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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

22 Al Kaline Baseball Cards You Need To Own | Old Sports Cards
Mr. Tiger, Al Kaline passed away on Tuesday

First Quarter: NBA

1) NBA going to do rapid test options?
2) Adam Silver to put off any decision on the season until May
3) Lakers brass asked to defer salaries
4) The coronavirus has stopped basketball across the country

Second Quarter: NHL

1) Commish Bettman unsure if the NHL will finish the season
2) Third Avs player tests positive for the coronavirus
3) New coach using down time to study his new team the Predators
4) Leafs sign KHL star

Third Quarter: NFL

1) NFL free agency tracker
2) Bucs uniforms a nod to the past
3) Players getting creative with workouts
4) Kingsbury says the Hopkins trade will done by the draft

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) Dayton star Toppin wins Wooden award
2) Buster Olney on the untold tales of Cal Ripken Jr. saving baseball
3) He’s a man! He wants things started by May
4) Mr. Tiger passes away at 85 on Tuesday

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

The Dallas Cowboys have hired their next head coach.

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scoreboard
2) NBATV Center Court: Thunder @ Nets, 6:30 pm; Knicks @ Lakers, 9:30 pm
3) NHL scoreboard
4) NBCSN Tuesday Night Hockey: Avalanche @ Rangers, 6:30 pm

Second Quarter: NFL

1) NFL playoff schedule
2) Here’s your coaching tracker
3) New head coach in big D
4) How the Patriots season ended on Saturday, Bill Barnwell

Third Quarter: College Football

1) CFP Scoreboard
2) Tua rolling to the NFL
3) Back for more in Austin
4) Funeral held

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) Men’s CBB scoreboard
2) Women’s CBB scoreboard
3) Nashville make a coaching change
4) More beast mode this weekend?

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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

Happy New Year! Which sporting event are you watching?

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Trail Blazers @ Knicks, 6:30 pm/NBATV
3. NHL scoreboard
4. Winter Classic/Cotton Bowl: Predators @ Stars, 1 pm/NBC

Second Quarter: NFL Wildcard Weekend

1. Which AFC wildcard weekend team can make it to Miami?
2. Bills, Patriots, Texans or Titans?
3. Which NFC wildcard weekend team can make it to Miami?
4. Eagles, Saints, Seahawks, Vikings

Third Quarter: College Football

1. New Year’s Day has four bowl games today (which feels wrong)
2. Outback Bowl: 18 Minnesota (10-2) v. 12 Auburn (9-3), Noon/ESPN
3. Citrus Bowl: 14 Michigan (9-3) v. 13 Alabama (10-2), Noon/ABC
4. Rose Bowl: 6 Oregon (11-2) v. 8 Wisconsin (10-3), 4 pm/ESPN
5. Sugar Bowl: 5 Georgia (11-2) v. 7 Baylor (11-2), 7:45 pm/ESPN

Fourth Quarter: Potpourri of Wednesday Links

1. FCS bracket
2. Dan Snyder has another new football coach
3. Florida A&M a 25 1/2 underdog wins in Ames over Iowa State
4. That’s a shame.

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Will Dak get paid today? Photo from

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. MLB Network Afternoon Baseball: Padres @ Brewers, 3:10 pm
3. FOX Baseball Thursday: Tigers @ Indians, 6:10 pm
4. FOX Baseball Thursday: Cardinals @ Cubs, 6:15 pm

Second Quarter: NFL Week 3

1. NFL scoreboard
2. Best game this week?
3. Worse game this week?
4. Thursday Night Football: Titans (1-1) @ Jaguars (0-2), 7:20 pm/NFL Network

Third Quarter: CFB Week 4

1. CFB scoreboard
2. Best game?
3. Worst game?
4. ESPN Thursday Night Football: Houston (1-2) @ Tulane (2-1), 7 pm

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1. WNBA scoreboard
2. AB seems like a bad dude
3. Laken Litman on if UCF has a legit chance at the CFP
4. Why Matt Duchene went to Nashville

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Image result for nashville and winnipeg
Game seven tonight for Winnipeg and Nashville

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. MLB Network has Sawks and Yanks
3. Twins and Angels on FS1 this evening
4. Which game are you watching today?

Second Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Basketball is off until Sunday
3. Can Boston beat Cleveland?
4. How many games will Golden State and Houston go?

Third Quarter: Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Are you ready for game seven tonight?
3. Golden Knights await tonight’s winner
4. GM7 (Series Tied 3-3): Jets @ Predators, 7 pm/NBCSN

Fourth Quarter: Potpourri

1. Next step in the process, the offseason
2. Will the Lions need a new head coach?
3. Reversal of opinion?
4. Rooney to help DC United?

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

Cleveland Cavaliers v Toronto Raptors - Game Two
LeBron finished off Toronto in game two on Thursday night

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA Scoreboard
2. Only one second round series isn’t 2-0
3. Friday Games – (Game four will be on Sunday for these series @ 2:30 pm and 7 pm)
GM3 (GSW 2-0): Warriors @ Pelicans, 7 pm/ESPN
GM3 (Series Tied 1-1): Rockets @ Jazz, 9:30 pm/ESPN
4. Saturday Games –
GM3 (BOS 2-0): Celtics @ 76ers, 4 pm/ESPN
GM3 (CLE 2-0): Raptors @ Cavaliers, 7:30 pm/ABC

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL Scoreboard
2. Friday games
GM4 (TBL 2-1): Lightning @ Bruins, 6 pm/NBCSN
GM5 (Series Tied 2-2): Sharks @ Golden Knights, 9 pm/NBCSN
3. Saturday games
GM5 (Series Tied 2-2): Penguins @ Capitals, 6 pm/NBC
GM5: Jets @ Predators, 8 pm/NBCSN
4. Sunday games –
Lightning-Bruins on NBC at 3 pm and Golden Knights-Sharks at 6:30 pm on NBCSN

Third Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard 
2. FS1 Satuday GM1: Tigers @ Royals, 3:15 pm
3. FS1 Saturday GM2 (Game in Monterrey, Mexico): Dodgers v. Padres, 6:10 pm
4. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: Cubs @ Cardinals, 7 pm

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. MLS scoreboard
2. PGA Leaderboard
3. Peter King leaving Sports Illustrated
4. Trying to save face?

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

The Cup will stay in the city occupied by Bane. Photo by

First Quarter: NBA Finals

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Can Golden State end things tonight?
3. It’s 3-1, advantage Cleveland?
4. GM5 (GSW 3-1): Cavaliers @ Warriors, 8 pm/ABC

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Finals

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Pittsburgh wins their second straight cup on a controversial goal
3. Well done Nashville
4. Will the Penguins make it three straight next season?

Third Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Don’t look now but here come the Rockies
3. How much longer should teams look to deal?
4. Lots of teams at or near .500 will likely stall the trade market

Fourth Quarter: Monday Links

1. Richard Deitsch/Media Circus: Paul Pierce to ESPN?
2. NCAA baseball bracket
3. Nadal number 10
4. Incredible goal and USMNT gets a point in Mexico City

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