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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

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XFL 2.0 unveils the new eight team names/logos

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. 10 games tomorrow and one suspended game
3. Cubs and Giants lone day game
4. Nine night games

Second Quarter: NFL

1. Six games on the schedule this evening
2. Two games tomorrow
3. Seven more games on Saturday, one Sunday
4. FOX Preseason Special: Jaguars @ Dolphins, 7 pm

Third Quarter: CFP Predictions Sure to go Wrong (Group of five)

1. AAC: UCF over Houston
2. CUSA: North Texas over Florida Atlantic
3. MAC: Ohio over Northern Illinois
4. Mountain West: Boise State over Fresno State
5. Sun Belt: Appalachian State over Arkansas State

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1. PGA leaderboard
2. WNBA scoreboard
3. Those betting on the Astros loss again
4. XFL unveils team names and logos

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

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The NBA playoffs begin on Saturday

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Tomorrow the playoffs begin
3. Saturday’s games
GM1: 6 Nets @ 3 Sixers, 1:30 pm/ESPN
GM1: 7 Magic @ 2 Raptors, 4 pm/ESPN
GM1: 8 Clippers @ 1 Warriors, 7 pm/ABC
GM1: 7 Spurs @ 2 Nuggets, 9:30 pm/ESPN
4. Sunday’s games
GM1: 5 Pacers @ 4 Celtics, Noon/TNT
GM1: 6 Thunder @ 3 Trail Blazers, 2:30 pm/ABC
GM1: 8 Pistons @ 1 Bucks, 6 pm/TNT
GM1: 5 Jazz @ 4 Rockets, 8:30 pm/TNT

Second Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
FS1 Saturday DH
2. GM1: Rockies @ Giants, 3:05 pm
3. GM2: Mets @ Braves, 6:20 pm
4. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: Mets @ Braves, 6 pm

Halftime: NBA Playoff predictions sure to go wrong

1. 1st Round
East: Bucks over Pistons, Raptors over Magic, Nets over Sixers, Pacers over Celtics
West: Warriors over Clippers, Spurs over Nuggets, Thunder over Trail Blazers, Rockets over Jazz
2. 2nd Round
East: Bucks over Pacers, Raptors over Nets
West: Warriors over Rockets, Thunder over Spurs
3. Conference Finals
East: Bucks over Raptors
West: Warriors over Thunder
4. NBA Finals: Warriors over Bucks

Third Quarter: NHL Playoffs

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Friday 4GMS:
CNBC DH – CLB-TBL (CLB 1-0), 6 pm; STL-WPG (STL 1-0)
NBCSN DH – PIT-NYI (NYI 1-0), 6:30 pm; VGK-SJS (SJS 1-0), 9:30 pm
3. Saturday 4GMS:
NBC DH – CAR-WSH (WSH 1-0), 2 pm; TOR-BOS (TOR 1-0), 7 pm
CNBC – DAL-NSH (DAL 1-0), 6 pm
NBCSN – COL-CGY, 9:30 pm
4. Sunday will have the same four games as Friday night
NBC – Islanders @ Penguins, Noon
NBCSN DH – Lightning @ Bluejackets, 6 pm; Sharks @ Golden Knights, 9 pm
CNBC – Jets @ Blues, 6:30 pm

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Can you know who stay in competition this weekend?
2. AAF scoreboard
3. PGA leaderboard
4. EPL scoreboard

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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

Image result for magic johnson
Magic Johnson can resume tampering

First Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. 11 game schedule on the final night of the regular season
3. ESPN Wednesday DH GM1: Magic @ Hornets, 7 pm
4. ESPN Wednesday DH GM2: Jazz @ Clippers, 9:30 pm

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL scoreboard
2. GM1 USA Network DH: Blue Jackets @ Lightning, 6 pm; Stars @ Predators, 8:30 pm
3. GM1 NBCSN DH: Penguins @ Islanders, 6:30 pm; Golden Knights @ Sharks, 9:30 pm
4. GM1 on NHL Network: Blues @ Jets, 7 pm

Halftime: Stanley Cup Playoffs predictions sure to go wrong

1. First Round
East: Lightning over Bluejackets, Bruins over Maple Leafs, Capitals over Hurricanes, Penguins over Islanders
West: Predators over Stars, Jets over Blues, Avalanche over Flames, Golden Knights over Sharks
2. Second Round
East: Lightning over Bruins, Capitals over Penguins
West: Jets over Predators, Golden Knights over Avalanche
3. Conference Finals
East: Lightning over Capitals
West: Golden Knights over Jets
4. Stanley Cup Finals: Lightning over Golden Knights in six

Third Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Don’t expect day baseball in Denver today
3. Pencil the Mariners into the World Series?
4. ESPN+ has Brewers @ Angels tonight

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. Congrats part 1
2. Congrats part 2
3. Magic left the Lakers and didn’t tell anyone
4. UCLA finally has a head men’s basketball coach

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NBA Predictions sure to go wrong

The 2018-19 NBA season starts tonight so here are my predictions sure to go wrong

Image result for boston celtics
Who do I have winning the Larry O’Brien trophy?

Eastern Conference –
Atlantic Division:
1. Celtics (1) 2. Raptors (2) 3. 76ers (6) 4. Knicks 5. Nets

Central Division:
1. Pacers (3) 2. Bucks (5) 3. Pistons (8) 4. Bulls 5. Cavaliers

Southeast Division:
1. Wizards (4) 2. Heat (7) 3. Hornets 4. Hawks 5. Magic

Eastern Conference Playoffs –
First Round: 1 Celtics over 8 Pistons, 2 Raptors over 7 Heat, 3 Pacers over 6 76ers, 4 Wizards over Bucks
Second Round: 1 Celtics over 4 Wizards, 2 Raptors over 3 Pacers
Eastern Conference Finals: 1 Celtics over 2 Raptors in six games

Western Conference –
Northwest Division:
1. Jazz (3) 2. Thunder (4) 3. Timberwolves (5) 4. Trailblazers (6) 5. Nuggets

1. Rockets (1) 2. Pelicans (7) 3. Spurs 4. Grizzlies 5. Mavericks

Pacific Division:
1. Warriors (2) 2. Lakers (8) 3. Clippers 4. Suns 5. Kings

Western Conference Playoffs –
First Round: 1 Rockets over 8 Lakers, 2 Warriors over 7 Pelicans, 3 Jazz over 6 Trailblazers, 4 Thunder over 5 Timberwolves
Second Round: 1 Rockets over 4 Thunder, 2 Warriors over 3 Jazz
Western Conference Finals: 2 Warriors over 1 Rockets in seven games

2019 NBA Finals –
Boston Celtics over Golden State Warriors in seven games

Playoff seed in parenthesis ()

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NFL Predictions sure to go wrong

Here are my 2018 NFL predictions sure to go wrong

Image result for Super Bowl LIII
Who do I have playing in Atlanta at the end of the season?

Division Finishes:
AFC East – Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Bills
AFC North – Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals
AFC South – Jaguars, Texans, Colts, Titans
AFC West – Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders
Wildcards – Jets and Texans

NFC East – Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, R______
NFC North – Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions
NFC South – Falcons, Saints, Panthers, Buccaneers
NFC West – Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals
Wildcard – Saints and 49ers

NFL Playoffs:
Wildcard Weekend
AFC – Steelers over Texans and Chargers over Jets
NFC – Falcons over 49ers, Rams over Saints

AFC – Patriots over Chargers, Jaguars over Steelers
NFC – Eagles over Rams, Vikings over Falcons

Conference Championship
AFC – Patriots over Jaguars
NFC – Vikings over Eagles

Super Bowl LIII (Atlanta, GA)
New England Patriots over Minnesota Vikings

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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

FIFA president Gianni Infantino and US Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro visit the White House
I don’t think with his bone spurs he should be kicking a soccer ball. Photo

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Five day games today
3. Ten evening games
4. Rubber match between the A’s and Astros today

Second Quarter: College Football

1. One more day to go
2. Predictions sure to go wrong will be released on Thursday
3. Who will I have in the playoff
4. What crazy pick will I make?

Third Quarter: NFL

1. Preseason is winding down
2. 53 men rosters need to be finalized
3. Season opener just over a week in Philly
4. NFL predictions sure to go wrong out next Thursday

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. Good luck explaining anything to the POTUS by these soccer high ups
2. Bob Costas leaving NBC?
3. Big injury for Washington in the WNBA playoffs?
4. US Open update from Flushing

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

Image result for nba playoffs 2018
The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday. Photo CBS Sports

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA Scoreboard
2. Playoffs begin on Saturday, predictions at the end
3. Saturday games – Spurs-Warriors, Wizards-Raptors, Heat-76ers, Pelicans-Trail Blazers
4. Sunday games – Bucks-Celtics, Pacers-Cavaliers, Jazz-Thunder, Timberwolves-Rockets

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL Scoreboard
2. Three games tonight: PHI-PIT (PENS 1-0), MIN-WPG (JETS 1-0), LAK-VGK (Knights 1-0)
3. Four games on Saturday: COL-NSH (PREDS 1-0), NJD-TBL (LIGHT 1-0), TOR-BOS (Bruins 1-0), SJS-ANA (LATE)
4. Then four more games on Sunday

Third Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard 
2. Friday Night ESPN+: Athletics @ Mariners, 9:10 pm
3. FS1 Saturday: Rangers @ Astros, 3:05 pm; Angels @ Royals, 6:15 pm
4. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: Rangers @ Astros, 7 pm

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. MLS scoreboard
2. PGA Leaderboard
3. Taking a knee on a workout?
4. Going to UCaliforniaLA

Overtime: NBA Playoff Predictions Sure to go Wrong

1. First Round:
East – Raptors over Wizards, Bucks over Celtics, 76ers over Heat, Cavaliers over Pacers
West – Rockets over Timberwolves, Warriors over Spurs, Trail Blazers over Pelicans, Jazz over Thunder
2. Second Round:
East – Cavaliers over Raptors, 76ers over Bucks
West – Rockets over Jazz, Warriors over Trail Blazers
3. Conference Finals
East – Cavaliers over 76ers
West – Rockets over Warriors
4. NBA Finals: Cavaliers over Rockets

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