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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

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Red Sox make a mistake that’ll haunt them. Photo from the LA Times

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA scoreboard
2. ESPN Wednesday DH –
GM1: Magic @ Celtics, 6:30 pm
GM2: Heat @ Clippers, 9 pm
3. NHL scoreboard
4. NBCSN Wednesday Night Hockey: Bruins @ Blackhawks, 7 pm

Second Quarter: NFL

1. Kansas City will host their second championship parade in five years
2. Chiefs first championship parade in 50 years
3. What craziness will happen?
4. 29 degrees is the expected temperature today in Kansas City, MISSOURI

Third Quarter: College Basketball

1. Men’s CBB scoreboard
2. 4Q MBB game of the night: 10 Villanova (17-4, 7-2 BIG EAST) @ 19 Butler (17-5, 5-4 BIG EAST), 5:30 pm/FS1
3. Women’s CBB scoreboard
4. 4Q WBB game of the night: Dayton (15-7, 8-0 A10) @ Davidson (13-8, 6-2 A10), 6 pm/ESPN+

Fourth Quarter: Potpourri of Wednesday Links

1. Red Sox making a huge mistake
2. Dodgers make a second move on Tuesday night
3. Surprised retirement in East Lansing
4. Deeper three added to the three point shootout

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Image result for anthony rendon
Anthony Rendon is moving to Southern California

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA scoreboard
2. TNT Thursday DH: 76ers @ Celtics, 7 pm; Trail Blazers @ Nuggets, 9:30 pm
3. NHL scoreboard
4. Fifth fired coach of the season goes to San Jose

Second Quarter: NFL Week 15

1. NFL scoreboard
2. Lamar Jackson and his Ravens on Thursday Night this evening
3. Can the Jets pull the upset in Baltimore?
4. Thursday Night Football: Jets (5-8) @ Ravens (11-2), 7:20 pm/FOX-NFL Network

Third Quarter: CFB Week 16

1. CFB scoreboard
2. Can Navy beat Army?
3. Heisman winner?
4. We’ve got playoffs in the FCS, DII and DIII still going on

Fourth Quarter: Potpourri

1. It’s clobbering time! Accidentally
2. The boardman welcomed back to Toronto to get his ring
3. Men’s college basketball scoreboard
4. Women’s college basketball scoreboard

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Colts knock the Chiefs from the ranks of the unbeatens on Sunday Night Football. Photo from Colts twitter

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ALDS (HOU 2-0): Astros @ Rays, 12:05 pm/MLB Network
3. NLDS (ATL 2-1): Braves @ Cardinals, 2:07 pm/TBS
4. NLDS (LAD 2-1): Dodgers @ Nationals, 5:40 pm/TBS
5. ALDS (NYY 2-0): Yankees @ Twins, 7:30 pm/FS1

Second Quarter: NFL

1. Best unbeaten team?
2. Worse winless team?
3. Any interest in tonight’s MNF game?
4. Monday Night Football: Browns (2-2) @ 49ers (3-0), 7:15 pm

Third Quarter: College Football

1. Best team in college football after six weeks?
2. Which team took the worst loss week six?
3. Coach on the hot seat? Kansas changing offensive coordinators
4. Week seven game are you watching?

Fourth Quarter: MLS

1. MLS schedule
2. East Top 7:
1 NYFC 64 pts, 2 Atlanta 58 pts, 3 Philadelphia 55 pts, 4 Toronto 50 pts, 5 DC 50 pts, NY Red Bulls 48 pts, New England 45 pts
3. West Top 7:
1 LAFC 72 pts, 2 Seattle 56 pts, 3 Real Salt Lake 53 pts, 4 Minnesota 53 pts, 5 LA Galaxy 51 pts, 6 Portland 49 pts, 7 FC Dallas 48 pts
4. Playoffs are set, knockout round games this week

Overtime: Weekend Links

1. NBA and China have a rift after this past weekend
2. Angels and Maddon to talk about managers position
3. Not angry, just disappointed
4. WNBA playoff bracket

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

Image result for international champions cup
Competition continues tonight

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Just over a week from the trade deadline
3) Who needs to make a move?
4) First big name to change teams?

Second Quarter: International Champion Cup

1) International Champion Cup scoreboard
2) Three matches tonight
3) Who wins?
4) Which team is the favorite

Third Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) Fundamental choice by the Spurs
2) FIBA roster changes
3) Which team has done worst?
4) Will we have a free agent move today?

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) Disrespected?
2) First NFL injury of the preseason
3) Tyler Skaggs memorial service held on Monday
4) No charges to be made against Ronaldo

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Image result for kawhi leonard
Even Kawhi was surprised at all the Woj bombs on Sunday evening

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Unfortunate news about Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs
3. Next year we get Cardinals-Cubs in London
4. ESPN Monday Night Baseball: Cubs @ Pirates, 6 pm

Second Quarter: Soccer

1. Woman’s World Cup scoreboard
2. Gold Cup scoreboard
3. COPA America scoreboard
4. Getting to the end of these tournaments, who do you think wins?

Third Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. Brooklyn set the tone on Sunday
2. Who does Kawhi sign with?
3. Joe Pavelski, former San Jose Shark as he signs with the Dallas Stars
4. Next big move?

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Wimbledon scoreboard
2. Happy Bobby Bonilla day
3. SNUBS!!!
4. Stunner at the all-London club

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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

Image result for mike trout
Mike Trout will be looking at a long stay in Anaheim

First Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Nine games tonight
3. ESPN Wednesday DH GM1: Celtics @ 76ers, 6 pm
4. ESPN Wednesday DH GM2: Raptors @ Thunder, 8:30 pm

Second Quarter: College Basketball

1. College Basketball scoreboard
2. First Four in Dayton, OH –
East Region: 16 North Carolina Central v. 16 North Dakota State, 5:40 pm/TruTV
West Region: 11 St. John’s v. 11 Arizona State, 8:10 pm/TruTV
3. NIT scoreboard
4. ESPN3: 6 Toledo @ 3 Xavier, 6 pm; 6 Wichita State @ 3 Furman, 6 pm
ESPNU: 8 Norfolk State @ 1 Alabama, 6 pm; 8 Sam Houston State @ 1 TCU, 8 pm
ESPN2: 6 Harvard @ 3 Georgetown, 6 pm; 5 Butler @ 4 Nebraska, 8 pm

Third Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Four games this evening, non-NBCSN games: Maple Leafs @ Sabres, 6 pm; Senators @ Canucks, 9 pm
3. NBCSN Wednesday Night Hockey DH GM1: Lightning @ Capitals, 6:30 pm
4. NBCSN Wednesday Night Hockey DH GM2: Jets @ Ducks, 9 pm

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. Athletics and Mariners open the 2019 MLB season in Tokyo while you were sleeping
2. Mike Trout staying in Anaheim until 2030
3. Bracket tips from
4. MiLB Copa da la Diversion logos part I and part II

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Image result for earl thomas
That’s right Earl, one more day of the regular season with game 163 in Chicago and Los Angeles. Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. The NL Central and West will be settled today, as will the wildcard
3. GM163: Brewers @ Cubs, Noon/ESPN
4. GM163: Rockies @ Dodgers, 3 pm/ESPN

Second Quarter: College Football

1. Should Clemson drop in the rankings?
2. Getting closer to the first CFP rankings
3. 4Q teams of the week: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
4. Best game this week?

Third Quarter: NFL

1. NFL scoreboard
2. Ravens smacked around the Steelers on SNF
3. No ties this week (but three overtime games)
4. ESPN Monday Night Football: Chiefs (3-0) @ Broncos (2-1), 7:20 pm

Fourth Quarter: Monday Links

1. UMass suspends their football coach for insensitive comments
2. Four straight years of .247 average
3. Giving the bird to the Seahawks
4. Mike Scioscia leaving the Angels after 19 seasons in Anaheim

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