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4Quarters Live: Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ronde Barber scored a touchdown in the Bucs 38-10 win over the Chiefs. Photo by Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

Sunday, Jerry Durney and I did the first of hopefully many live tweeting events for this blog. Here are the results of Tampa Bay’s 38-10 victory against Kansas City. Please provide feedback if you like as we like to hear from you the readers. I’ve copied and pasted from start to finish but if you want to read from the opposite here is the result. Again, thank you!

‏@MikeVmos – Starting up the experimentation. Once again Chiefs wearing red, I think at Buffalo only time they wore white away from arrowhead.#4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Fitting Marv Alberts and KC’s favorite backup QB Rich Gannon have the call for this game. Quinnsanity gets the ball first. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – It’s so awesome to watch my team who plays 3 hours away on my laptop instead #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Well that opening drive wasn’t creative. Screen pass for loss, pasa for nothing to DMC and DBo miss. Punt partially blocked. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Well Mike, at least we get Marv for this one. Plus, whenever Rich Gannon does a Bucs game, I got all kinds of Super Bowl 37 jokes#4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – PRIME starting field position for the opening drive, no excuse not to get 7. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Oh extend KC’s opening drive streak without a touchdown. So the QB doesn’t matter with that stat. Bucs throw a pick! Yeah hope!#4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – No zip on that throw to the FB, bound to get picked. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – My favorite Josh Freeman game was the only one he played in Lincoln. Hoping for that kinda performance (it was rough). #4QKCTB

‏@jerrydpxp86 – Why do I get the feeling Johnathan Baldwin will get the Cassel treatment next? #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Quinn two targets of Baldwin today, I like this a lot. #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – And just like that another chiefs turnover. Must catch that, sigh …#4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – The lone bright spot this season for the Bucs this season has been Mark Barron’s play as a rookie, I love this kid #dreadthedreads#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – I feel there is a joke to be had after two Chiefs had the chance to pick off Freeman again. #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Was that holding call on Eric Winston? If so Chiefs fans aren’t going to like that in two weeks. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – I’m sure Mike is going handle the 5,057th discussion of “Did They or Didn’t They Cheer?” well #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Would love to see them get a block here #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – This might be the worst punt ever, neither team wants this to happen.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Well at least the Chiefs don’t have to worry about taking the lead on the next drive. Freeman to Wallace for a TD. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Oh hey, it’s Mike Williams! Last seen in 2010 making plays like that….nice throw by Freeman to put it up there too #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – How big of an understatement would it be if I said Routt has been disapointing, bring back Carr. #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – One quarter down and three to go, so far @jerrydpxp86 probably enjoying our live tweeting more of this game. Bucs up 7-0 over KC.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – So far guys named playing under the name Stanford on a football field not having a good weekend. #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Chiefs are leading the game in helmets lost, so there’s that.#4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Cris Carter-esque catch from Bowe on 3rd down, wow. #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Eachus getting a lot of touches this drive. Since its working why question it … for now. #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Thank goodness, I honestly felt the Chiefs were going to mess that 4th and inches up. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Don’t know about everyone else, but every pass play causes me to say “please no flags” #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Nice fight by Williams to get the inside positioning to make the catch.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – DOINK! Chiefs have a good field position to mess up after Barth misses from 55-yards. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – That looked good until the very last moment, Barth’s earned some goodwill however #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – #SpaceJump guy has been more accurate than Freeman or Quinn has this half in Tampa. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Cool, third and St. Pete for Quinn plus the offense. Brave call, Romeo take that timeout to set up a screen pass to DMC #callingit #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Well I was close right? Shovel pass for seven yards. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – The Chiefs sure made downing that on the one a microcosm of the entire season. Look for TB to challenge the call errrr the booth.#4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – People can make Brady Quinn jokes if they want. Me? I see who he’s dating, respect. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Well KC pinning the Bucs on the one was clearly going to not work out as TB has it on the 14 now. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Bad call, two more runs up the middle and go to half with the lead and the kickoff coming back out #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – On the positive side of the 4Q Live Tweeting, KC is halfway to its points total from last week. And down only four on the road.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – The second half of the pillow fight has begun, KC on defense to begin and TB is driving. #4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Fire the cannons, the Bucs might’ve put this game way out of reach. Freeman to Jackson and its 14-3 w/ 12:46 in the 3rd. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – And that’s why every Buc fan is psyched for the Doug Martin Era#4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – And V-Jax runs to his ”Jackson In Action” banner after a well-run route for the TD, was hoping for a long drive but that works too.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Quinn just honored Cassel by having a pass knocked down at the line of scrimmage. Respect shown by Brady. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Really? Sigh … another bad thing happens when DMC is targeted.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – I hope its coming through how much I dislike the Chiefs putting DMC aka Dexter McCluster on the field in important situations. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – I have no idea how Ronde got to that, but that’s why he’s one of the best to ever put on a uniform #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Well stick a fork in this Chiefs game, down 21-3 and Brady has two INTs due to his G*@ Da&^ TE/WR not holding onto the ball. ARG!#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Maybe after the game Tampa Bay will let KC canonize anyone they want to. Candidates, DMC, Pioli and others. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Whatever the Chiefs are paying Mitch and Len in the booth double it. They’ve got to sit and watch this every week. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Lavonte David, do me a favor and hit DMC really hard please. Cool 3rd and 2 call Daboll and the drive is over … again. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Ed Reed may be more prolific but Ronde’s always seem to come @ the right time like there preventing KC from getting it down to 4 pts#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Credit to Chiefs special teams for continuing to put the Bucs inside the five yardline I guess. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – I keep telling myself that maybe TB will turn this into the game which they had against Washington. Chiefs fooled by fullback pass.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Well … TB calls timeout before this third and 14 they have one left in the 2nd half. Please come back to hurt them. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – I mean, give Lorig another shot to chuck it on 3rd down, right?#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Sure glad that KC keeps bashing its head running up the middle on short yardage against the stout front four of TB. and DMC 1st d.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – After three in Tampa the Chiefs trail 21-3 … this is awesome?#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – C’mon refs give the Chiefs a pity touchdown. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????????????SDFGHJKL (brain shutting down) #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Edgar Jones gets in the endzone TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY! Down 11 with 14:01 left, c’mon more D and special team scores.#4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – That whole play unfolded in slow motion and so did me shouting ‘noooooooooooo” #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – STOP HELPING THEM! THEY CATCH DEFLECTIONS! And of course its Stanford Routt on third down. Serenity now … #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Freeman gets lucky on the tipped 68 yard catch but give him credit for going back to Underwood after being frustrated w/ him earlier#4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – Holding TB to a FG is a big win for the Chiefs D. C’mon offense, being serious. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – I just hope that Brian Daboll knows that getting 3-4 yards at a time in the passing game probably won’t work w/ 10:30 left. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Here comes a high dose of Doug Martin to salt away the game … have I mentioned I don’t like the Chiefs chances against Bye Week.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – And there is your dagger … #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – YAC 162-13 in favor of Tampa Bay, I feel Stanford Routt is responsible for 150 of these. #4QKCTB

@jerrydpxp86 – Been waiting all day, now I can say it: … #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – So was Pioli telling Schiano before the game “we’re giving you the game.” #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Rich Gannon saying Scott Pioli is the right guy shows how you also want KC to remain bad and will get booed at Arrowhead. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Since both political parties have a debt clock I’d be ok with the Chiefs introducing a last led clock. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Something tells me that Tampa won’t take a knee should the situation presents itself. #4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Good thing 500 people decided to watch this game in Tampa.#4QKCTB

@MikeVmos – Well that sums it up, DBo gets hit in the chest and just stands there looking for PI it seemed. #4QKCTB

‏@jerrydpxp86 – Hopefully this will be the confidence boost Josh Freeman needs to start approaching his 2010 level. He’ll need it next week vs. NO#4QKCTB

‏@MikeVmos – And this concludes the first 4Q live tweet event. Thanks to@jerrydpxp86 for taking part and those who didn’t unfollow.#4QKCTB

Hopefully the first of many of these live tweeting events to come. Hope you enjoyed it and if you followed we didn’t clog your timelines too badly.

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