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The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, US soccer Olympians Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux honored the US gymnastics team. Photo from AM’s instagram

First Quarter: NBA

1) Today’s scores
2) Denver Nuggets (0-0) @ Philadelphia 76ers (0-0)
3) Golden State Warriors (0-0) @ Phoenix Suns (0-0)
4) Los Angeles Lakers (0-1) @ Portland Trailblazers (0-0)

Second Quarter: College Football

1) No midweek football!
2) ESPN College Gameday is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana … I think that’s all you need to know
3) Sneaky good match-up of the weekend? 12 Oklahoma Sooners (5-2, 3-1 Big XII) @ Iowa State Cyclones (5-3, 2-3 Big XII)
4) How did the picks turn out between Jerry and I this past weekend? Find out Thursday

Third Quarter: NFL

1) What game has your attention this weekend?
2) Tomorrow Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network
3) 6-0 teams: Atlanta Falcons
4) Fired Coach Watch: Looking your way Kansas City (1-6)

Fourth Quarter: Leftover Links

1) CFB: Stewart Mandel’s mailbag
2) NFL: ESPN is tripping over themselves over this developing story
3) NBA: Bill Simmons looks at what he deems “The Harden Disaster
4) Poker: We’ve got a winner from Las Vegas, you’re 2012 World Series of Poker champion which took 19 hours

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2012-13 NBA predictions sure to go wrong

Who do I like to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy in June?

If you think I forgot about the NBA starting, well you are partially correct so no round table picks (maybe at a later point) but fear not I can make the wrong picks by myself. So with all that here are my 2012-13 NBA Predictions Sure to go Wrong, playoff seed in parenthesis.

Eastern Conference –

Atlantic Division:
1. Boston Celtics (2) 2. Philadelphia 76ers (5) 3. Brooklyn Nets (6) 4. New York Knicks (8) 5. Toronto Raptors

Central Division:
1. Chicago Bulls (3) 2. Indiana Pacers (4) 3. Cleveland Cavaliers 4. Milwaukee Bucks 5. Detroit Pistons

Southeast Division:
1. Miami Heat (1) 2. Atlanta Hawks (7) 3. Washington Wizards 4. Charlotte Bobcats 5. Orlando Magic

Western Conference –

Northwest Division:
1. Oklahoma City Thunder (3) 2. Denver Nuggets (6) 3. Minnesota Timberwolves (8) 4. Portland Trailblazers 5. Utah Jazz

Pacific Division:
1. Los Angeles Lakers (1) 2. Los Angeles Clippers (4) 3. Phoenix Suns 4. Golden State Warriors 5. Sacramento Kings

Southwest Division:
1. San Antonio Spurs (2) 2. Houston Rockets (5) 3. Dallas Mavericks (7) 4. Memphis Grizzlies 5. New Orleans Hornets

Playoff Match-Ups –

Eastern Conference: 1 Miami Heat v. 8 New York Knicks, 2 Boston Celtics v. 7 Atlanta Hawks, 3 Chicago Bulls v. 6 Brooklyn Nets, 4 Indiana Pacers v. 5 Philadelphia 76ers

Western Conference: 1 Los Angeles Lakers v. 8 Minnesota Timberwolves, 2 San Antonio Spurs v. 7 Dallas Mavericks, 3 Oklahoma City Thunder v. 6 Denver Nuggets, 4 Los Angeles Clippers v. 5 Houston Rockets

2013 NBA Finals –

Miami Heat over Los Angeles Lakers, FYI I feel sick just typing this out but I can’t deny it happening.

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

First Quarter: NCAA Men’s Basketball

1) Up to date NCAA women’s bracket with the other half of the sweet 16 to be finalized tonight 
2) Men’s bracket
3) NIT bracket with two quarterfinal games on tap tonight
4) NCAA Women’s DII Elite 8 in San Antionio and the Men’s DII Elite 8

Second Quarter: College Basketball Part II

1) Creighton MBB looking forward to an encore in 2012-13
2) Decision coming soon on Iowa and Iowa State playing in-state Valley teams such as UNI/Drake
3) Dan Wetzel on the river of hate
4) Yahoo Sports Sweet 16 by the numbers

Third Quarter: NHL

1) Tonight’s schedule
2) if the playoffs started today
3) In addition here are the numbers for the last spot in both conferences
4) Trending Topics

Fourth Quarter: NBA

1) Tonight’s schedule
2) Thank goodness it wasn’t free pretzel night in Oakland last night as the Warriors honored Chris Mullin
3) ESPN’s Daily Dime
4) Power Rankings

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