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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links!

Yesterday Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor continued their Olympic winning streak on May-Treanor’s birthday. Photo by Marcelo Del Pozo of Reuters

First Quarter: Starter Links

1) Jerry Palm’s college football bowl predictions
2) Today the Chicago Tribune did a story on Royals fan Rany Jazayerli
3) Mad Chatter from Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World Herald
4) Sam Mellinger of the KC Star’s Twitter Tuesday

Second Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s games
2) And the Yankees breath relief
3) Kendrys Morales joined the history books last night
4) Tampa Bay and Oakland played forever (15-innings) last night

Third Quarter: MLB Trade Deadline

1) trade buzz
2) Yahoo’s Trade Tracker on deadline day 2012
3) Whose making moves today
4)’s live blog for today

Fourth Quarter: XXX Summer Olympics in London

1) Olympic Medal Standings as of July 31
2) Here is an all-time look at medals won at the Summer Olympics by countries
3) Missy Franklin took her first gold of the games yesterday
4) NBC’s online schedule

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

While I wanted to post a photo of the Olympics Opening Ceremony I figured you might like a picture of the Netherlands women’s field hockey team. Your welcome.

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ESPN Monday Night Baseball 7pm (on ESPN): Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (55-47) @ Texas Rangers (59-41)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks (51-51) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (56-47), 9:10 pm
4. New York Mets (49-53) @ San Francisco Giants (55-46), 9:15 pm

Second Quarter: Monday 4Quarters Top14

1 Washington Nationals (61-40, LW-3) 2. Cincinnati Reds (61-40, LW-4) 3. New York Yankees (60-41, LW-1) 4. Texas Rangers (59-41, LW-2) 5. Pittsburgh Pirates (58-43, LW-5) 6. Atlanta Braves (57-44, LW-8) 7. Oakland Athletics (55-46, LW-11) 8. San Francisco Giants (55-46, LW-6) 9. Los Angeles Dodgers (56-47, LW-10) 10. Chicago White Sox (55-46, LW-12) 11. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (55-47, LW-9) 12. Detroit Tigers (54-48, LW-7) 13. St. Louis Cardinals (54-48, LW-14) 14. Tampa Bay Rays (53-49, LW-NR)

Dropping Out: Baltimore Orioles (53-49, LW-13)

Third Quarter: XXX Summer Olympics Games in London, England

1. No spoiler tweets here I promise to you
2. Swimming continues
3. The United States faces Hungary in water polo
4. USA women’s basketball faces Angola

Fourth Quarter: Other Sports

1. MLB – Zack Greinke was traded to the Angels (lost debut 2-0 to Tampa Bay in Anaheim)
2. NFL – Training camps are in full swing
3. NBA – As the D12 turns in Orlando
4. Senior British Open – Fred Couples won the Senior British Open at Turnberry by two strokes over Gary Hallberg

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Olympic Host Cities

With the 2012 Olympics set to begin in London, England I thought that I’d list the previous hosts of the games. This is the 30th summer Olympics so here is your list of country’s and such.

The Olympics are in London this year so here is the full list

Year       City/Country                                     Dates (Opening/Closing)              Summer/Winter               Continent

1896       Athens, Greece                                August 6-15                                         Summer I                           Europe
1900       Paris, France                                   May 14-October 28                           Summer II                         Europe
1904       St. Louis, Missouri                        July 1-November 23                         Summer III                       North America
1908       London, England                           April 27-October 31                         Summer IV                        Europe
1912       Stockholm, Sweden                       May 5-July 22                                     Summer V                          Europe
1916       Berlin, Germany                             Cancelled due to WWI                      Summer VI                        Europe
1920       Antwerp, Belgium                         April 20-September 12                   Summer VII                       Europe
1924       Chamonix, France                        January 25-February 4                   Winter I                                Europe
1924       Paris, France                                   May 4-July 27                                     Summer VIII                     Europe
1928       St. Moritz, Switzerland                February 11-19                                  Winter II                              Europe
1928       Amsterdamn, Netherlands        May 17-August 12                            Summer IX                          Europe
1932       Lake Placid, New York                February 4-15                                    Winter III                             North America
1932       Los Angeles, California               July 30-August 14                             Summer X                           North America
1936       Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany February 6-16                          Winter IV                           Europe
1936       Berlin, Germany                             August 1-16                                        Summer XI                          Europe
1940       Sapporo, Japan                              Cancelled due to WWII                  Winter V                               Asia
1940       Tokyo, Japan                                   Cancelled due to WWII                  Summer XII                       Asia
1944       Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy           Cancelled due to WWII                  Winter V                               Europe
1944       London, England                           Cancelled due to WWII                  Summer XIII                       Europe
1948       St. Moritz, Switzerland                January 30-February 8                   Winter V                              Europe
1948       London, England                           July 29-Auguest 14                          Summer XIV                       Europe
1952       Oslo, Norway                                  February 14-25                                  Winter VI                             Europe
1952       Helsinki, Finland                           July 19-August 3                               Summer XV                        Europe
1956       Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy          January 26-February 5                 Winter VII                            Europe
1956       Melbourne, Australia                 November 22-December 8          Summer XVI                       Australia
1956       Stockholm, Sweden                     June 10-17                                          “                     “                          Europe
1960       Squaw Valley, New York          February 18-28                                Winter VIII                          North America
1960       Rome, Italy                                    August 25-September 11              Summer XVII                      Europe
1964       Innsbruck, Austria                      January 29-February 9                   Winter IX                             Europe
1964       Tokyo, Japan                                 October 10-24                                   Summer XVIII                     Asia
1968       Grenoble, France                         February 6-18                                    Winter X                               Europe
1968       Mexico City, Mexico                  October 12-27                                   Summer XIX                        North America
1972       Sapporo, Japan                            February 3-13                                    Winter XI                             Asia
1972       Munich, W. Germany                 August 26-September 11              Summer XX                        Europe
1976       Innsbruck, Austria                     February 4-15                                    Winter XII                            Europe
1976       Montreal, Quebec                       July 17-August 1                               Summer XXI                       North America
1980       Lake Placid, New York              February 14-23                                  Winter XIII                          North America
1980       Moscow, Soviet Union              July 19-August 3                               Summer XXII                      Europe
1984       Sarajevo, Yugoslavia                 February 7-19                                    Winter XIV                          Europe
1984       Los Angeles, California              July 28-August 12                             Summer XXIII                    North America
1988       Calgary, Alberta, Canada          February 13-28                               Winter XV                           North America
1988       Seoul, South Korea                      September 17-October 2              Summer XXIV                    Asia
1992       Albertville, France                      February 8-23                                    Winter XVI                          Europe
1992       Barcelona, Spain                           July 25-August 9                               Summer XXV                     Europe
1994       Lillehammer, Norway                February 12-27                                  Winter XVII                         Europe
1996       Atlanta, Georgia                            July 19-August 4                               Summer XXVI                    North America
1998       Nagano, Japan                               February 7-22                                    Winter XVIII                       Asia
2000       Sidney, Australia                        September 15-October 1              Summer XXVII                   Australia
2002       Salt Lake City, Utah                    February 8-24                                    Winter XIX                          North America
2004       Athens, Greece                            August 13-29                                      Summer XXVIII                 Europe
2006       Turin, Italy                                    February 10-26                                  Winter XX                            Europe
2008       Beijing, China                               August 8-24                                        Summer XXIX                    Asia
2010       Vancouver, BC, Canada            February 12-28                                  Winter XXI                          North America
2012       London, England                         July 27-August 12                             Summer XXX                      Europe

Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

Tonight the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London happens!

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) We’re four days from the non-waiver trade deadline
3) Will Zack Greinke be a Brewer by weekend’s end?
4) People expect the Texas Rangers to act so will they?

Second Quarter: AL Weekend Series

1) Oakland Athletics (53-45) J. Parker (7-4, 3.00) @ Baltimore Orioles (52-47) Z. Britton (1-0, 3.60), 6:05 pm
2) Detroit Tigers (53-46) R. Porcello (7-5, 4.40) @ Toronto Blue Jays (49-49) C. Villanueva (5-0, 2.86), 6:07 pm
3) Chicago White Sox (53-45) C. Sale (11-3, 2.37) @ Texas Rangers (58-39) Y. Darvish (11-6, 3.88), 7:05 pm
4) Tampa Bay Rays (51-48) A. Cobb (4-7, 5.05) @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (54-45) D. Haren (7-8, 4.76), 9:05 pm

Third Quarter: NL Weekend Series

1) St. Louis Cardinals (53-46) L. Lynn (12-4, 3.10) @ Chicago Cubs (40-57) T. Wood (4-5, 4.33), 1:20 pm
2) Philadelphia Phillies (45-54) C. Hamels (11-4, 3.23) @ Atlanta Braves (54-44) B. Sheets (2-0, 0.00), 6:35 pm
3) New York Mets (48-51) J. Niese (7-4, 3.59) @ Arizona Diamondbacks (49-50) J. Collmenter (2-2, 3.82), 8:40 pm
4) Los Angeles Dodgers (53-47) TBA @ San Francisco Giants (55-43) M. Cain (10-3, 2.74), 9:15 pm

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1) The Nebraska Cornhuskers will send a shock to your system when you see the alternate uniforms they’ll wear against Wisconsin
2) Penn State and Wisconsin will apparently play for a trophy starting this season
3) looks at the top 2012 Olympic storylines and the opening ceremony tonight
4) examines how the British being nervous is normal and CBS Sportsline bold Olympic predictions

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you to enjoy.

Luke Hochevar is still looking for an explanation for why Bob Davidson ejected him yesterday in Anaheim. Photo Credit to the AP

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s MLB scoreboard
2) Day baseball in Baltimore, Toronto and St. Louis
3) Detroit Tigers (53-45) J. Verlander (11-5, 2.42) @ Cleveland Indians (49-49) Z. McAllister (4-2, 3.21), 6:05 pm
4) Kansas City Royals (41-56) L. Mendoza (4-6, 4.31) @ Seattle Mariners (43-57) J. Vargas (10-7, 3.91), 9:10 pm

Second Quarter: Big Ten Media Days

1) Today starts B1G media days from Chicago
2) Penn State and their delegation will be the story today
3) Getting a chance to hear from all the head coaches
4) Players will also be talking at the start of this two-day event

Third Quarter: Olympics

1) Opening ceremonies eve
2) Olympic soccer continues from around the United Kingdom
3) To re-ask which sports are you looking forward to?
4) How many medals will the host nation take?

Fourth Quarter: Other Sports

1) NBA – D12 still being a bitch
2) MLS – Last night the MLS All-Stars bear Chelsea
3) NFL – Eric LeGrand retired from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4) Pac-12 – Media days happened this week also

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The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week!

RIP Omaha’s Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium who met the wrecking ball this morning.

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s schedule
2) Day baseball in Queens, Pittsburgh, Miami, Southside of Chicago, Anaheim, Seattle and San Francisco
3) Detroit Tigers (52-45) M. Scherzer (9-5, 4.61) @ Cleveland Indians (49-48) D. Lowe (8-8, 5.04), 6:05 pm
4) Los Angeles Dodgers (53-45) A. Harang (7-5, 3.46) @ St. Louis Cardinals (51-46) K. Lohse (10-2, 2.71), 7:15 pm

Second Quarter: MLB Trade Rumors

1) Atlanta is zeroing in on Zack Greinke
2) Will that raise urgency in Washington to add another bat or pitching themselves?
3) Baltimore seems to still be buyers
4) Waiting on Ryan Dempster and the Upton boys

Third Quarter: Olympics (Women’s Soccer)

1) The United State came back on France 4-2
2) Brazil took care of business
3) Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan scored
4) Next up is Columbia

Fourth Quarter: Leftover Links

1) Stewart Mandel looks at the aftermath of the PSU sanctions
2) FS-Kansas City looks at the 2013 Kansas City Royals by Jeffrey Flanagan
3) Carolina Panthers has just made things interesting
4) Katie Baker of Grantland looks at things

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links!

Rick Nash has been freed from the Columbus Blue Jackets and will be moving to broadway.

First Quarter: Starter Links

1) Nick Zaccardi looks back at the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta
2) Rick Nash is now a New York Ranger
3) Mad Chatter from Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World Herald
4) Sam Mellinger of the KC Star’s Twitter Tuesday

Second Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s games
2) Seattle traded their icon to the other dugout yesterday
3) Detroit made a trade with Miami yesterday
4) trade buzz

Third Quarter: Penn State Links

1) Andy Staples looks at the choice Penn State players currently have
2) Stewart Mandel feels the NCAA overstepped their bounds
3) Gregg Doyel wrote another excellent story on this topic yesterday
4) Finally Dan Wetzel writes how this will be worse than death for PSU

Fourth Quarter: Sports Illustrated Olympic Sports Previews

1) Grant Wahl’s men’s soccer preview
2) His women’s soccer preview
3) Austin Murphy looks at beach volleyball
4) Richard Deitsch tackles table tennis

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