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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

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Russia moves onto the quarterfinal, but was it the biggest sports story on Sunday?

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ESPN Monday Night Baseball: Red Sox @ Nationals, 6 pm
3. Have you voted for the MLB All-Star Game?
4. Who’s the best in the National League?

Second Quarter: FIFA World Cup

1. World Cup scoreboard
2. Teams that advanced this weekend: Croatia, France, Russia and Uruguay
3. Brazil v. Mexico, 9 am/FOX
4. Belgium v. Japan, 1 pm/FOX

Third Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA free agent tracker
2. The biggest fish has signed
3. NHL free agent tracker
4. How are you Islander fans feeling?

Fourth Quarter: Monday Links

1. NBA odds suddenly changed
2. Another member of the Legion of Boom leaving Seattle
3. In the year 2027
4. Whoops

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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

Image result for 2026 world cup
The 2026 will be hosted by three countries

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Six day games
3. Nine night games
4. ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball: Nationals @ Yankees, 6 pm

Second Quarter: College World Series

1. CWS scoreboard
2. Schedule and game times for the 2018 CWS
3. One fact about all eight teams
4. College World Series storylines

Third Quarter: World Cup

1. World Cup scoreboard
2. 2026 World Cup will be hosted by Canada, Mexico and the United States
3. The 2018 edition begins tomorrow in Russia
4. Who wins?

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. Which stadiums in North America will host games for the 2026 World Cup?
2. Who wins the US Open that begins tomorrow?
3. NCAA changes the redshirt rules
4. Spain fires their coach on the eve of the World Cup

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2014 World Cup Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Today is the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup from Brazil, so once again it’s time for me to throw out predictions that will go wrong.

The 2014 World Cup begins today in Brazil

Group Stage: top two teams from each advance to the knockout round, will list in order of finish

Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Cameroon, Mexico
Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Chile
Group C: Greece, Cote D’Ivoire, Japan, Columbia
Group D: Uruguay, England, Italy, Costa Rica
Group E: Switzerland, France, Honduras, Ecuador
Group F: Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Iran
Group G: Germany, USA, Portugal, Ghana
Group H: Russia, Belgium, Korea Republic, Algeria

Knockout Round: teams that won the group play others that finished second

Round of 16 –
Brazil (A1) v. Netherlands (B2), Greece (C1) v. England (D2), Switzerland (E1) v. Bosnia and Herzegovina (F2), Germany (G1) v. Belgium (H2), Spain (B1) v. Croatia (A2), Uruguay (D1) v. Cote D’Ivoire (C2), Argentina (F1) v. France (E2), Russia (H1) v. USA (G2)

Quarterfinals –
Brazil v. England, Switzerland v. Germany, Spain v. Uruguay, Argentina v. USA

Semifinals –
Brazil v. Germany, Spain v. Argentina

Finals –
Brazil v. Argentina

2014 World Cup Champion: Argentina

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

This will be the scene tonight in Baltimore as the Orioles, not the Ravens will play at home tonight. The NFL season begins in Denver on NBC. Photo from the Baltimore Orioles

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Boston Red Sox (84-57) @ New York Yankees (75-64), 6:05 pm
3) St. Louis Cardinals (80-59) @ Cincinnati Reds (78-62), 6:10 pm
4) Tampa Bay Rays (77-61) @ Los Angeles Angels (9:05 pm

Second Quarter: Golf Leaderboards (PGA, Champions, LPGA)

1) PGA
2) Champions
4) Third round of the playoffs

Third Quarter: 4Q Potpourri (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS)

1) NBA – 2013 NBA Hall of Fame
2) NFL – See other NFL bold predictions, my predictions sure to go wrong will be later today
3) NHL – Calgary hires a familiar GM
4) MLS – Spain to play the USMNT?

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1) Before the NFL season begins tonight here are Chris Burke’s power rankings
2) Dennis Dodd on how realignment has reared it’s head on Michigan-Notre Dame
3) US Tennis Open story
4) And Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner has NFL predictions

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2013 World Baseball Classic Predictions Sure to go Wrong

The third edition of the World Baseball Classic begins today (March 1). The field is again 16-teams in the field with first round sites in Fukuoka, Taichung, San Juan and Phoenix. Japan comes in as the back-to-back champion, so the question is can they be dethroned?

Here’s the tournament breakdown, round one the top two teams will advance to round two with the top team teams in each going to the semifinals which will then play for the title. Without delay here are my 2013 WBC predictions sure to go wrong.

Teams advancing are bolded:

Round One (Top Two Teams in Each Pool Advance)

Pool A (Fukuoka Dome/Fukuoka, Japan) – March 2-6

Cuba – Pool A Runner-Up
Japan – Pool A Champion

Pool B (Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium/Taichung, Taiwan) – March 2-5

Chinese Taipei
Netherlands – Pool B Runner-Up
South Korea – Pool B Champion

Pool C (Hiram Bithorn Stadium/San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Dominican Republic – Pool C Champion
Puerto Rico
Venezuela – Pool C Runner-Up

Pool D (Chase Field/Phoenix, Arizona and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick/Scottsdale, Arizona)

Mexico – Pool D Runner-Up
United States – Pool D Champion

Round Two (Top Two Teams Advance to Semifinals)

Pool One (Tokyo Dome/Tokyo, Japan)
Cuba – Pool One Runner-Up
Japan – Pool One Winner
South Korea

Pool Two (Marlins Park/Miami, Florida)
Dominican Republic – Pool Two Runner-Up
United States – Pool Two Winner

Championship Round (Pool One and Two Winner and Runner-Up)

Semifinals/Finals (AT&T Park/San Francisco, California)

Semifinal: Dominican Republic (Pool Two Runner-Up) v. Japan (Pool One Winner)
Semifinal: Cuba (Pool One Runner-Up) v. United States (Pool Two Winner)

Finals: Japan v. United States

Previous World Baseball Classic Champions
2006 – Japan
2009 – Japan WBC Page
2013 Information
WBC Scoreboard and Bracket

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The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week!

The United States women’s Olympic soccer team moved out of pool play with a 3-0 record after beating North Korea 1-0 at the home of Manchester United. Photo by Jon Super AP

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s schedule
2) Day baseball in the Bronx, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Oakland, Wrigley and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles
3) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (57-47) G. Richards (3-2, 3.91) @ Texas Rangers (59-43) Y. Darvish (11-7, 4.05), 7:05 pm
4) New York Mets (50-54) J. Niese (7-5, 3.86) @ San Francisco Giants (56-47) M. Cain (10-3, 2.80), 9:15 pm

Second Quarter: XXX Summer Olympics in London

1) Medal count
2) NBC online streaming
3) TV listings
4) Olympic photos

Third Quarter: XXX Summer Olympics in London Part II

1) Today women’s basketball is back in action
2) Women’s water polo returns to the pool against Spain
3) Walsh Jennings and May-Treanor are back on the “beach” tonight (afternoon stateside)
4) Men’s gymnastics all-around is on the schedule also

Fourth Quarter: Leftover Links

1) Grantland Part I, Wesley Morris looks at the fashion at the Olympics
2) Grantland Part II, Reeves Wiedeman takes readers into the what if realm of the 2012 Olympics in New York City
3) Steve Rushin of says even in a Olympic year July is a boring sports month as the calender turns to August
4) Penn State players are leaving Happy Valley Silas Redd and others

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Olympic Host Cities

With the 2012 Olympics set to begin in London, England I thought that I’d list the previous hosts of the games. This is the 30th summer Olympics so here is your list of country’s and such.

The Olympics are in London this year so here is the full list

Year       City/Country                                     Dates (Opening/Closing)              Summer/Winter               Continent

1896       Athens, Greece                                August 6-15                                         Summer I                           Europe
1900       Paris, France                                   May 14-October 28                           Summer II                         Europe
1904       St. Louis, Missouri                        July 1-November 23                         Summer III                       North America
1908       London, England                           April 27-October 31                         Summer IV                        Europe
1912       Stockholm, Sweden                       May 5-July 22                                     Summer V                          Europe
1916       Berlin, Germany                             Cancelled due to WWI                      Summer VI                        Europe
1920       Antwerp, Belgium                         April 20-September 12                   Summer VII                       Europe
1924       Chamonix, France                        January 25-February 4                   Winter I                                Europe
1924       Paris, France                                   May 4-July 27                                     Summer VIII                     Europe
1928       St. Moritz, Switzerland                February 11-19                                  Winter II                              Europe
1928       Amsterdamn, Netherlands        May 17-August 12                            Summer IX                          Europe
1932       Lake Placid, New York                February 4-15                                    Winter III                             North America
1932       Los Angeles, California               July 30-August 14                             Summer X                           North America
1936       Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany February 6-16                          Winter IV                           Europe
1936       Berlin, Germany                             August 1-16                                        Summer XI                          Europe
1940       Sapporo, Japan                              Cancelled due to WWII                  Winter V                               Asia
1940       Tokyo, Japan                                   Cancelled due to WWII                  Summer XII                       Asia
1944       Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy           Cancelled due to WWII                  Winter V                               Europe
1944       London, England                           Cancelled due to WWII                  Summer XIII                       Europe
1948       St. Moritz, Switzerland                January 30-February 8                   Winter V                              Europe
1948       London, England                           July 29-Auguest 14                          Summer XIV                       Europe
1952       Oslo, Norway                                  February 14-25                                  Winter VI                             Europe
1952       Helsinki, Finland                           July 19-August 3                               Summer XV                        Europe
1956       Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy          January 26-February 5                 Winter VII                            Europe
1956       Melbourne, Australia                 November 22-December 8          Summer XVI                       Australia
1956       Stockholm, Sweden                     June 10-17                                          “                     “                          Europe
1960       Squaw Valley, New York          February 18-28                                Winter VIII                          North America
1960       Rome, Italy                                    August 25-September 11              Summer XVII                      Europe
1964       Innsbruck, Austria                      January 29-February 9                   Winter IX                             Europe
1964       Tokyo, Japan                                 October 10-24                                   Summer XVIII                     Asia
1968       Grenoble, France                         February 6-18                                    Winter X                               Europe
1968       Mexico City, Mexico                  October 12-27                                   Summer XIX                        North America
1972       Sapporo, Japan                            February 3-13                                    Winter XI                             Asia
1972       Munich, W. Germany                 August 26-September 11              Summer XX                        Europe
1976       Innsbruck, Austria                     February 4-15                                    Winter XII                            Europe
1976       Montreal, Quebec                       July 17-August 1                               Summer XXI                       North America
1980       Lake Placid, New York              February 14-23                                  Winter XIII                          North America
1980       Moscow, Soviet Union              July 19-August 3                               Summer XXII                      Europe
1984       Sarajevo, Yugoslavia                 February 7-19                                    Winter XIV                          Europe
1984       Los Angeles, California              July 28-August 12                             Summer XXIII                    North America
1988       Calgary, Alberta, Canada          February 13-28                               Winter XV                           North America
1988       Seoul, South Korea                      September 17-October 2              Summer XXIV                    Asia
1992       Albertville, France                      February 8-23                                    Winter XVI                          Europe
1992       Barcelona, Spain                           July 25-August 9                               Summer XXV                     Europe
1994       Lillehammer, Norway                February 12-27                                  Winter XVII                         Europe
1996       Atlanta, Georgia                            July 19-August 4                               Summer XXVI                    North America
1998       Nagano, Japan                               February 7-22                                    Winter XVIII                       Asia
2000       Sidney, Australia                        September 15-October 1              Summer XXVII                   Australia
2002       Salt Lake City, Utah                    February 8-24                                    Winter XIX                          North America
2004       Athens, Greece                            August 13-29                                      Summer XXVIII                 Europe
2006       Turin, Italy                                    February 10-26                                  Winter XX                            Europe
2008       Beijing, China                               August 8-24                                        Summer XXIX                    Asia
2010       Vancouver, BC, Canada            February 12-28                                  Winter XXI                          North America
2012       London, England                         July 27-August 12                             Summer XXX                      Europe