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4Quarters: Royals Monthly Volume 1 CH 2

Well I apologize for not having done a Royals monthly since April but with winning months of May and June I just figured everything would be alright. July has changed my belief in this actually being the case with 7-19 month Kansas City nearly tied the franchise record for losses in the month.

Homerun Derby was one of the highlights of the month of June for the Royals

July Record Breakdown –
Record: 7-19
Home Record: 4-7
Road Record: 3-12
Extra Inning Record 0-2
Day Record: 0-9 (Home 0-3/Road 0-6)
Night Record: 7-10 (Home 4-4/Road 3-6)

Record by Opponent, Minnesota Twins 1-3 (home 1-2, road 0-1), Toronto Blue Jays 2-2 (road 2-2), Detroit Tigers 0-3 (road 0-3), Chicago White Sox 1-2 (home 1-2), Seattle Mariners 1-7 (home 1-3, road 0-4), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1-2 (road 1-2), Cleveland Indians 1-0 (home 1-0)

So yes not a good month but with two months to go I think it’s time to change some things up so using the same line from April. Here is the lineup given the current roster that I want to see Ned Yost use going forward.

Lineup –
1. Alex Gordon LF, Alex has proven to be at his best when setting the table for the lineup.
2. Alcides Escobar SS, Since moving to the two spot the results have been excellent in my opinion.
3. Mike Moustakas 3B, Moose in the third spot seems to just work and has when put here.
4. Billy Butler DH, Country Breakfast hitting cleanup should happen given his experience.
5. Lorenzo Cain RF, Sure you can flip him and Moose but moving forward I’d like him here.
6. Eric Hosmer 1B, Going forward I think that this lineup will be deep so no offense Hos.
7. Salvador Perez C, Sheriff Sal in this spot is where he’ll probably be the rest of his career if you polled fans.
8. Chris Getz 2B, If the team won’t call up the second basemen in Omaha then this is my choice here.
9. Jarrod Dyson CF, I want to see what KC has in him and Cain which is only done by leaving Frenchy on the bench.

Bench: Jeff Francoeur and Yuniesky Betancourt on the bench unless they clear waivers and get moved. Irving Falu is my hope to be here during the next edition.

Pitching –

Starting pitching continues to suck and will continue to suck so here we go with this spot. I’ve left out records because why even mention at this point?

1. Luke Hochevar , Hoch has been somewhat of a stopper when needed so let’s see what we’ve got.
2. Bruce Chen, Chen just for lack of options on this staff without calling people up.
3. Luis Mendoza, I know what you’re thinking seeing the Dozer here but look at the options.
4. Will Smith, Maybe next time he’ll be the number three man but for now he’s number four on the list.
5. Jeremy Guthrie, Still waiting to see him chomp of the innings like he’s done before while limiting homeruns.

Bullpen –

Jeremy Jeffress, Since I go off of people that are on the roster Jeffress must be included.
Everett Teaford, Long lefty out of the bullpen/situational guy works for me.
Louis Coleman, I like Coleman and when he comes in is fine with me.
Kelvin Herrera, With the current bullpen I want him to be one of the first setup guys to come in.
Jose Mijares, Let’s face it he’s been better than expected which hopefully it continues unless a waiver deal is made.
Tim Collins, The third lefty in the pen, Tiny Tim has been great but over worked in 2012.
Greg Holland, He’s the best guy in the ‘pen meaning he should be used when trouble arises in the last three innings.
Aaron Crow (CL), My choice for closer since Mr. Excitement Jonathan Broxton has been dealt to Cincinnati.

Manager –

Ned Yost job security with me:  EXTREMELY SHAKY and I want him gone ASAP! I feel he’s holding the younger guys progress back.

Front Office –

Dayton Moore job security with me:  I’m probably alone on GMDM island but time is running out of the hour glass.

Ownership –

Glass family: Please SELL SELL SELL! You’ll make money in the sale and Royals fans will be thankful.

TV/Radio Broadcasts –

TV Booth Combo 1 – Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler, C+ : since these guys just don’t have the chemistry in my opinion and this should not be given a second year.
TV Booth Combo 2 – Ryan Lefebvre and Jeff Montgomery, B : yes I’m sure I’m the only one who likes this combination so be it.
TV Booth Combo 3 – Ryan Lefebvre, Rex Hudler and Jeff Mongomery, B+ : this pairing has only been used for a couple innings but has proven to be liked by fans.
TV Booth Combo 4 – Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler, B+ : high grade but only because these two have experience working together in the past.
TV Booth Combo 5 – Steve Physioc and Jeff Montgomery, B : I don’t mind this pairing but can’t say I love it either.

Radio Booth Home Combo 1 – Denny Matthews and Steve Physioc, A- : I prefer Phiz to be on the radio and I’ve always liked Denny.
Radio Booth Home Combo 2 – Denny Matthews and Bob Davis, B+ : since they don’t work often together is the lone reason for the lower grade here.
Radio Booth Home Combo 3 – Denny Matthews and Ryan Lefebvre, A+ : if I had my say I’d simulcast this for home broadcasts with Ryan doing TV cutaways with Joel Goldberg.
Radio Booth Road Combo 1 – Steve Physioc and Bob Davis, B+ : knowing that both can lose track of things is why the grade is what it is.
Radio Booth Road Combo 2 – Ryan Lefebvre and Bob Davis, A- : another pairing that I like but don’t hear enough in my opinion.
Radio Booth Road Combo 3 – Denny Matthews and Steve Physioc, B : since they don’t work a lot is why the grade is what it is.
Radio Booth Road Combo 4 – Denny Matthews and Bob Davis, A : when they work together I really like the sound of these two. Yes a higher road grade than at home.
Radio Booth Road Combo 5 – Denny Matthews and Ryan Lefebvre, A+ : if this pair is together on the road it means no TV usually bit again these two work well together.

Joel Goldberg – I like him and I know some don’t dig him on the broadcast but he’s fine with me.
Steve Stewart – Underrated part of the radio broadcast and still want him to get more air time.

Minor League Update –

Triple-A: Omaha Storm Chasers, still the best in the PCL
Double-A: Northwest Arkansas Naturals, still doing well
Class-A Advanced: Wilmington Blue Rocks, I think they’ll do better with the recent influx of talent
Class-A: Kane Country Cougars, always interested in this level since it follows the lower A and rookie league
Class-A: Idaho Falls Chuckers, several young guys here
Rookie League: Surprise Royals, rehab and rookies here

Conclusion –

This concludes our second edition and I’ll try to do a couple more regardless of how the Royals play the rest of 2012.

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83rd MLB All-Star Game Rosters

All-Star Game rosters were announced so here they are.

Yesterday Major League Baseball announced it’s rosters for the 83rd midsummer classic which will take place June 10th at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ll leave out the commentary about who should be in the game and who shouldn’t but for today here are those named to the game.

AL Starters –

Catcher: Mike Napoli (Texas Rangers)
First Base: Prince Fielder (Detroit Tigers)
Second Base: Robinson Cano (New York Yankees)
Third Base: Adrian Beltre (Texas Rangers)
Shortstop: Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)
Outfield: Josh Hamilton (Texas Rangers)
Outfield: Curtis Granderson (New York Yankees)
Outfield: Jose Batista (Toronto Blue Jays)
DH: David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox)

AL Pitchers –

Ryan Cook/RHP (Oakland Athletics), Matt Harrison/LHP (Texas Rangers), Felix Hernandez/RHP (Seattle Mariners), Jim Johnson/RHP (Baltimore Orioles), Joe Nathan/RHP (Texas Rangers), Chris Perez/RHP (Cleveland Indians), David Price/LHP (Tampa Bay Rays), Fernando Rodney/RHP (Detroit Tigers), CC Sabathia/LHP (New York Yankees), Chris Sale/LHP (Chicago White Sox), Justin Verlander/RHP (Detroit Tigers), Jered Weaver/RHP (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim),  C.J. Wilson/LHP (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

AL Reserves –

Catcher: Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins), Matt Wieters (Baltimore Orioles)
First Base: Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox)
Second Base: Ian Kinsler (Texas Rangers)
Third Base: Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)
Shortstop: Elvis Andrus (Texas Rangers), Asdrubal Cabrera (Cleveland Indians)
Outfield: Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles), Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Mark Trumbo (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)
DH: Billy Butler (Kansas City Royals), Adam Dunn (Chicago White Sox)

American League Final Vote Canidates –

Pitchers: Jonathan Broxton (Kansas City Royals), Yu Darvish (Texas Rangers), Ernesto Frieri (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Jason Hammel (Baltimore Orioles), Jake Peavy (Chicago White Sox)

National League Starters –

Catcher: Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants)
First Base: Joey Votto (Cincinnati Reds)
Second Base: Dan Uggla (Atlanta Braves)
Third Base: Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco Giants)
Shortstop: Rafael Furcal (St. Louis Cardinals)
Outfield: Melky Cabrera (San Francisco Giants)
Outfield: Carlos Beltran (St. Louis Cardinals)
Outfield: Matt Kemp (Los Angeles Dodgers)

National League Pitchers –

Matt Cain/RHP (San Francisco Giants), Aroldis Chapman/LHP (Cincinnati Reds), R.A. Dickey/RHP (New York Mets), Gio Gonzalez/LHP (Washington Nationals), Cole Hamels/LHP (Philadelphia Phillies), Joel Hanrahan/RHP (Pittsburgh Pirates), Clayton Kershaw/LHP (Los Angeles Dodgers), Craig Kimbrel/RHP (Atlanta Braves), Lance Lynn/RHP (St. Louis Cardinals, Wade Miley/LHP (Arizona Diamondbacks), Jonathan Papelbon/RHP (Philadelphia Phillies), Stephen Strasburg/RHP (Washington Nationals), Huston Street/RHP (San Diego Padres)

National League Reserves –

Catcher: Yadier Molina (St. Louis Cardinals), Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Phillies)
First Base: Bryan LaHair (Chicago Cubs)
Second Base: Jose Altuve (Houston Astros)
Third Base: David Wright (New York Mets)
Shortstop: Starlin Castro (Chicago Cubs), Ian Desmond (Washington Nationals)
Outfield: Ryan Braun (Milwaukee Brewers), Jay Bruce (Cincinnati Reds), Carlos Gonzalez (Colorado Rockies), Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates), Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)

National League Final Vote Canidates –

Second Base: Aaron Hill (Arizona Diamondbacks)
Third Base: David Freese (St. Louis Cardinals), Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves)
Outfield: Michael Bourn (Atlanta Braves), Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals)

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What A No-Hitter Means To A Met Fan

By Jerry Durney

On Friday night, Johan Santana did what Met fans both my age and much, much older thought they would never see as he threw the first no-hitter in Mets history in 8-0 win over the Cardinals. In a vacuum, a nice accomplishment for a franchise that had dubiously gone into its 51st season without a no-no and for a pitcher capping his long road back after years’ worth of injuries. But for Met fans, this night means so much more than that.

Of the many jokes the Mets have become over the last 5 years, the franchise’s lack of a no-hitter may be the only one they could laugh at. It had become a routine for fans to point out when the streak would continue, even after a leadoff single in the first inning, thanks to the new world of social media and websites like the very funny and informative As it can be so often in baseball, these things happen because of dumb luck or some would believe fate, or even both. Coming into Friday, the Mets had thrown 35 one-hitters in their history, none more famous than Tom Seaver’s brush with history on July 9, 1969. By any standard, Seaver was throwing one of the best games ever pitched as he was 2 outs away from a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs. Up stepped Jimmy Qualls, a backup outfielder who went on to play two more seasons in the majors, have a career .223 average, no home runs and exactly 10 RBI. Qualls then knocked a single to left to end Seaver’s bid and until recently, remained the most memorable close call. Here’s what I mean when I talk about what this streak means to Met fans: there isn’t one Cub fan who could tell you who Jimmy Qualls is, but EVERY Met fan is very aware of his existence.

Some believed there was a curse against the franchise following an ill-fated trade on December 10, 1971. In his first five years in the major leagues, Nolan Ryan had some promising moments as a starter but constantly battled command issues. Met management became convinced that he would never overcome them and traded him to the California Angels for all-star shortstop Jim Fregosi, whose career did an immediate nosedive upon arriving in Queens. What did Ryan do? Throw 7 no-hitters over the course of the next 21 years.

Many more close but not quites would occur in the next 40+ years from the likes of Dwight Gooden, David Cone, John Matlack, Gary Gentry and more recently with John Maine, Jonathon Niese and R.A. Dickey. Many believed that the Mets would never throw a no-hitter after the franchise traded away the king of them.

Simply put, the streak was something that was as much a part of Met culture as “Meet The Mets” or the home run apple. As silly or ignominious as it might have been, it was something that was ours, whether we wanted it or not.

Fate was on my side Friday night, I was slated to call a minor league baseball game but it was rained out. Even in a best case scenario with a short game, there’s absolutely no way I would’ve been able to make it home in time to see history. I ended up doing a one-hour show from my station’s studio. On my way home, at a stoplight, I saw on the ScoreCenter app that the Mets were up 6-0 in the 6th. Of course, in my excitement of seeing them taking it to the defending champs, I went to check the box score and saw J. Santana: 6 IP, 0 H. My first immediate thought was “WHOAAAAAA! NO WAY!…..wait, wait, wait, I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe again. Good that Johan’s doing this but it ain’t happening.” Still, I did about 10-15 MPH over the speed limit to get back home. You know, just in case it was still happening.

I arrived home shortly after Mike Baxter’s rib-splitting catch ( in the 7th and that’s when the thought first entered my mind. Every no-hitter has to have that Dewyane Wise/Rusty Greer moment where an improbable defensive play keeps it alive. Side note: I would bet every dollar I’ve ever made that that ball would’ve gone over Jason Bay’s head for a double.

The game kind of encapsulated what it means to be a Met fan. You keep your guard up because you know the gutpunch is probably coming, but you keep just enough faith in case the glory comes.

And to those of you complaining about Adrian Johnson’s missed call of a would-be Carlos Beltran single in the sixth inning: Really? Really? You can’t let it slide this one time? As we saw with Baxter catch, you need a little luck with these things. Besides, after 50+ years of almost, the Mets deserved one of these breaks, so you can place an asterisk next to it if you want, but I’ll tell you I don’t care.

When the Cardinals came to bat, I had my family stay in the exact spot they were sitting in, while I was rocking back and forth like Leo Mazzone. In the meantime, I paced around my house like an expecting dad while rubbing my head Roy Hodgson style (

Before the 9th, I called my cousin and I said, if this is going to happen, it has to be like this, where Santana was slated to face Matt Holliday, Allen Craig and David Freese. So many no-hit close calls have been ruined by the likes of Qualls, LeRon Lee, Kit Pellow and Paul Hoover. This time, it would be three guys who played an integral role in a world championship. It’s destiny that it would be the 3-4-5 spots of one of the best hitting teams in the league, the impossible final level in a video game if you will.

Five of the final six outs were near break-down inducing. Tyler Greene’s bleeder into left to start the 8th nearly caused a collision between Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Omar Quintanilla. Carlos Beltran nearly split the infield but the defensively-challenged but lovable Daniel Murphy caught it on the run to end the inning. Holliday and Craig hit floaters to center and left respectively that held up just long enough to be caught for outs #25 and 26.

Then it came down to World Series hero David Freese. Terrifying. I’m hyperventilating at this point as the count runs to 3-2. The SportsNet New York camera does no favors as they pan to the on-deck circle where Yadier Molina, the man who crushed our championship dreams in 2006, on deck. It was at that point, I started shouting “please God, no, it can’t be (freaking) Molina!!!!” When strike 3 hit Josh Thole’s glove, I leapt up and down continuously 7 feet high, 40 feet across my living room shouting “HE DID IT! HE DID IT! HE DID IT!”

Which leads us to the man who made the seemingly impossible possible.

There was much discussion going into the ’07-08 offseason as to how the Mets would address the glaring hole at the top of the rotation. They needed a man who they could depend on every fifth day, the stopper if you will, something they sorely lacked the previous September. Pedro Martinez was dinged up once again going into the final year of his contract with the team and Tom Glavine exiled after the legendary choke job he committed on the final day of the regular season to cost the Mets the NL East title and then treating it like a business presentation afterwards. Johan Santana’s name was the one most discussed as it appeared Minnesota was willing to trade the 2-time Cy Young Award winner with his contract set to expire following the ’08 season and having nowhere near the money he was set to earn on the free agent market.

Met fans, as you’ll see again later, treated this with guarded optimism. The team couldn’t compare with the major league talent or prospects that the Yankees or Boston were willing to trade for him, but still they had a chance. Fortunately, Twins GM Terry Ryan couldn’t pull the trigger and eventually started to get desperate. That desperation led to the Twins giving away Santana for Carlos Gomez (now in Milwaukee), Phillip Humber (who, ironically threw a perfect game earlier this year, on his 3rd team since Minnesota), Kevin Mulvey (who retired on May 26th) and Deolis Guerra (now a reliever in Triple-A). For all the flack Omar Minaya rightly deserves for his time as Mets General Manager, give him credit for that heist. The deal almost fell apart as the Mets had trouble negotiating Johan’s contract extension in the 72-hour window MLB had allotted them. When it came down that the deal was official, it was like Christmas morning for Mets fans. Wait, it’s a real life ace? For us? We get to keep him? AWESOME! Everyone believed he was the piece that would bring them their first world championship since 1986.

I went to Johan’s first start as a Met on March 31, 2008 in Miami against the Marlins. He dominated over seven innings, giving up three hits, two runs and striking out 8 in a 7-2 Met win. One of the things I remember from that day was the last song I heard on the radio as I pulled into Dolphin Stadium. The song was “Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco, its chorus goes like this:

If you are what you say are, a superstar, then have no fear, the crowd is here and the lights are on and they want a show.

Given the hopes and expectations Mets fans had for him and everything that comes with being an ace in New York City, Johan, when healthy, has been the superstar we all thought he’d be and Friday night was his best show to say the least.

His first year in NY was a major success for him going 16-7, a 2.53 ERA, 1.15 WHIP and 206 strikeouts in 234 1/3 innings pitched. He also left 7 different games as the winning pitcher of record but thanks to the semi-pro bullpen that’s plagued the Mets post-2006, those were all wiped out. His finest performance coming in Game 161 with the Mets needing a win to remain tied for the wild card lead. Santana, on three days rest, pitched arguably one of the greatest games in Met history: A complete game 3-hit shutout in a 2-0 Mets win. Of course, the rest of the club saw Johan’s example and proceeded to do the exact opposite the next day and complete a second straight September fade.

Weeks later, it would be learned that Santana pitched that game (and at least his previous start) with a torn meniscus in his left knee. At no point during the injury did he complain or give himself an excuse to fall back on if he came up short. He thought “I was brought here to win these games and if I don’t go out there and do my job, we will lose.” Simply put, as I will point out later, he got what it meant to pitch for this fan base. Upon that revelation, I decided that no matter what happened from there on out, he would have my utmost respect as a fan.

The next few seasons would be bittersweet. In 2009, Santana would go 13-9 with a 3.13 ERA but his season was ended in late August after having to undergo arthroscopic surgery to remove bone chips in his left elbow as the Mets championship window slammed shut and they finished dead last in the NL East at 70-92. He would return to form from the start in 2010, going 11-9 (should’ve had more but was routinely betrayed by an underwhelming offense) with a 2.98 ERA, 1.18 WHIP and 4 complete games. However, his season would once again be halted early by injury, and this one would be much more fearful, as he would undergo surgery to repair a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder in mid-September. The effects of the surgery would linger well into 2011 as there were several rounds of false hope of his imminent return, as well as stop and go rehab stints ultimately costing him the entire season.

Several whispers began to develop not only in the media, but the Met fan base as to whether he would ever pitch again. Even more, the bust label was starting to be tossed around and that he wasn’t deserving of the 7-year, $137.5 million contract he signed to come to Queens. Simply absurd. A bust who is someone who struggles and doesn’t care that they’re falling short of expectations. Bobby Bonilla was a bust, Mo Vaughn was a bust, Jason Bay IS a bust. Johan was unfortunate. As the stats above indicate, when out there and healthy, he was still every bit the pitcher we saw in Minnesota.

As the possibility of the no-hitter grew throughout the night, the more I kept thinking it has to be Johan who breaks the streak, for all that he’s gone through to get to this point, it needs to be him. When it finally happened, I wanted to re-enact the moment at 12:43:

What makes this so special is that Johan always cared about the fans and always felt like he was cheating us by not being out there. The best moment immediately following the no-hitter was Johan in the post-game interview saying to the Citi Field crowd “I’m very happy for you guys”. All we ever ask of our athletes is to give maximum effort and be appreciative of the fans. The fact that Johan Santana has exemplified both to the best of his ability, it made Friday night’s accomplishment mean just a little a bit more and why June 1, 2012 is one of the greatest days of my sporting fan life.

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4Quarters: Royals Monthly

Each month I plan on writing about the 2012 Kansas City Royals journey each month. When the first of the month hits I’ll give a summary/opinion about the season/month. Here is the April edition.

One month down for the 2012 Kansas City Royals, at least the All-Star Game is coming in July.

April Record Breakdown –
Record: 6-15
Home Record: 0-10
Road Record: 6-5
Extra Inning Record 0-2
Day Record: 3-4 (Home 0-2/Road 3-2)
Night Record: 3-10 (Home 0-7/Road 3-2)

Record by opponent, Los Angeles Angels 2-1 (road 2-1), Oakland Athletics 1-2 (road 1-2), Cleveland Indians 2-4 (0-3 home/2-1 road), Detroit Tigers 0-3 (0-3 home), Toronto Blue Jays 0-4 (0-4 home), Minnesota Twins 1-1 (1-1 road).

So yes it’s been a tough month of April for the Royals and it seemed the lineup changed often, couple injuries here and there didn’t help either. Here is the lineup given the current roster that I want to see Ned Yost use until guys are healthy.

Lineup –
1. Jarrod Dyson CF, if your serious about using Dyson keep him in the leadoff spot NO MATTER WHAT!
2. Alex Gordon LF, again leave Gordon here and let’s see what happens.
3. Billy Butler DH, Country Breakfast in this spot has been working lately.
4. Eric Hosmer 1B, Hos will breakout of his current funk and batting fourth will work for the team.
5. Mike Moustakas 3B, Moose hitting behind his BFF I want to see yesterday! Make this change already.
6. Jeff Francoeur RF, Frenchy’s struggles are noted in the Royals community so drop him down a spot.
7. Brayan Pena/Humber Quintero C, Whoever is behind the plate I want in the seventh spot, ok!
8. Chris Getz/Yuniesky Betancourt 2B, Another position that you have a platoon which I want to see in bat here.
9. Alcides Escobar SS, Esky has had a good opening month of the season and I love him hitting last.

Bench: Mitch Maier is the odd man out but still get him AB’s like you do for Getz/Yuni.

Pitching –

Starting pitching has been another sore spot so here is a shot in the dark of the five guys I’d slot in the rotation for the time being.

1. Luke Hochevar (2-1), Sure I like to play the Hoch meltdown inning game but he’s the closest thing KC has to a number one.
2. Bruce Chen (0-3), He’s number one super awesome but needs run support PLEASE!
3. Danny Duffy (1-2), Again this has more to be what the Royals have to work with and not actually being this slotted pitcher.
4. Jonathan Sanchez (1-1), Stop nibbling and use your fast ball, when he get’s it going we’ll revisit this
5. Nate Adcock (0-0), Pitches to contact and threw well on Sunday, why not?

Here is how I want the bullpen to line-up

Luis Mendoza long-relief, Going off the current roster means I had to find a spot for him.
Jeremy Jeffress relief, He’s listed on the roster so just bring him out of the ‘pen.
Louis Coleman relief, Like him when needed and usually performs.
Tim Collins lefty specialist, First lefty specialist out for me.
Jose Mijares lefty specialist, Second lefty out of the ‘pen for me.
Kelvin Herrera 7th inning guy, In building the bridge to victory I want Kelvin here.
Aaron Crow set-up/backup closer, Crow has had a good year and should be the guy to hold the lead and can close I say.
Jonathan Broxton closer, I wanna Brox! He’s made a couple games exciting but still 3-of-4 in save chances so he can stay here.

Manager –

Ned Yost job security with me: shaky, I say shaky because I hate multiple lineups when YOUR AN AL TEAM AND NOT IN THE NL! He’s also made some curious choices all over which for the fans drives us crazy.

Front Office –

Dayton Moore job security with me: fine, I’ve not no beef here with GMDM for the time being.

Ownership –

Glass family, Just use your ownership box at the K and act like you give a damn or just sell the team already.

TV/Radio Broadcasts –

Well FS-Kansas City did a shake up this offseason as we know, Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler I give a B – to during the first month but Hud stop talking down to us. Steve Physioc and Hudler, don’t mind these two but Phiz stop reading out of the media guide plus telling us you talk with guys daily. I hope you do because it’s your job! On to the radio side, Denny Matthews I won’t complain about because he’s been here since day one, no matter if some fans don’t like his no frills approach these days. Bob Davis is better on the radio but getting Davis’d has still happened, those uninformed it’s when he makes a big deal out of something that doesn’t happen. Steve Stewart doesn’t make sense to me from the standpoint of I’d like him to do more than sidelines interviews/scoreboard updates. Phiz to me sounds better on radio than he has on TV those far says I.

Minor League Update –

Triple-A: Omaha Storm Chasers, 17-8 First in Pacific Coast League North Division by 6.5 games over Memphis Redbirds
Double-A: Northwest Arkansas Naturals, 12-12 Second in Texas League North Division trail Tulsa Drillers 18-6 by six games
Class-A Advanced: Wilmington Blue Rocks, 10-13 Second in Carolina League North Division trail Lynchburg Hillcats 13-8 by four games
Class-A: Kane Country Cougars, 11-14, Sixth in Midwest League West Division trail Quad Cities Bandits 13-10/Beloit Snappers & Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 14-11 by three games

Conclusion –

This ends the first edition of Royals monthly, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy even if your not a fan of the team.

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4Quarters: 2012 MLB Hat Breakdown

I’ve decided to give you my first rankings of the hats being worn in Major League Baseball this season so I hope you enjoy.

One of several Royals hats I own and wear to one of my favorite places.

For those who don’t know me I’ve got a great collection of hats all kinds. With the start of baseball I thought I’d rank every team’s hat. And I mean every hat, alternatives so let’s begin.

  1. Detroit Tigers home, the old English D is a classic look which just looks great oddly enough I do not own this lid.
  2. Detroit Tigers away, if I have the Tigers home with the white D on it I feel I’d be foolish not to have the teams road hate which is the same only with orange. Another hat I don’t own.
  3. New York Yankees, the interlocking NY is an worldwide status symbol wither I like it or not and yes I do have this hat for reasons previously mentioned.
  4. Boston Red Sox primary, another hat that is worn a lot because people think it’s cool in addition to wanting to be on the bandwagon. I don’t have a fitted version of this hat.
  5. Kansas City Royals, I admit this is a homer pick but it’s a clean logo plus a great looking hat which I’ve seen more and more on people’s heads outside the area you’d think. And yes I’ve got plenty Royals hats with probably more to come in the future.
  6. San Francisco Giants primary, classic hat with interlocking letters which just makes for a great look says I. I do own a couple of these.
  7. Los Angeles Dodgers, this is a top 10 hat for sure and you want to raise questions to why I’ve got it behind the Royals for being essentially the same so be it. I don’t have a fitted version this hat but wouldn’t turn one down good looking.
  8. Chicago Cubs, another one of the recognizable hats which you know exactly who it is even if the team is lousy always. Another hat I do not own with really no plans to going forward but as the fans say maybe next year hah.
  9. Washington Nationals home, this is our first all red hat on the list and I admit it’s really grown on me recently. I have the old road hat but this is on my radar.
  10. St. Louis Cardinals home, I had to put this hat in the top ten because it’s stood the test of time and is known by many. I don’t own this hat and don’t have plans to at this time.
  11. Minnesota Twins home, interlocking letters are big with me and I just like how this hat looks and I do own one.
  12. Cincinnati Reds home, another all-red hat making an appearance on my list but this hat has been around for a long long time. I wouldn’t be opposed to owning one but I’d probably only get one if I was going to a game in Cincy.
  13. Pittsburgh Pirates primary, this is another hat I don’t own but would in a heartbeat it just looks great maybe it needs to be on the radar.
  14. Toronto Blue Jays, this is one of my favorite hats since the Jays brought it back this season unfortunately it’s lost in the crowd due to other good options. I got the new edition a few months ago because I had to have it.
  15. Baltimore Orioles home, like the team above them on the list the O’s brought it back and it looks outstanding. It’s also on my short must have list.
  16. Baltimore Orioles away, the only difference is it’s all black but still on my must have list and is just outside the top 15.
  17. Philadelphia Phillies primary, I really like this hat and don’t take it as a slap in the face Phillies fans for being so far down on the list. I do own a couple Phillies hats mainly due to a good experience in the city.
  18. Chicago White Sox primary, classic look to it but again lost in the crowd of other hats in the league. A couple years ago while in Chicago I did buy this hat after a weekend of dealing with Cubs fans.
  19. New York Mets, I don’t think they have the black hat with a blue bill anymore and I do own this hat but again too many other choices but I do like this hat.
  20. Texas Rangers primary, I bought this hat while living in Texas to feel a part of the state plus a good looking solid blue hat is hard to turn down.
  21. Colorado Rockies home, interlocking C and R works for me don’t know why but I do like this hat a lot and probably should add the game hat to my collection, gives me a reason to visit Denver.
  22. Philadelphia Phillies alternate, blue crown with a red bill plus P on the hat just looks great to me and is our first alternative on this list. I don’t own it but would consider at some point.
  23. Atlanta Braves home, good looking hat have to give them that but I’m allowing the fact I don’t care for them cloud my judgment.
  24. Atlanta Braves road, great looking navy hat which I really do like so I pair it right behind the primary Braves hat. I’d consider this hat more than the one listed above.
  25. Oakland Athletics home, iconic sure and only green and gold hat here but compared to others it is down the list sorry A’s fans. I would buy this hat if that cheers you up.
  26. Houston Astros primary, I do own the black version and I think it’s the primary but the team has been wearing the clay version a lot lately.
  27. Oakland Athletics away, I do like this hat and would purchase it but really no hurry.
  28. Seattle Mariners primary, let me say I do like this hat but I just like others more and yes I have a version of it.
  29. Seattle Mariners alternate, love this hat and have it on my need to purchase list since the M’s brought it back this year.
  30. Cleveland Indians road, simple means great just a navy hat with a block C that works for me. What I’m trying to say I’d probably buy it.
  31. Cleveland Indians home alternate, look I don’t know what the primary or alternate hat is for them. This one is the red one with the navy block C on it which I do like. Don’t own this but maybe someday.
  32. Miami Marlins primary, another on the radar candidate and not sure why but it’s growing on me quickly.
  33. Miami Marlins alternate, the only orange hat on this list plus its good enough to be considered for sure.
  34. Chicago White Sox home alternate, this White Sox hat is just like the primary only red and I really like it a lot, would consider.
  35. Arizona Diamondbacks alternate, this is the snakes black hat which they wear every now and again. Don’t own it but don’t dislike it either.
  36. Arizona Diamondbacks primary, this hat is really average in my eyes, I don’t own it and now sure if I did I’d actually wear it.
  37. Houston Astros alternate, like I mentioned the team has been wearing this hat lately and I don’t own it for reasons listed above with the D’Backs.
  38. Milwaukee Brewers alternate, this is a classic the M and B that looks like a glove! So why isn’t it higher? Because I think while awesome kind of plain compared to others listed I do have this hat.
  39. Tampa Bay Rays, this is a good looking hat don’t get me wrong but yawn their alternate with the plaid bill looks better and that was a one-time deal. I do own this hat (plus the plaid) and one with the World Series patch.
  40. St. Louis Cardinals road, I do like navy hats with red lettering but when stacked against others well it just gets lost. Don’t own but if I had to have a Cardinals hat to avoid death I would get this one.
  41. St. Louis Cardinals Sunday home alternate, my mom got me the batting practice version of this a few years ago when she was in St. Louis. Not a bad hat that is probably second on my STL list of options but in the grand scheme it’s low here.
  42. Colorado Rockies away, black hat with a purple bill is just alright and I don’t own it but still not a terrible looking hat.
  43. Minnesota Twins road, same thing as their home hat but has a red bill, when they introduced it I bought it because I liked the Target Field patch on it which was the debut year for this hat.
  44. San Francisco Giants Sunday alternate, see above but I do own this hat and like this hat I just couldn’t jump it past many on my list.
  45. Texas Rangers home alternate, in Mike Vamosi’s America this would be the team’s home hat and the blue would be for the road. I do own this hat and got it in middle school, I don’t think it fits anymore.
  46. Washington Nationals road, same exact hat as the Twins just change the logo out. It’s a nice hat but I’m bitter they went with this over the solid navy hat this had which looked better.
  47. Baltimore Orioles alternate, I don’t know if the still wear the O’s hat but just in case I’ll include it. I don’t own this hat this is plain, looks nice but plain.
  48. Milwaukee Brewers primary, I love any hat with barely on it and do have this one but it’s the definition of a lost in the shuffle hat.
  49. Cincinnati Red away, I don’t own this version for the Reds which is simple the home hat with a black bill yawn.
  50. Oakland Athletics black, again not sure they still wear this and my buddy gave me this hat because it didn’t fit him. With the rich history of the team it’s kind of a bummer this hat even exists for the A’s.
  51. Pittsburgh Pirates alternate, this is just a version outlined in white and I don’t own it and have no desire to.
  52. Boston Red Sox alternate, you’re the Boston Red Sox and have a lot of posers wearing your hat already. So in true greedy fashion you design an alternate hat with your secondary logo, maybe but I prefer not to fund the rich teams.
  53. Cleveland Indians home primary, if Cleveland didn’t shrink Chief Wahoo I might buy this but they have so end of story.
  54. Los Angeles Angels, this team has a proud history of great hats but have a boring red one with an A on it. Not really enticing me to buy it.

So I think this covers all the primary hats (ones worn on a one-time bases didn’t make the list or the patriot series ones) please let me know your opinion or if I missed one. Thanks!

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