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NFL Predictions sure to go wrong

Here are my 2018 NFL predictions sure to go wrong

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Who do I have playing in Atlanta at the end of the season?

Division Finishes:
AFC East – Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Bills
AFC North – Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals
AFC South – Jaguars, Texans, Colts, Titans
AFC West – Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders
Wildcards – Jets and Texans

NFC East – Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, R______
NFC North – Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions
NFC South – Falcons, Saints, Panthers, Buccaneers
NFC West – Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals
Wildcard – Saints and 49ers

NFL Playoffs:
Wildcard Weekend
AFC – Steelers over Texans and Chargers over Jets
NFC – Falcons over 49ers, Rams over Saints

AFC – Patriots over Chargers, Jaguars over Steelers
NFC – Eagles over Rams, Vikings over Falcons

Conference Championship
AFC – Patriots over Jaguars
NFC – Vikings over Eagles

Super Bowl LIII (Atlanta, GA)
New England Patriots over Minnesota Vikings

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4Quarters 2013 NFL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

The road to Super Bowl XLVIII begins tonight in Denver, here are my NFL predictions sure to go wrong. Photo by Drew

The 2013 NFL season begins tonight in the Mile High City as the defending Super Bowl champions Baltimore Ravens face the Denver Broncos. Normally the reigning champion host the season opener but with the NFL and MLB being able to strike an agreement this game is in Denver. With the back story let’s get to some predictions that likely will be wrong at some point!

AFC – Regular Season

East: 1 New England Patriots 2 Buffalo Bills 3 Miami Dolphins 4 New York Jets
North: 1 Cincinnati Bengals 2 Baltimore Ravens 3 Pittsburgh Steelers 4 Cleveland Browns
South: 1 Indianapolis Colts 2 Houston Texans 3 Tennessee Titans 4 Jacksonville Jaguars
West: 1 Denver Broncos 2 Kansas City Chiefs 3 San Diego Chargers 4 Oakland Raiders

AFC – Playoffs (Seeds in front)

Wildcard Weekend: 5 Houston Texans at 4 Cincinnati Bengals, 6 Buffalo Bills at 3 Indianapolis Colts
Divisional Round: 5 Houston Texans at 1 Denver Broncos, 3 Indianapolis Colts at 2 New England Patriots
AFC Championship Game: 3 Indianapolis Colts at 1 Denver Broncos

NFC – Regular Season

East: 1 New York Giants 2 Dallas Cowboys 3 Washington Redskins 4 Philadelphia Eagles
North: 1 Green Bay Packers 2 Detroit Lions 3 Minnesota Vikings 4 Chicago Bears
South: 1 New Orleans Saints 2 Atlanta Falcons 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 Carolina Panthers
West: 1 Seattle Seahawks 2 San Francisco 49ers 3 Arizona Cardinals 4 St. Louis Rams

NFC – Playoffs (Seeds in front)

Wildcard Weekend: 5 San Francisco 49ers at 4 New York Giants, 6 Atlanta Falcons at 3 New Orleans Saints
Divisional Round: 5 San Francisco 49ers at 1 Seattle Seahawks, 3 New Orleans Saints at 2 Green Bay Packers
NFL Championship Game: 2 Green Bay Packers at 1 Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl XLVIII – Metlife Stadium/East Rutherford, NJ

Seattle Seahawks over Indianapolis Colts

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The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week!

Arizona guard Nick Johnson (13) has the basketball stripped away from behind by San Diego State guard Chase Tapley (22) in the first half of an NCAA college basketball game at the Diamond Head Classic, Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012, in Honolulu. (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner)
Arizona beat San Diego State late at the Diamond Head Classic 68-67. Photo by Eugene Tanner/AP

First Quarter: NBA

1) Today’s scores
2) Chicago Bulls (15-12) @ Indiana Pacers (16-12), 6 pm
3) Golden State Warriors (18-10) @ Utah Jazz (15-14), 8 pm
4) New York Knicks (20-8) @ Phoenix Suns (11-17), 8 pm/NBATV

Second Quarter: College Football

1) Little Caesars Bowl: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (7-5, 4-4 Sun Belt) v. Central Michigan Chippewas (6-6, 4-4 MAC), 6:30 pm/ESPN
2) On Christmas Eve SMU ran over Fresno State at the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl 43-10
3) Thursday three bowls are on the schedule with the Military, Belk and Holiday Bowls
4) Jerry and I’s bowl competition continues.

Third Quarter: NFL

1) What game has your attention this weekend?
2) NFC East prime time battle is the one to watch.
3) AFC playoff positioning is at steak this weekend
4) Fired Coach Watch: Detroit Lions (4-11)

Fourth Quarter: Leftover Links

1) Michael Rosenberg looks at sports in 2013
2) Here is the 411 on the NFL playoffs
3) Last night Arizona moved to 12-0 at the Diamond Head Classic beating San Diego State in the finals
4) Are the Clippers, LA’s new showtime?

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The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week!

The NFL is back tonight with Dallas facing New York at the new Meadowlands

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s schedule
2) Day baseball in Cincinnati, St. Louis, Southside of Chicago and Oakland
3) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (73-63) D. Haren (9-10, 4.58) @ Oakland Athletics (76-59) B. McCarthy (8-5, 3.10), 2:35 pm
4) New York Yankees (76-59) H. Kuroda (12-10, 3.04) @ Tampa Bay Rays (75-61) M. Moore (10-8, 3.58), 6:10 pm

Second Quarter: College Football

1) Plenty of Pacific 12 vs Big Ten meetings this week
2) Can Missouri and Texas A&M back up the smack talk they’ve started?
3) What’s your match-up your watching this weekend?
4) The State of Nebraska holds its breath waiting on the word of Rex Burkhead

Third Quarter: NFL

1) NFL Kickoff is tonight!
2) Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants, 7 pm/NBC
3) NFC East on display tonight as the defending champions host their rivals from big D
4) Will Eli or Romo have the better game?

Fourth Quarter: Leftover Links

1) David Love III made his Ryder Cup picks yesterday
2) After a rainy Tuesday here is today’s US Open scoreboard
3) New Grantland feature (jumping into the video game), they spent the day with Royce White on draft day
4) Richard Deitsch one of my favorites breaks down this years NFL broadcasters

Bonus: The Omaha Storm Chasers open defense of their PCL Championship tonight at Warner Park here is a video

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4Quarters 2012 NFL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

On this NFL Eve here are the 4Quarters NFL Predictions Sure to go Wrong for the 2012 season which begins Wednesday night. Without further delay here we go with this years predictions, thanks for reading as always.

AFC – 

East: 1. New England Patriots 2. Buffalo Bills 3. New York Jets 4. Miami Dolphins
North: 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 2. Baltimore Ravens 3. Cincinnati Bengals 4. Cleveland Browns
South: 1. Houston Texans 2. Tennessee Titans 3. Indianapolis Colts 4. Jacksonville Jagurs
West: 1. Kansas City Chiefs 2. Oakland Raiders 3. Denver Broncos 4. San Diego Chargers


East: 1. New York Giants 2. Philadelphia Eagles 3. Dallas Cowboys 4. Washington Redskins
North: 1. Green Bay Packers 2. Chicago Bears 3. Detroit Lions 4. Minnesota Vikings
South: 1. New Orleans Saints 2. Atlanta Falcons 3. Carolina Panthers 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
West: 1. San Francisco 49ers 2. Seattle Seahawks 3. St. Louis Rams 4. Arizona Cardinals

Wildcard Weekend –

6 Buffalo Bills @ 3 Pittsburgh Steelers
Winner: 3 Pittsburgh Steelers
5 Baltimore Ravens @ 4 Kansas City Chiefs
Winner: 4 Kansas City Chiefs

6 Seattle Seahawks @ 3 New Orleans Saints
Winner: 3 New Orleans Saints
5 Atlanta Falcons @4 New York Giants
Winner: 4 New York Giants

Divisional Round –

4 Kansas City Chiefs @ 1 New England Patriots
Winner: 1 New England Patriots
3 Pittsburgh Steelers @ 2 Houston Texans
Winner: 2 Houston Texans

4 New York Giants @ 1 San Francisco 49ers
Winner: 1 San Francisco Giants
3 New Orleans Saints @ 2 Green Bay Packers
Winner: 3 New Orleans Saints

Conference Championship Weekend –

2 Houston Texans @ 1 New England Patriots
Winner: 1 New England Patriots

3 New Orleans Saints @ 1 San Francisco Giants
Winner: 1 San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl XLVII (Mercedes-Benz Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, Louisiana) –

New England Patriots (AFC) @ San Francisco 49ers (NFC)
Winner:  San Francisco 49ers

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