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Monday Edition

Here are you four Monday topics for you to start the week

Hailey Decker propelled Nebraska to the Super Regional’s by hitting four home runs in two elimination games Sunday at Missouri

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Kevin Love is making his list of teams he’d welcome a trade to
3. Indiana wins game one of the ECF versus Miami 107-96
4. Game 1: Oklahoma City Thunder @ San Antonio Spurs, 8 pm/TNT

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Conference finals are in full swing
3. Chicago defeated LA 3-1 in game one
4. Game 2 (NYR 1-0): New York Rangers @ Montreal Canadians, 7 pm/NBCSN

Third Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Monday Night Baseball: Detroit Tigers (27-12) @ Cleveland Indians (19-25), 6 pm/ESPN
3. Milwaukee Brewers (27-17) @ Atlanta Braves (23-19), 6:10 pm
4. Chicago White Sox (21-24) @ Kansas City Royals (22-21), 7:10 pm

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Media Circus: Gus Johnson and FOX Soccer coverage
2. NCAA softball super regional preview and a funny clip from Nate Rohr Nebraska’s PXP guy
3. MLB series rankings
4. Heat in trouble? Heard that before

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