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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

The US Swimming Trials continue at Century Link Center Omaha this weekend. Photo by Mike Vamosi

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Detroit Tigers (37-29) J. Verlander (8-4, 2.52) @ Tampa Bay Rays (40-36) D. Price (10-4, 2.95), 6:10 pm
3) New York Mets (41-36) R.A. Dickey (11-1, 2.31) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (43-34) A. Harang (5-4, 3.81), 9:10 pm
4) Cincinnati Reds (41-34) M. Leake (2-5, 4.46) @ San Francisco Giants (44-33) M. Cain (9-2, 2.27), 9:15 pm

Second Quarter: US Swim Trials (Omaha, NE)

1) Tonight is day five of the US Swimming Trials in Omaha
2) Will Amanda Beard return to the Olympics?
3) Saturday night we get another Lochte-Phelps match-up
4) Bob Costas has made it to Omaha just to give you a taste of how big things have gotten haha

Third Quarter: Wimbledon

1) Wimbledon Results
2) Nadal was knocked out on Thursday by a unseeded player
3) With that does it set up for a Novak-Roger final
4) Who makes it through on the women’s side?

Fourth Quarter: Euro 2012

1) Spain-Italy will face off Sunday in the Euro2012 Finals
2) Spain hasn’t allowed a goal in forever
3) Italy looks to have found offensive success
4) 4Q Pick – Spain

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In the interest of self promotion I must point out that I made Dirk Chatelain’s Mad Chatter on Friday

Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Tonight the NBA Draft will show what lottery teams have decided about who to pick

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s scoreboard
2) Cleveland Indians (37-37) Z. McAllister (1-1, 3.96) @ Baltimore Orioles (41-33) W-Y. Chen (7-3, 3.38), 6:05 pm
3) Detroit Tigers (36-39) M. Scherzer (6-5, 5.12) @ Tampa Bay Rays (40-35) J. Shields (7-4, 3.99), 6:10 pm
4) Cincinnati Reds (41-33) J. Cueto (9-3, 2.21) @ San Francisco Giants (43-33) M. Bumgarner (9-4, 3.10), 9:15 pm

Second Quarter: Wimbledon

1) Maria Sharapove won today
2) As did Serena Williams
3) The Andy’s Roddick and Murray are in tough fights
4) Results Men’s and Women’s

Third Quarter: NBA Draft

1) Tonight will be another step for people with uni-brows
2) After New Orleans, what will happen?
3) Does Boston make a move to get Doc Rivers son?
4) Really I only care what the Phoenix Suns do tonight to be honest

Fourth Quarter: Extra Extra

1. Euro 2012 – Germany v. Italy in the second semifinal with the winner taking on Spain
2. MLB – Your running out of time to vote for the MLB All Stars!
3. US Swim Trials – Last night Phelps beat Lochte in Omaha
4. NBA – Which draft pick will look hilarious tonight in how they dress?

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The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week

Time is running out to #CrownARoyal so make sure you do so.

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s schedule
2) Day baseball in Kansas City, Bronx, Northside of Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Cincinnati
3) Los Angeles Angels (41-33) J. Weaver (7-1, 2.40) @ Baltimore Orioles (41-32) J. Hammel (8-2, 2.61), 6:05 pm
4) Detroit Tigers (36-38) D. Fister (1-4, 2.72) @ Texas Rangers (46-29) R. Oswalt (1-0, 1.35), 7:05 pm

Second Quarter: NBA Draft

1) Who will New Orleans take number one? Still Anthony Davis?
2) Can we expect more trades to occur?
3) What is Houston’s master plan?
4) Will Portland do something with the sixth pick?

Third Quarter: US Swimming Trials

1) Night three in Omaha
2) Lochte and Phelps part III tonight
3) Missy Franklin hits the pool
4) Coverage is on NBCSN and NBC tonight 7-8 pm

Fourth Quarter: Leftover Links

1) Boston didn’t like the President talking about the Red Sox latest move
2) Dan Wetzel with some remorse over the playoffs
3) Tim Layden on the tie that happened at the US Track and Field Trials
4) Dirk Chatelain’s Mad Chatter from the Omaha World Herald

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links!

Arizona defeated South Carolina 4-1, ending the Gamecocks two-year reign as national champion in baseball. Photo by Mike Vamosi

First Quarter: Starter Links

1) On the other side of 10th and Mike Fahey Street in Omaha at the Century Link Center this was going on
2) Wimbledon results
3) Mad Chatter from Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World Herald
4) Sam Mellinger of the KC Star’s Twitter Tuesday

Second Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s games
2) Barry Zito helped the Giants inch closer to their SoCal rivals
3) Luke Hochevar shut down the Rays last night at the K
4) #CrownARoyal for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game

Third Quarter: College World Series

1) College World Series Bracket
2) Arizona ended South Carolina’s two-year championship reign
3) More CWS
4) And finally Aaron Fitt of Baseball America’s game two recap

Fourth Quarter: NBA

1) Paul Shirley wrote a great article recently
2) Oh he also wrote this article
3) writer who I won’t name wrote about what scouts are thinking about players in tomorrow’s draft
4) NBA free agent class of 2012

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Last night the College World Series Finals began with Arizona taking game one over South Carolina. Game two is tonight between the two teams. Photo by Mike Vamosi

First Quarter: College World Series

1. College World Series Bracket
2. College World Series Best-of-Three Finals Game 1: South Carolina 1 Arizona 5, Arizona leads 1-0
3. Tonight the Wildcats will go for the programs first national title since 1986 and fourth overall at 7 pm on ESPN
4. Over the last three years South Carolina is 7-0 in elimination games

Second Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ESPN Monday Night Baseball 6pm (on ESPN2):  Cleveland Indians (37-34) @ New York Yankees (43-28)
3. San Francisco Giants (40-33) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (43-30), 9:15
4. Monday 4Quarters Top 14 –  MLB Power Rankings: 1. Texas Rangers (45-28, LW-6) 2. New York Yankees (43-28, LW-2) 3. Los Angeles Dodgers (43-30, LW-1) 4. Washington Nationals (41-29, LW-4) 5. Baltimore Orioles (41-31, LW-3) 6. Tampa Bay Rays (40-32, LW-7) 7. Cincinnati Reds (39-32, LW-5) 8. San Francisco Giants (40-33, LW-8) 9. Los Angeles Angels (40-33, LW-13) 10. Chicago White Sox (38-34, LW-10) 11. Pittsburgh Pirates (38-33, LW-11) 12. Boston Red Sox (38-34, LW-NR) 13. New York Mets (39-34, LW-NR) 14. Cleveland Indians (37-34, LW-NR)

Dropping Out: Arizona Diamondbacks (37-35, LW-9), Atlanta Braves (38-34, LW-12), Toronto Blue Jays (37-35, LW-14)

Third Quarter: NBA

1. Today the 2011-12 NBA Champions will have a parade
2. New Jersey’s (now Brooklyn) PG apparently has his list down to Dallas and Brooklyn
3. NBA Draft is Thursday
4. Where will Steve Nash go?

Fourth Quarter: Other Sports

1. USA Track and Field Trials – Happened in Eugene, Oregon over the weekend
2. USA Swimming Trials – Begin today in Omaha, Nebraska
3. Wimbledon – Starts today also at the all-England club
4. Euro2012 – semifinals are set with Spain-Portugal and Germany-Italy

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

South Carolina looks to continue this theme, needing another win tonight against Arkansas to defend their title in Omaha. Photo by Mike Vamosi

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard, Interleague returns once more!
2) St. Louis Cardinals (35-35) @ Kansas City Royals (31-26) – I-70 Series –
3) Washington Nationals (40-27) @ Baltimore Orioles (39-30) – Beltway Series –
4) San Francisco Giants (38-32) @ Oakland Athletics (34-36) – Bay Bridge Series –

Second Quarter: College World Series

1) College World Series Bracket
2) Thursday Results: South Carolina 4-1 over Kent St., Arizona 10-3 over Florida St. and South Carolina 2-0 over Arkansas
3) Arizona awaits the South Carolina-Arkansas winner in the championship finals that begin on Sunday night
4) CWS Game 14: Arkansas v. South Carolina, 8 pm/ESPN

Third Quarter: NBA Finals

1) NBA Schedule
2) Miami won the championship last night
3) I’m putting an * on this Heat title just like I did on the Spurs ’99 title
4) Next up the NBA Draft

Fourth Quarter: Euro 2012

1) Today the Germans take on Greece in knockout action
2) Portugal won 1-0 against the Czech Repulic yesterday asvances in the tourney
3) Euro2012 Scoreboard
4) Euro2012 Home

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you (POST 200!)

Thursday the CWS will have three games played after Wednesday was washed out by ‘mo nature on the year anniversary of the TD Ameritragedy

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s scoreboard
2) Los Angeles Dodgers (42-26) C. Kershaw (5-3, 2.86) @ Oakland Athletics (32-36) T. Blackley (1-2, 4.60), 2:35 pm
3) Tampa Bay Rays (38-30) M. Moore (4-5, 4.16) @ Washington Nationals (39-27) G. Gonzalez (8-3, 2.52), 6:05 pm
4) Miami Marlins (33-35) V. Zambrano (4-5, 3.90) @ Boston Red Sox (35-33) D. Matsuzaka (0-2, 5.73), 6:10 pm

Second Quarter: College World Series

1) Bracket/Schedule
2) CWS Game 10 – Kent State Golden Flashes v. South Carolina Gamecocks, 11 am/ESPN2
3) CWS Game 11 – Florida State Seminoles v. Arizona Wildcats, 4 pm/ESPN2
4) CWS Game 12 – winner of game 10 v. Arkansas Razorbacks, 8 pm/ESPN2

Third Quarter: NBA Finals

1) NBA Finals Game 5: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat, 8 pm ABC/MIA 3-1
2) Does Miami close out?
3) Does America weep if LBJ gets his ring?
4) OKC we’re counting on you!

Fourth Quarter: Extra Extra

1. Euro 2012 – Czech Republic v. Portugal in the first quarterfinal
2. MLB – The Rangers keep winning
3. NHL – Who won at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas?
4. NBA – Someone wake up James Harden and the Durantula

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