v. San Francisco, Reds in four – On the other side, Cincinnati avenges last year’s NLDS loss to San Francisco, a series that they thought they should’ve won.

NLCS – Joe likes the Reds to beat the Nationals where Jerry and I think the opposite.

MV: Washington v. San Francisco, Nationals in six – Last season I thought the Nats would get to the October classic so I’ll try again.
JT: Washington v. Cincinnati, Reds in six – Bryce Harper will choke.  That is all.
JD: Washington v. Cincinnati, Nationals in six – Two tremendous lineups but this is where Washington having a legitimate ace in Strasburg finally pays off as he wins both of his starts in the series.

2013 World Series – Again three different winners/match-ups in our World Series.

MV: Detroit v. Washington, Tigers in five – Again, I love putting the bullseye on a team I don’t care for then hope to be wrong.
JT: Los Angeles v. Cincinnati, Angels in five – Dusty can’t seal the deal.  Mike Trout can add a ring to his hardware collection.
JD: Tampa Bay v. Washington, Rays in six – This would be up there with 1991 and 2001 as the best World Series matchup of staffs in the last 25 years. The Rays used to the postseason stage, have the better manager, are better at smallball and by the slightest of margins, the better bullpen. They were a more deserving team in 2008 and 2010 and while Washington may have the more well-rounded team, 2013 is the year The Extra 2% finally triumphs.

Awards Section:
MV: Mike Trout/Angels, The best player on the Angels and I think after falling short last season he gets the nod in 2013.
JT: Robinson Cano/Yankees, I pick him every year because he is that consistently good and deserves more recognition.
JD: Mike Trout/Angels, I won’t rehash the tired MVP debate of last year and I don’t think his bulking up is as big a deal as some are making it out to be. In what is just Trout’s 2nd full season, it’s frightening to think he could get even better.  He’ll become the 3rd MVP on his team (joining Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols) while fending off Miguel Cabrera, Evan Longoria and Yoenis Cespedes.

AL Cy Young
MV:Justin Verlander/Tigers, Detroit’s workhorse will collect another CY Young as he helps them to another division title.
JT: Jered Weaver/Angels, I can see Price repeating, but Weaver could win 22 games with the lineup he has supporting him.
JD: David Price/Rays, He became the unquestioned ace of Tampa’s staff in 2012 and if he continues to improve his secondary pitches, he could be even better. Look for a repeat for the lefty from Vanderbilt. Others in the discussion will be Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez.

MV: Wil Myers/Rays, Yep I know the pain this will cause Royals fans like me but once he gets to Tampa he’ll be a factor.
JT: Jurickson Profar/Rangers, He got some time in the bigs last year and he is MLB’s top prospect.
JD: Wil Myers/Rays, Hopefully Mike is still standing since I am certain that Myers is the unanimous pick amongst the panel to win this award. Myers has done nothing but rake in the minors and his bat could be the tipping point for a Rays team that struggled for runs last season.

AL Manager of the Year –
MV: John Gibbons/Blue Jays – Ending Toronto’s playoff drought is worth something and if he keeps the clubhouse by staying out of the way …
JT: Joe Maddon/Rays, for once again keeping Tampa in the hunt all year.
JD: Ned Yost/Royals, This may cause Mike’s brain to shut down but this tends to be a results-based award and with KC making it to the playoffs since before the year I was born, Yost would seem t be a shoo-in here. If not him, Joe Maddon is always in the running for this.

MV: Andrew McCutchen/Pirates, Introduced himself last season by making the All-Star game and this season he’ll return Pittsburgh to the postseason.
JT: Andrew McCutchen/Pirates, That whole working in the Pirates organization is probably the main reason
JD: Joey Votto/Reds, If he’s healthy, it’s his to lose. The best left-handed hitter in the game right now, he’s had an MVP season before and now protection around him that continues to strengthen, I expect Votto to add to his trophy case in November. Expect Matt Kemp, Jason Heyward and Bryce Harper to make a case for themselves.

NL Cy Young –
MV: Matt Cain/Giants, I’ll keep picking Cain until this happens because I think he’s one of the best pitchers in the game.
JT: Matt Cain/Giants, He didn’t get that big fat extension for nothin’
JD: Clayton Kershaw/Dodgers, Kershaw would’ve had his 2nd Cy in a row last year if not for R.A. Dickey’s incredible out-of-nowhere season. He’s just entering his prime now, and he figures to be in this race as long as he’s there. He’ll get a challenge from Stephen Strasburg.

MV: Gerrit Cole/Pirates, I was impressed seeing him at UCLA in person and he’ll be a factor in the Bucs run to October.
JT: Adam Eaton/Diamondbacks, Fast as all get out and will get time to play immediately
JD: Zack Wheeler/Mets, This could actually be a race between battery mates as catcher Travis d’Arnaud (the Mets’ primarily haul in the R.A. Dickey trade)  is expected to receive the call to Citi Field sometime in the season’s first month and many expect him to be instant boost to the offense. Mets fans (full disclosure: including yours truly) have awaited Wheeler’s arrival since the day he was acquired from the Giants for Carlos Beltran in July 2011. He has impressed at every level through the minors, shows all the signs of providing an immediate impact for the Amazins when he arrives and become a future ace. He, Matt Harvey and Jon Niese could provide a mean top of the rotation for years to come.

NL Manager of the Year –
MV: Clint Hurdle/Pirates, As you can tell I really have a thing for Pittsburgh this season and with that credit must be given to Hurdle with this award.
JT: Clint Hurdle/Pirates, for finally getting the Pirates above .500
JD: Clint Hurdle/Pirates, Pittsburgh will finish 3rd in the Central but they will be in the Wild Card hunt into September and the fact that they have improved each year under him finally pays off for one of the best guys in the game.

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you to enjoy.

Alex Morgan Goalkeeper Brianna Davey #18 of Australia collects the ball as Alex Morgan #13 of the USA leaps over her at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on September 19, 2012 in Commerce City, Colorado.
Alex Morgan was featured yesterday and after a two-goal game last night, why not again. Photo Doug Pensinger/Getty

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s MLB scoreboard
2) Day baseball in Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, Wrigley Field, Phoenix, San Francisco and Pittsburgh
3) Milwaukee Brewers (76-72) M. Fiers (9-8, 3.23) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (74-74) W. Rodriguez (11-13, 3.65), 3:05 pm
4) Texas Rangers (88-60) Y. Darvish (15-9, 4.02) @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (81-68) Z. Greinke (14-5, 3.56), 9:05 pm

Second Quarter: College Football

1) BYU Cougars (2-1) @ Boise State Broncos (1-1), 8 pm/ESPN
2) Sneaky Game of the week: California Golden Bears (1-2) @ 13 Southern California Trojans (2-1)
3) FCS at FBS Upset Alert: Citadel Bulldogs (3-0) @ North Carolina State Wolfpack (2-1)
4) ACC Game I won’t mention tomorrow: East Carolina Pirates (2-1) @ North Carolina Tar Heels (1-2)

Third Quarter: NFL

1) Thursday Night Football: New York Giants (1-1) @ Carolina Panthers (1-1), 7:20 pm/NFL Network
2) Can Eli Manning match his 500 yard performance of last week? How about Cam Newton against Big Blue?
3) NFL Game that won’t make tomorrow’s cut: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (1-1)
4) 5th Best Game that will just miss the cut: Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) @ Washington Redskins (1-1)

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1) Tom Shatel of the Omaha World Herald on former Nebraska Cornhuskers in the media
2) Dan Wetzel tells a terrific story about Dabo Swinney
3) Awful Announcing preps you for the weekend with who’s broadcasting the College games you’ll be watching
4) Sam Mellinger on how the Kansas City Chiefs were built for another era of the NFL

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

Who is number one on the Uni Watch Power Rankings for the four major sports?

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Chipper making his last appearance in the bay area this weekend in a important series (hell ESPN has it on Sunday Night Baseball)
3) Can the surging Mariners keep it up on the Southside of Chicago this weekend?
4) Battle for the NL Central happening in the Queen City

Second Quarter: American League Series to Watch this Weekend

1) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (65-60) Z. Greinke (10-5, 4.01) @ Detroit Tigers (67-57) R. Porcello (9-8, 4.67), 6:05 pm
2) Kansas City Royals (55-68) B. Chen (9-10, 5.45) @ Boston Red Sox (59-66) J. Lester (7-10, 5.03), 6:10 pm
3) Oakland Athletics (67-57) J. Parker (8-7, 3.48) @ Tampa Bay Rays (70-55) M. Moore (10-7, 3.57), 6:10 pm
4) Seattle Mariners (61-64) J. Vargas (13-8, 3.53) @ Chicago White Sox (68-55) J. Peavy (9-9, 3.11), 7:10 pm

Third Quarter: National League Series to Watch this Weekend

1) Washington Nationals (77-47) E. Jackson (7-8, 3.69) @ Philadelphia Phillies (58-67) K. Kendrick (6-9, 4.20), 6:05 pm
2) Milwaukee Brewers (57-66) M. Fiers (6-6, 2.90) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (67-57) W. Rodriguez (8-12, 4.00), 6:05 pm
3) St. Louis Cardinals (68-56) L. Lynn (13-5, 3.73) @ Cincinnati Reds (76-50) M. Latos (10-3, 3.56), 6:10 pm
4) Atlanta Braves (71-54) B. Sheets (4-3, 3.07) @ San Francisco Giants (70-55) R. Vogelsong (10-7, 2.85), 9:15 pm

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1) Here are the 1-25 teams for Uni Watch Power Rankings that has been going on this week
2) Michael Rosenberg of on the Lance Armstrong news of Thursday night
3) Nike’s impact on college athletics by Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star
4) Another summer list from is a college basketball top 50 programs list. 

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83rd MLB All-Star Game Rosters

All-Star Game rosters were announced so here they are.

Yesterday Major League Baseball announced it’s rosters for the 83rd midsummer classic which will take place June 10th at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ll leave out the commentary about who should be in the game and who shouldn’t but for today here are those named to the game.

AL Starters –

Catcher: Mike Napoli (Texas Rangers)
First Base: Prince Fielder (Detroit Tigers)
Second Base: Robinson Cano (New York Yankees)
Third Base: Adrian Beltre (Texas Rangers)
Shortstop: Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)
Outfield: Josh Hamilton (Texas Rangers)
Outfield: Curtis Granderson (New York Yankees)
Outfield: Jose Batista (Toronto Blue Jays)
DH: David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox)

AL Pitchers –

Ryan Cook/RHP (Oakland Athletics), Matt Harrison/LHP (Texas Rangers), Felix Hernandez/RHP (Seattle Mariners), Jim Johnson/RHP (Baltimore Orioles), Joe Nathan/RHP (Texas Rangers), Chris Perez/RHP (Cleveland Indians), David Price/LHP (Tampa Bay Rays), Fernando Rodney/RHP (Detroit Tigers), CC Sabathia/LHP (New York Yankees), Chris Sale/LHP (Chicago White Sox), Justin Verlander/RHP (Detroit Tigers), Jered Weaver/RHP (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim),  C.J. Wilson/LHP (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

AL Reserves –

Catcher: Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins), Matt Wieters (Baltimore Orioles)
First Base: Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox)
Second Base: Ian Kinsler (Texas Rangers)
Third Base: Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)
Shortstop: Elvis Andrus (Texas Rangers), Asdrubal Cabrera (Cleveland Indians)
Outfield: Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles), Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Mark Trumbo (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)
DH: Billy Butler (Kansas City Royals), Adam Dunn (Chicago White Sox)

American League Final Vote Canidates –

Pitchers: Jonathan Broxton (Kansas City Royals), Yu Darvish (Texas Rangers), Ernesto Frieri (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Jason Hammel (Baltimore Orioles), Jake Peavy (Chicago White Sox)

National League Starters –

Catcher: Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants)
First Base: Joey Votto (Cincinnati Reds)
Second Base: Dan Uggla (Atlanta Braves)
Third Base: Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco Giants)
Shortstop: Rafael Furcal (St. Louis Cardinals)
Outfield: Melky Cabrera (San Francisco Giants)
Outfield: Carlos Beltran (St. Louis Cardinals)
Outfield: Matt Kemp (Los Angeles Dodgers)

National League Pitchers –

Matt Cain/RHP (San Francisco Giants), Aroldis Chapman/LHP (Cincinnati Reds), R.A. Dickey/RHP (New York Mets), Gio Gonzalez/LHP (Washington Nationals), Cole Hamels/LHP (Philadelphia Phillies), Joel Hanrahan/RHP (Pittsburgh Pirates), Clayton Kershaw/LHP (Los Angeles Dodgers), Craig Kimbrel/RHP (Atlanta Braves), Lance Lynn/RHP (St. Louis Cardinals, Wade Miley/LHP (Arizona Diamondbacks), Jonathan Papelbon/RHP (Philadelphia Phillies), Stephen Strasburg/RHP (Washington Nationals), Huston Street/RHP (San Diego Padres)

National League Reserves –

Catcher: Yadier Molina (St. Louis Cardinals), Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Phillies)
First Base: Bryan LaHair (Chicago Cubs)
Second Base: Jose Altuve (Houston Astros)
Third Base: David Wright (New York Mets)
Shortstop: Starlin Castro (Chicago Cubs), Ian Desmond (Washington Nationals)
Outfield: Ryan Braun (Milwaukee Brewers), Jay Bruce (Cincinnati Reds), Carlos Gonzalez (Colorado Rockies), Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates), Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)

National League Final Vote Canidates –

Second Base: Aaron Hill (Arizona Diamondbacks)
Third Base: David Freese (St. Louis Cardinals), Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves)
Outfield: Michael Bourn (Atlanta Braves), Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals)

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4Quarters: 2012 MLB Hat Breakdown

I’ve decided to give you my first rankings of the hats being worn in Major League Baseball this season so I hope you enjoy.

One of several Royals hats I own and wear to one of my favorite places.

For those who don’t know me I’ve got a great collection of hats all kinds. With the start of baseball I thought I’d rank every team’s hat. And I mean every hat, alternatives so let’s begin.

  1. Detroit Tigers home, the old English D is a classic look which just looks great oddly enough I do not own this lid.
  2. Detroit Tigers away, if I have the Tigers home with the white D on it I feel I’d be foolish not to have the teams road hate which is the same only with orange. Another hat I don’t own.
  3. New York Yankees, the interlocking NY is an worldwide status symbol wither I like it or not and yes I do have this hat for reasons previously mentioned.
  4. Boston Red Sox primary, another hat that is worn a lot because people think it’s cool in addition to wanting to be on the bandwagon. I don’t have a fitted version of this hat.
  5. Kansas City Royals, I admit this is a homer pick but it’s a clean logo plus a great looking hat which I’ve seen more and more on people’s heads outside the area you’d think. And yes I’ve got plenty Royals hats with probably more to come in the future.
  6. San Francisco Giants primary, classic hat with interlocking letters which just makes for a great look says I. I do own a couple of these.
  7. Los Angeles Dodgers, this is a top 10 hat for sure and you want to raise questions to why I’ve got it behind the Royals for being essentially the same so be it. I don’t have a fitted version this hat but wouldn’t turn one down good looking.
  8. Chicago Cubs, another one of the recognizable hats which you know exactly who it is even if the team is lousy always. Another hat I do not own with really no plans to going forward but as the fans say maybe next year hah.
  9. Washington Nationals home, this is our first all red hat on the list and I admit it’s really grown on me recently. I have the old road hat but this is on my radar.
  10. St. Louis Cardinals home, I had to put this hat in the top ten because it’s stood the test of time and is known by many. I don’t own this hat and don’t have plans to at this time.
  11. Minnesota Twins home, interlocking letters are big with me and I just like how this hat looks and I do own one.
  12. Cincinnati Reds home, another all-red hat making an appearance on my list but this hat has been around for a long long time. I wouldn’t be opposed to owning one but I’d probably only get one if I was going to a game in Cincy.
  13. Pittsburgh Pirates primary, this is another hat I don’t own but would in a heartbeat it just looks great maybe it needs to be on the radar.
  14. Toronto Blue Jays, this is one of my favorite hats since the Jays brought it back this season unfortunately it’s lost in the crowd due to other good options. I got the new edition a few months ago because I had to have it.
  15. Baltimore Orioles home, like the team above them on the list the O’s brought it back and it looks outstanding. It’s also on my short must have list.
  16. Baltimore Orioles away, the only difference is it’s all black but still on my must have list and is just outside the top 15.
  17. Philadelphia Phillies primary, I really like this hat and don’t take it as a slap in the face Phillies fans for being so far down on the list. I do own a couple Phillies hats mainly due to a good experience in the city.
  18. Chicago White Sox primary, classic look to it but again lost in the crowd of other hats in the league. A couple years ago while in Chicago I did buy this hat after a weekend of dealing with Cubs fans.
  19. New York Mets, I don’t think they have the black hat with a blue bill anymore and I do own this hat but again too many other choices but I do like this hat.
  20. Texas Rangers primary, I bought this hat while living in Texas to feel a part of the state plus a good looking solid blue hat is hard to turn down.
  21. Colorado Rockies home, interlocking C and R works for me don’t know why but I do like this hat a lot and probably should add the game hat to my collection, gives me a reason to visit Denver.
  22. Philadelphia Phillies alternate, blue crown with a red bill plus P on the hat just looks great to me and is our first alternative on this list. I don’t own it but would consider at some point.
  23. Atlanta Braves home, good looking hat have to give them that but I’m allowing the fact I don’t care for them cloud my judgment.
  24. Atlanta Braves road, great looking navy hat which I really do like so I pair it right behind the primary Braves hat. I’d consider this hat more than the one listed above.
  25. Oakland Athletics home, iconic sure and only green and gold hat here but compared to others it is down the list sorry A’s fans. I would buy this hat if that cheers you up.
  26. Houston Astros primary, I do own the black version and I think it’s the primary but the team has been wearing the clay version a lot lately.
  27. Oakland Athletics away, I do like this hat and would purchase it but really no hurry.
  28. Seattle Mariners primary, let me say I do like this hat but I just like others more and yes I have a version of it.
  29. Seattle Mariners alternate, love this hat and have it on my need to purchase list since the M’s brought it back this year.
  30. Cleveland Indians road, simple means great just a navy hat with a block C that works for me. What I’m trying to say I’d probably buy it.
  31. Cleveland Indians home alternate, look I don’t know what the primary or alternate hat is for them. This one is the red one with the navy block C on it which I do like. Don’t own this but maybe someday.
  32. Miami Marlins primary, another on the radar candidate and not sure why but it’s growing on me quickly.
  33. Miami Marlins alternate, the only orange hat on this list plus its good enough to be considered for sure.
  34. Chicago White Sox home alternate, this White Sox hat is just like the primary only red and I really like it a lot, would consider.
  35. Arizona Diamondbacks alternate, this is the snakes black hat which they wear every now and again. Don’t own it but don’t dislike it either.
  36. Arizona Diamondbacks primary, this hat is really average in my eyes, I don’t own it and now sure if I did I’d actually wear it.
  37. Houston Astros alternate, like I mentioned the team has been wearing this hat lately and I don’t own it for reasons listed above with the D’Backs.
  38. Milwaukee Brewers alternate, this is a classic the M and B that looks like a glove! So why isn’t it higher? Because I think while awesome kind of plain compared to others listed I do have this hat.
  39. Tampa Bay Rays, this is a good looking hat don’t get me wrong but yawn their alternate with the plaid bill looks better and that was a one-time deal. I do own this hat (plus the plaid) and one with the World Series patch.
  40. St. Louis Cardinals road, I do like navy hats with red lettering but when stacked against others well it just gets lost. Don’t own but if I had to have a Cardinals hat to avoid death I would get this one.
  41. St. Louis Cardinals Sunday home alternate, my mom got me the batting practice version of this a few years ago when she was in St. Louis. Not a bad hat that is probably second on my STL list of options but in the grand scheme it’s low here.
  42. Colorado Rockies away, black hat with a purple bill is just alright and I don’t own it but still not a terrible looking hat.
  43. Minnesota Twins road, same thing as their home hat but has a red bill, when they introduced it I bought it because I liked the Target Field patch on it which was the debut year for this hat.
  44. San Francisco Giants Sunday alternate, see above but I do own this hat and like this hat I just couldn’t jump it past many on my list.
  45. Texas Rangers home alternate, in Mike Vamosi’s America this would be the team’s home hat and the blue would be for the road. I do own this hat and got it in middle school, I don’t think it fits anymore.
  46. Washington Nationals road, same exact hat as the Twins just change the logo out. It’s a nice hat but I’m bitter they went with this over the solid navy hat this had which looked better.
  47. Baltimore Orioles alternate, I don’t know if the still wear the O’s hat but just in case I’ll include it. I don’t own this hat this is plain, looks nice but plain.
  48. Milwaukee Brewers primary, I love any hat with barely on it and do have this one but it’s the definition of a lost in the shuffle hat.
  49. Cincinnati Red away, I don’t own this version for the Reds which is simple the home hat with a black bill yawn.
  50. Oakland Athletics black, again not sure they still wear this and my buddy gave me this hat because it didn’t fit him. With the rich history of the team it’s kind of a bummer this hat even exists for the A’s.
  51. Pittsburgh Pirates alternate, this is just a version outlined in white and I don’t own it and have no desire to.
  52. Boston Red Sox alternate, you’re the Boston Red Sox and have a lot of posers wearing your hat already. So in true greedy fashion you design an alternate hat with your secondary logo, maybe but I prefer not to fund the rich teams.
  53. Cleveland Indians home primary, if Cleveland didn’t shrink Chief Wahoo I might buy this but they have so end of story.
  54. Los Angeles Angels, this team has a proud history of great hats but have a boring red one with an A on it. Not really enticing me to buy it.

So I think this covers all the primary hats (ones worn on a one-time bases didn’t make the list or the patriot series ones) please let me know your opinion or if I missed one. Thanks!

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4Quarters Major League Baseball 2012 Season Predictions Sure to go Wrong Roundtable

Baseball season begins on Wednesday, April 5 in Miami with the defending World Series champions St. Louis Cardinals opening up the Miami Marlins new park. I’ve assembled another roundtable to discuss the season this time myself (Royals fan), Jerry Durney (Mets fan), Joe Tichy (White Sox fan) and Tom Strauss (Braves fan) have predictions for you. Sure I gave you mine before the Opening Series in Japan but to the roundtable.

Marlins Park is the only new stadium in 2012 in addition see what the roundtable thinks about the upcoming season.

American League:
East –
Vamosi – Tampa Bay Rays, Still like this Rays team and think they will be even better this year than last year’s wildcard team. Joe Madden is a wizard and gets the most out of his guys which will be the case yet again in 2012.

Durney – New York Yankees, This could be the best division race we’ll ever see but the Yankees won comfortably last year and they have a better rotation this year, plus I feel like they’re going to add a bat at the deadline once the Raul Ibanez Banana in the Tailpipe fails. Keep an eye on Toronto.

Tichy – Tampa Bay Rays, Youth, consistency, and one of the best managers in baseball

Strauss – Tampa Bay Rays, Desmond Jennings will continue to grow into a star and the return of Carlos Pena to Tampa bay provide added protection or Evan Longoria.

Recap: Three of the four of us choose the Rays with the only person who calls Florida home going with the Yankees.

Central –
Vamosi – Detroit Tigers, Sure I’m a Royals fan but I cannot deny the Tigers being the best team in the American League. It’s a fact this season so might as well acknowledge the truth.

Durney – Detroit Tigers, Easiest pick of all. Cleveland will hang around for a while and maybe KC can do what Pittsburgh did in the first half last year. (See Vmos, I care!)

Tichy – Detroit Tigers, Cabrera and Fielder are best one-two punch in baseball.  Teams rebuilding in the division help their cause immensely.  Rotation after Verlander is only major flaw

Durney – Detroit Tigers, Right when you think think the Tigers may fall back with the loss of Victor Martinez, they go out and get Prince Fielder to give the Tigers the best 3/4 tandem in baseball.

Racap: It’s a clean sweep for the Tigers in our minds so no reason to expound on that.

West –
Vamosi – Texas Rangers, C’mon it’s the Rangers! All they did in the offseason is get better and they are the champs until beaten right?

Durney – Los Angeles Angels, This will be a tug of war all the way, but the Angels will pull away because I’m surer about their pitching than the Rangers. Joe Nathan as a closer is just begging for trouble (solely based on health), the jury’s out on whether Neftali Feliz has PTSD from Game 6 (history says he does) and they’re banking on Derek Holland seizing the ace role, which I don’t think he’s ready for just yet. Meanwhile, LAA has Ervin Santana on the 4-hole. If he continues to improve on his 2011 form, that’s frightening. Oh yeah, and they added that Pujols guy too.

Tichy – Los Angeles Angels, Albert Pujols, solid 1-4 starters, Scioscia

Strauss – Texas Rangers, This team has been knocking at the door the last few years.  My prediction is that they will continue it do so, but fall short of the ws this year because they have no top of the rotation guy to match Verlander.

Recap: I went with the Rangers where the other three went with the Angels.

Wildcard –
Vamosi – New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels, Both these teams will be in the playoffs mark my words. The Yankees are good enough (cringe at what I just typed) and the Angels c’mon they and Texas will both be in the playoffs with the extra wildcard now being in play.

Durney – Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay could easily take the East but it’s probably safer to put them here. Toronto and Cleveland could make this interesting as far as late August.

Tichy – Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox, Joe is so confident he left no comment.

Strauss – Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels, Angles win one game playoff…Angels should have enough star power to get them in the playoffs, but will lack the team chemistry to get it done in year one with Albert Pujols.

Recap: I think in the end we’ve all got the same playoff fields just have different routes for each, ok not true. Below are our picks in one place for your viewing pleasure.

AL Playoff Picks:
Vamosi – Rays, Tigers, Rangers, Yankees, Angels
Jerry – Yankees, Tigers, Angels, Rangers, Rays
Tichy – Rays, Tigers, Angels, Rangers, Red Sox
Strauss – Rays, Tigers, Rangers, Rangers, Red Sox

National League:
East –
Vamosi – Atlanta Braves, The Braves collapse down the stretch and were overshadowed by the Red Sox and Rays on game 162 aka the last game of the season. I like what Atlanta did adding Michael Bourn plus they should be motivated to finish in 2012.

Durney – Philadelphia Phillies, Pitching will carry them once again, but they are far more likely to win 90 than 100. I have Washington a year ahead of schedule in second, Atlanta takes a step back (I was shocked to see them not add a bat in the offseason when that led to their September collapse) and I see a lot of the 2008 Tigers in Miami. Am I rooting for said dud to happen? OK, twist my arm.

Tichy – Atlanta Braves, Good combo of youth and veterans

Strauss – Philadelphia Phillies, Toughest division in all of baseball this year. Yes they will be without Utley and Howard for sometime but the additions of Wigginton and Thome will help an offense jthat will not need to score many runs to win.  They still have too many arms last I checked.

Recap: Myself and Joe like the Braves where Tom and Jerry (see what I did there) both went against what they know is right and choose the Phillies.

Central –
Vamosi – St. Louis Cardinals, My only justification is that I don’t trust a Dusty Baker managed team to have the pitching because he’ll burn every arm he has. The Cardinals might have a new skipper but they have pretty much everyone but Pujols and Carpenter back so why not?

Durney – Cincinnati Reds, I have zero confidence on this one. Several factors will decide this division: Can Latos/Cueto elevate their games, St. Louis’ rotation (multiple question marks there) as well as how much of Prince’s production Milwaukee can replace. Since Joey Votto is the best player on the 3 teams, I pick the Reds.

Tichy – Cincinnati Reds, No Albert, No Prince. Votto will have an MVP caliber season once again

Strauss – Milwaukee Brewers, Yes they lost fielder but they added Aramis Rameriz and still have enough pop in the lineup with Braun, Hart,Weeks and a proven lead off guy in Nyger Morgan.

Recap: I went with the Cardinals, Joe and Jerry like the Reds while Tom is picking the Brewers.

West –
Vamosi – San Francisco Giants, Pitching, pitching and pitching I don’t care if they cannot hit because they will suffocate you with their pitching staff. They also shouldn’t lack motivation having missed the playoffs last year and didn’t get to defend in the playoffs.

Durney – Arizona Diamondbacks, Young group getting better, much more built to last than their ’07 predecessors, although I do have concerns on whether their bullpen can sustain their success from last season. However, a reasonably healthy Buster Posey could swing it to San Francisco. Keep an eye on Matt Cain, who was always underappreciated, who is in a contract year. The Lincecum/Cain duo could be the game’s best this season. Also, I fully expect Madison Bumgarner to make the leap this season.

Tichy – Arizona Diamondbacks, shocked the world last year and will complete the task this year.

Strauss – San Francisco Giants, The giants get Posey back and that should be just enough to hold off the the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Recap: Me and Tom are picking the Giants while Joe and Jerry take the Diamondbacks

Wildcards –
Vamosi – Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies, I think that the NL East will be the best division and will bear the fruit of such. Sure the Diamondbacks are a solid team that I left out but I feel they take a step back this season so put me on that island.

Durney – St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants, I have St. Louis here but as I said earlier, I think the Central runner-up gets one of the two. Washington will make these teams sweat though.

Tichy – Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, Another no-comment of confidence from JT

Strauss – Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins, braves win one game playoff.  The Marlins will be very exciting with and may have as much talent as anybody in the East this year,but I am not convinced some of these superstars have thick enough skin to put up with the biggest star on the team, their manager Ozzie.

Recap: I think we all agree (minus Jerry) that the NL East will have two playoff teams.

NL Playoffs:
Vamosi – Braves, Cardinals, Giants, Nationals, Phillies
Durney – Phillies, Reds, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Giants
Tichy – Braves, Reds, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Cardinals
Strauss – Phillies, Brewers, Giants, Braves, Marlins

World Series:

Vamosi – Detroit Tigers over San Francisco Giants, you’re welcome for the jinx!

Durney – San Francisco Giants over Los Angeles Angels, he likes revenge for 2002!

Tichy – Los Angeles Angels over Arizona Diamondbacks, this would be a fresh match-up which I’d watch.

Strauss – Atlanta Braves over Detroit Tigers, Chipper Jones wins World Series in his first and last seasons. He only plays in 125 games but McCann, Uggla, and Freeman solidly the middle of the line-up.  Keep in mind the Braves were arguably the best team in baseball April-August last season and then Jair and Tommy Hanson went down.  To me the Braves have too many players with too much to lose this season. McCann, Jair, Bourn, and Hansen are in contract years, Chipper has one last hurrah in him and Dan Uggla and Freddie Freeman have been mashing the ball all spring long. (Remember Tom is a Braves fan, MV)

Postseason/Individual Awards

Vamosi – Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers, Again take Verlander off the Tigers and what does the pitching staff have? Plus he’s the difference maker from making Detroit a division champ to on the fringe.

Durney – Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays (Jose Bautista 2nd, Adrian Beltre 3rd), Longoria had 31 HR/99 RBI/. 355 OBP/ .850 OPS in a “down” season and as we saw in September, he can carry this team. His apex starts now.

Tichy – Robinson Cano New York Yankees, He’s due-plain and simple.

Strauss – Albert Pujols Los Angeles Angels

Vamosi – Matt Kemp Los Angeles Dodgers, Runner-up last year will take it this year.

Durney – Justin Upton, Arizona Diamondbacks (Buster Posey 2nd, Joey Votto/Matt Kemp 3rd), I see a lot of similarities between Upton this year and Votto 2 years ago.

Tichy – Justin Upton Arizona Diamondbacks, Will be a household name by the end of the year

Strauss – Brian McCann Atlanta Braves, * contract year*

AL Cy Young –
Vamosi – Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners, Yep, that’s right not Verlander because I think King Felix will have better numbers in picking up his second AL Cy Young in three seasons.

Durney – Jered Weaver Los Angeles Angels (Dan Haren 2nd, Justin Verlander 3rd), Weaver last year was arguably the best pitcher in the AL who wasn’t a ninja riding a cheetah, he gets the hardware this season.

Tichy – Jered Weaver Los Angeles Angels, Tailed off after a remarkable first ten starts last year. Will have run support to get the wins this year

Strauss – David Price Tampa Bay Rays

NL Cy Young –
Vamosi – Matt Cain San Francisco Giants, Tim Lincecum is the only Cy Young winner on the staff where I think Cain is more complete. This year he finally gets the acknowledgment he deserves to go with that big contract.

Durney – Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers (narrowly edging out Halladay and Matt Cain), Kershaw has passed Cliff Lee as the best lefty in the game and may be within shouting distance of Halladay/Verlander as best overall in the game.

Tichy – Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies, Hiding behind Halladay and Lee, Cole will emerge from the shadows this year

Strauss – Josh Johnson Miami Marlins

AL Rookie of the Year –
Vamosi – Mike Moustakes Kansas City Royals, I don’t know if he is eligible but I really don’t care because I think Moose will have a big season.

Durney – Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays, Brett Lawrie finishing 2nd but I could totally see him winning this.

Tichy – Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays, Showed what he could do in a partial season last year.  First full season will not be any different

Strauss – Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays

NL Rookie of the Year –
Vamosi – Brandon Belt San Francisco Giants, Like the AL choice I don’t know if he is eligible but I think he is and will take the award.

Durney – Yonder Alonso San Diego Padres (Shelby Miller of St. Louis finishing 2nd ), Very thin field here. Only other candidates would be the arms Colorado received in the Ubaldo deal and I think they’ll have growing pains this season.

Tichy – Drew Pomeranz Colorado Rockies, Indians will regret the Jimenez trade based on the season this kid will have

Strauss – Trevor Bauer, Arizona Diamondbacks

AL Comeback Player of the Year –
Vamosi – Kendry Morales Los Angeles Angels, Could be the x-factor for a solid Angels team

Durney – Adam Dunn Chicago White Sox, Because if he has even half of his old numbers, it’s a rousing success. Kendry Morales gets consideration but I don’t know if he’ll get enough at-bats.

Tichy – Adam Dunn Chicago White Sox, Can’t get any worse, right?

Strauss – N/A (I take responsibility here for not telling Tom about an AL pick)

NL Comeback Player of the Year –
Vamosi – Buster Posey San Francisco Giants, C’mon I feel many want to see him return to his old self well unless you’re a fan of someone else in the NL West.

Durney – Buster Posey San Francisco Giants, Johan Santana’s about the only other player here I can think of. And anyone who argues Ryan Howard gets the gas face.

Tichy – Buster Posey San Francisco Giants

Strauss – Buster Posey San Francisco Giants, you could easily go Strausberg here but his innings will be monitored

AL Manager of the Year –
Vamosi – Ned Yost Kansas City Royals, Sure it’s the homer in me but I think if he gets KC to .500 with the lack of pitching they’ll be chasing a playoff spot.

Durney – John Farrell Toronto Blue Jays, Same reasoning applies here, although I think Ron Washington gets consideration because even though I have Texas in the playoffs, it’s going to be a lot harder for them than people think.

Tichy – Robin Ventura Chicago White Sox, Just for shits and giggles is my justification. 🙂 (This is why I prefer White Sox fans over Cub fans. MV)

Strauss – Mr. Washington Texas Rangers, He holds off LAA and all that star power.

NL Manager of the Year –
Vamosi – Mike Matheny St. Louis Cardinals, Sure the Cards have talent but he is still a first year manager.

Durney – Davey Johnson Washington Nationals, Making the Nationals a legitimate playoff contender gets Johnson his first MOTY award in 15 years. If Ron Roenicke can get the Brewers in the playoffs, you could talk me into him as well.

Tichy – Ron Roenicke Milwaukee Brewers

Strauss – Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies, He will be without Utley and Howard for much of the first half of the season but will still plug in the right pieces.

2012 MLB Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Tomorrow the 2012 season begins with the Seattle Mariners taking on the Oakland Athletics in Tokyo, Japan. Next week when what I recognize and I’m sure most will acknowledge Opening Day being next week with the St. Louis Cardinals at the newly minted Miami Marlins. None the less here are my 2012 MLB predictions sure to go wrong and next week we’ll have a roundtable discussion on this and more. So here we go …

Kansas City hosts the All-Star Game in July will that be the only highlight in the city of fountains?

American League –

AL East:
1. Tampa Bay Rays 2. New York Yankees (WC) 3. Toronto Blue Jays 4. Boston Red Sox 5. Baltimore Orioles

AL Central:
1. Detroit Tigers 2. Cleveland Indians 3. Minnesota Twins 4. Kansas City Royals 5. Chicago White Sox

AL West:
1. Texas Rangers 2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (WC) 3. Oakland Athletics 4. Seattle Mariners

National League –

NL East:
1. Atlanta Braves 2. Washington Nationals (WC) 3. Philadelphia Phillies (WC) 4. Miami Marlins 5. New York Mets

NL Central:
1. St. Louis Cardinals 2. Milwaukee Brewers 3. Cincinnati Reds 4. Pittsburgh Pirates 5. Chicago Cubs 6. Houston Astros

NL West:
1. San Francisco Giants 2. Colorado Rockies 3. Arizona Diamondbacks 4. Los Angeles Dodgers 5. San Diego Padres

MLB Playoffs –

Wildcard Game
AL: New York Yankees over Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 
NL: Philadelphia Phillies over Washington Nationals

Divisional Series 
ALDS: Detroit Tigers over New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays over Texas Rangers
NLDS: San Francisco Giants over Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves over St. Louis Cardinals

League Championship Series
ALCS: Detroit Tigers over Tampa Bay Rays
NLCS: San Francisco Giants over Atlanta Braves

2012 World Series: Detroit Tigers over San Francisco Giants