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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Image result for mls all star game
Atletico Madrid blanked the MLS 3-0 at the All-Star Game in Orlando last night

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Four day games and six games this evening
3. MLB Network DH GM1: Cubs @ Cardinals, 6:15 pm
4. MLB Network DH GM2: Padres @ Dodgers, 9:10 pm

Second Quarter: NFL

1. Hall of Fame Game (Canton, OH): Broncos v. Falcons, 7 pm/NBC
2. Preseason begins tonight
3. Hall of Fame class goes in this weekend
4. Are you ready for some football?

Third Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. Is there anyone else who still needs to sign?
2. Free agency tracker
3. Trade tracker
4. Who has the Stanley Cup today?

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1. PGA leaderboard
2. WNBA scoreboard
3. Pirates and Reds get a combined 40 games worth of suspensions (before appeals)
4. Ashley Wagner says she was sexually assaulted by another skater

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

Image result for mlb in omaha
Last night the Royals defeated the Tigers in Omaha, Nebraska in the first MLB game ever played in the state.

Image result for toronto raptors
Toronto are World Champions after beating the defending champions Golden State

First Quarter: NBA Finals

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Toronto takes down the back-to-back defending world champions
3. Kawhi Leonard named NBA Finals MVP
4. Last night was the Warriors final game in Oakland as they move to San Francisco next season

Second Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. FS1 Saturday: Diamondbacks @ Nationals, 3:05 pm
3. FOX regional action: None this weekend due to FOX’s coverage of the US Open
4. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: Cubs @ Dodgers, 6 pm

Third Quarter: College World Series

1. College World Series scoreboard
2. 2019 CWS kicked off with the first MLB game in the state of Nebraska
3. Saturday Games:
CWS GM1: Michigan v. Texas Tech, 1 pm/ESPN
CWS GM2: Florida State v. Arkansas, 6 pm/ESPN
4. Sunday Games:
CWS GM3: Louisville v. Vanderbilt, 2 pm/ESPN
CWS GM4: Auburn v. Mississippi State, 6 pm/ESPN2

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. WNBA scoreboard
2. Long time Broncos owner passes away
3. PGA leaderboard
4. Women’s World Cup scoreboard

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Von Miller and Denver won their third Super Bowl last night 24-10

First Quarter: NFL

1. FINAL NFL playoff bracket
2. Denver wins their third Super Bowl and first since XXXIII
3. Will Peyton Manning hand off into the sunset?
4. Super Bowl 50: Panthers 10 v. Broncos 24

Second Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. 4Q Monday Viewing Choice: Raptors (34-16) @ Pistons (27-25), 6:30 pm
3. East top 8 – CLE (36-14), TOR (34-16), BOS (31-22), ATL (30-23), MIA (29-23), CHI (27-23), IND (27-24), DET (27-25)
4. West top 8 – GWS (46-4), SAS (43-8), OKC (38-14), LAC (34-17), MEM (30-21), DAL (29-25), HOU (27-26), UTA (25-25)

Third Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. 4Q Monday Viewing Choice: Panthers (31-15-6) @ Red Wings (26-18-8), 6:30 pm
3. East top 8 – WSH (80 pts), FLA (68), NYR (63), TBL (62), BOS (62), NYI (60), DET (60), PIT (59)
4. West top 8 – CHI (76 pts), DAL (71), STL (68), LAK (65), SJS (58), NSH (58), COL (58), ANA (57)

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Media Circus: How to improve the NBA ASG
2. Oh Johnny
3. Hot Stove tracker
4. Did the Knicks screw up (again)?

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Super Bowl Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Image result for super bowl 50
Tonight the Broncos and Panthers meet in Super Bowl 50. Denver is 3-1 all-time against Carolina

First Quarter: Super Bowl MVP’s

I: Bart Starr QB Green Bay Packers, II: Bart Starr QB (2) Green Bay Packers, III: Joe Namath QB New York Jets, IV: Len Dawson QB Kansas City Chiefs, V: Chuck Howley LB Dallas Cowboys, VI: Roger Staubach QB Dallas Cowboys, VII: Jake Scott S Miami Dolphins, VIII: Larry Csonka RB Miami Dolphins, IX: Franco Harris RB Pittsburgh Steelers, X: Lynn Swan WR Pittsburgh Steelers, XI: Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raiders, XII: Harvey Martin DE/Randy White DT Dallas Cowboys, XIII: Terry Bradshaw QB Pittsburgh Steelers, XIV: Terry Bradshaw QB (2) Pittsburgh Steelers, XV: Jim Plunkett QB Oakland Raiders, XVI: Joe Mantana QB San Francisco 49ers, XVII: John Riggins RB Washington Redskins, XVIII: Marcus Allen RB Los Angeles Raiders, XIX: Joe Mantana QB (2) San Francisco 49ers, XX: Richard Dent DE Chicago Bears, XXI: Phil Simms QB New York Giants, XXII: Doug Williams QB Washington Redskins, XXIII: Jerry Rice WR San Francisco 49ers, XXIV: Joe Mantana QB (3) San Francisco 49ers, XXV: Ottis Anderson RB New York Giants, XXVI: Mark Rypien QB Washington Redskins, XXVII: Troy Aikman QB Dallas Cowboys, XXVIII: Emmitt Smith RB Dallas Cowboys, XXIX: Steve Young QB San Francisco 49ers, XXX: Larry Brown CB Dallas Cowboys, XXXI: Desmond Howard WR Green Bay Packers, XXXII: Terrell Davis RB Denver Broncos, XXXIII: John Elway QB Denver Broncos, XXXIV: Kurt Warner QB St. Louis Rams, XXXV: Ray Lewis LB Baltimore Ravens, XXXVI: Tom Brady QB New England Patriots, XXXVII: Dexter Jackson S Tampa Bay Buccaneers, XXXVIII: Tom Brady QB (2) New England Patriots, XXXIX: Deion Branch WR New England Patriots, XL: Hines Ward WR Pittsburgh Steelers, XLI: Peyton Manning QB Indianapolis Colts, XLII: Eli Manning QB New York Giants, XLIII: Santonio Holmes WR Pittsburgh Steelers, XLIV: Drew Brees QB New Orleans Saints, XLV: Aaron Rodgers QB Green Bay Packers, XLVI: Eli Manning QB New York Giants, XLVII: Joe Flacco QB Baltimore Ravens, XLVIII: Malcolm Smith LB Seattle Seahawks, XLIX: Tom Brady QB New England Patriots

Second Quarter: AFC Champions

I: Kansas City Chiefs (1967), II: Oakland Raiders (’68), III: New York Jets (’69), IV: Kansas City Chiefs (1970), V: Baltimore Colts (’71), VI: Miami Dolphins (’72), VII: Miami Dolphins (’73), VIII: Miami Dolphins (’74), IX: Pittsburgh Steelers (’75), X: Pittsburgh Steelers (’76), XI: Oakland Raiders (’77), XII: Denver Broncos (’78), XII: Pittsburgh Steelers (’79), XIV: Pittsburgh Steelers (1980), XV: Oakand Raiders (’81), XVI: Cincinnati Bengals (’82), XVII: Miami Dolphins (’83), XVIII: Los Angeles Raiders (’84), XIX: Miami Dolphins (’85), XX: New England Patriots (’86), XXI: Denver Broncos (’87), XXII: Denver Broncos (’88), XXIII: Cincinnati Bengals (’89), XXIV: Denver Broncos (1990), XXV: Buffalo Bills (’91), XXVI: Buffalo Bills (’92), XXVII: Buffalo Bills (’93), XXVIII: Buffalo Bills (’94), XXIX: San Diego Chargers (’95), XXX: Pittsburgh Steelers (’96), XXXI: New England Patriots (’97), XXXII: Denver Broncos (’98), XXXIII: Denver Broncos (’99),  XXXIV: Tennessee Titans (2000), XXXV: Baltimore Ravens (’01), XXXVI: New England Patriots (’02), XXXVII: Oakland Raiders (’03), XXXVIII: New England Patriots (’04), XXXIX: New England Patriots (’05), XL: Pittsburgh Steelers (’06), XLI: Indianapolis Colts (’07), XLII: New England Patriots (’08), XLIII: Pittsburgh Penguins (’09), XLIV: Indianapolis Colts (2010), XLV: Pittsburgh Steelers (’11), XLVI: New England Patriots (’12), XLVII: Baltimore Ravens (’13), XLVIII: Denver Broncos (’14), XLIX: New England Patriots (’15), 50: Denver Broncos (’16)

Third Quarter: NFC Champions

I: Green Bay Packers (1967), II: Green Bay Packers (’68), III: Baltimore Colts (’69), IV: Minnesota Vikings (1970), V: Dallas Cowboys (’71), VI: Dallas Cowboys (’72), VII: Washington Redskins (’73), VIII: Minnesota Vikings (’74), IX: Minnesota Vikings (’75), X: Dallas Cowboys (’76), XI: Minnesota Vikings (’77), XII: Dallas Cowboys (’78), XIII: Dallas Cowboys (’79), XIV: Los Angeles Rams (1980), XV: Philadelphia Eagles (’81), XVI: San Francisco 49ers (’82), XVII: Washington Redskins (’83), XVIII: Washington Redskins (’84), XIX: San Francisco 49ers (’85), XX: Chicago Bears (’86), XXI: New York Giants (’87), XXII: Washington Redskins (’88), XXIII: San Francisco 49ers (’89), XXIV: San Francisco 49ers (1990), XXV: New York Giants (’91), XXVI: Washington Redskins (’92), XXVII: Dallas Cowboys (’93), XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys (’94), XXXIX: San Francisco 49ers (’95), XXX: Dallas Cowboys (’96), XXXI: Green Bay Packers (’97), XXXII: Green Bay Packers (’98), XXXIII: Atlanta Falcons (’99), XXXIV: St. Louis Rams (2000), XXXV: New York Giants (’01), XXXVI: St. Louis Rams (’02), XXXVII: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (’03), XXXVIII: Carolina Panthers (’04), XXXIX: Philadelphia Eagles (’05), XL: Seattle Seahawks (’06), XLI: Chicago Bears (’07), XLII: New York Giants (’08), XLIII: Arizona Cardinals (’09), XLIV: New Orleans Saints (2010), XLV: Green Bay Packers (’11), XLVI: New York Giants (’12), XLVII: San Francisco 49ers (’13), XLVIII: Seattle Seahawks (’14), XLVIX: Seattle Seahawks (’15), 50: Carolina Panthers (’16)

Fourth Quarter: Super Bowl Results I-XLIX

I (Los Angeles Coliseum/Los Angeles, CA): Green Bay Packers (NFL) 35 Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) 10
II (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): Green Bay Packers (NFL) 33 Oakland Raiders (AFL) 14
III (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): New York Jets (AFL) 16 Baltimore Colts (NFL) 7
IV (Tulane Stadium/New Orleans, LA): Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) 23 Minnesota Vikings (NFL) 7
V (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): Baltimore Colts (AFC) 16 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 13
VI (Tulane Stadium/New Orleans, LA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 24 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 3
VII (Los Angeles Coliseum/Los Angeles, CA): Miami Dolphins (AFC) 14 Washington Redskins (NFC) 7
VIII (Rice Stadium/Houston, TX): Miami Dolphins (AFC) 24 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 7
IX (Tulane Stadium/New Orleans, LA): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 16 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 6
X (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 21 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 17
XI (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Oakland Raiders (AFC) 32 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 14
XII (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 27 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XIII (Orange Bowl/Miami, Florida): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 35 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 31
XIV (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 34 Los Angeles Rams (NFC) 19
XV (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Oakland Raiders (AFC) 27 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 10
XVI (Pontiac Silverdome/Pontiac, MI): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 26 Cincinnati Bengals (AFC) 21
XVII (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Washington Redskins (NFC) 27 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 17
XVIII (Tampa Stadium/Tampa, FL): Los Angeles Raiders (AFC) 38 Washington Redskins (NFC) 9
XIX (Stanford Stadium/Palo Alto, CA): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 38 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 16
XX (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Chicago Bears (NFC) 46 New England Patriots (AFC) 10
XXI (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): New York Giants (NFC) 39 Denver Broncos (AFC) 20
XXII (Jack Murphy Stadium/San Diego, CA): Washington Redskins (NFC) 42 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XXIII (Joe Robbie Stadium/Miami, FL): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 20 Cincinnati Bengals (AFC) 16
XXIV (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): San Francisco (NFC) 55 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XXV (Tampa Stadium/Tampa, FL): New York Giants (NFC) 20 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 19
XXVI (Metrodome/Minneapolis, MN): Washington Redskins (NFC) 37 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 24
XXVII (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 52 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 17
XXVIII (GeorgiaDome/Atlanta, GA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 30 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 13
XXIX (Joe Robbie Stadium/Miami, FL): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 49 San Diego Chargers (AFC) 26
XXX (Sun Devil Stadium/Tempe, AZ): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 27 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 17
XXXI (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Green Bay Packers (NFC) 35 New England Patriots (AFC) 21
XXXII (Qualcomm Stadium/San Diego, CA): Denver Broncos (AFC) 31 Green Bay Packers (NFC) 24
XXXIII (Pro Player Stadium/Miami, FL): Denver Broncos (AFC) 34 Atlanta Falcons (NFC) 19
XXXIV (GeorgiaDome/Atlanta, GA): St. Louis Rams (NFC) 23 Tennessee Titans (AFC) 16
XXXV (Raymond James Stadium/Tampa, FL): Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34 New York Giants (NFC) 7
XXXVI (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): New England Patriots (AFC) 20 St. Louis Rams (NFC) 17
XXXVII (Qualcomm Stadium/San Diego, CA): Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC) 48 Oakland Raiders (NFC) 21
XXXVIII (Reliant Stadium/Houston, TX): New England Patriots (AFC) 32 Carolina Panthers (NFC) 29
XXXIX (ALLTEL Stadium/Jacksonville, FL): New England Patriots (AFC) 24 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 21
XL (Ford Field/Detroit, MI): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 21 Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 10
XLI (Dolphin Stadium/Miami, FL): Indianapolis Colts (AFC) 29 Chicago Bears (NFC) 17
XLII (University of Phoenix Stadium/Glendale, AZ): New York Giants (NFC) 17 New England Patriots (AFC) 14
XLIII (Raymond James Stadium/Tampa, FL): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 27 Arizona Cardinals (NFC) 23
XLIV (Sun Life Stadium/Miami, FL): New Orleans Saints (NFC) 31 Indianapolis Colts (AFC) 17
XLV (Cowboys Stadium/Arlington, TX): Green Bay Packers (NFC) 31 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 25
XLVI (Lucas Oil Stadium/Indianapolis, IN): New York Giants (NFC) 21 New England Patriots (AFC) 17
XLVII (Mercedes-Benz Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 31
XLVIII (MetLife Stadium/East Rutherford, NJ): Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 43 Denver Broncos (AFC) 8
XLIX (University of Phoenix Stadium/Glendale, AZ): New England Patriots (AFC) 28 Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 24

Overtime: Other Super Bowl information

Most Super Bowl titles: 6 – Pittsburgh Steelers, 5 – Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ers, 4 – Green Bay Packers/New York Giants/New England Patriots, 3 – Los Angeles-Oakland Raiders/Washington Redskins, 2 – Denver Broncos/Baltimore-Indianapolis Colts/Baltimore Ravens/Miami Dolphins, 1 –  Kansas City Chiefs/Chicago Bears/Los Angeles-St. Louis Rams/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/New Orleans Saints/New York Jets/Seattle Seahawks

Franchises Super Bowl records listed with appearances listed first: (8) Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2, Dallas Cowboys 5-3, New England Patriots 4-4, (7) Denver Broncos (2-5), (6) San Francisco 49ers 5-1, (5) Green Bay Packers 4-1, New York Giants 4-1, Washington Redskins 3-2, Los Angeles-Oakland Raiders 3-2, Miami Dolphins 2-3, (4) Baltimore-Indianapolis Colts 2-2, Minnesota Vikings 0-4, Buffalo Bills 0-4, (3) Los Angeles-St. Louis Rams 1-2, Seattle Seahawks (1-2), (2) Baltimore Ravens 2-0, Kansas City Chiefs 1-1, Chicago Bears 1-1, Cincinnati Bengals 0-2, Philadelphia Eagles 0-2, (1) New York Jets 1-0, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0, New Orleans Saints 1-0, San Diego Chargers 0-1, Atlanta Falcons 0-1, Tennessee Titans 0-1, Carolina Panthers 0-1, Arizona Cardinals 0-1

Teams that have not made the Super Bowl: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans

Franchises Super Bowl droughts:

New York Jets Super Bowl III (1969), Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl IV (1970), Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl XI (1977), Miami Dolphins Super Bowl XIX (1985), Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl XXIII (1989), Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI (1992), Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXVIII (1994), San Diego Chargers Super Bowl XXIX (1995), Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX (1996), Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl XXXIII (1999), Tennessee Titans Super Bowl XXXIV (2000), St. Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXVI (2002), Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XXXVII (2003), Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII (2003), Carolina Panthers XXXVIII (2004), Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl XXXIX (2005), Chicago Bears Super Bowl XLI (2007), Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl XLIII (2009), New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV (2010), Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLIV (2010), Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV (2011), Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLV (2011), New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI (2012), Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII (2013), San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XLVII (2013), Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII (2014), Seattle Seahawks/New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX (2015). Cleveland Browns/Detroit Lions 50 years without a Super Bowl, Jacksonville Jaguars entered league in 1995 which Super Bowl XXX was played and Houston Texans 2002 with Super Bowl XXXVII. The Denver Broncos last played for the Lombardi trophy in 2014 when they were in Super Bowl XLVIII while the Carolina Panthers played in Super Bowl XXXVIII which was last year 2004.

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Who will win in Santa Clara tonight?

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

Super Bowl 50 is Sunday in Santa Clara, who are you rooting for?

First Quarter: NFL Super Bowl 50

1. NFL Scoreboard
2. Super Bowl 50 (Levi Stadium/Santa Clara, CA): Panthers v. Broncos, 5:30 pm/CBS
3. Teams records in the Super Bowl – Broncos (2-5), Panthers (0-1)
4. Which team hoists the Lombardi trophy on Sunday night?

Second Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. ESPN Friday DH: Pacers (26-23) @ Hawks (29-22), 6 pm; Spurs (41-8) @ Mavericks (28-24), 8:30 pm
3. ESPN Saturday Night: Thunder (38-13) @ Warriors (45-4), 8 pm
4. Standings

Third Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. 4Q Friday Viewing Choice: Coyotes (24-41-6) @ Ducks (24-18-7), 9 pm
3. NHL on NBC Sunday: Flyers (23-18-8) @ (36-9-4), 11 am
4. Standings and Playoff match-ups if they started today

Fourth Quarter: College Basketball

1. College basketball scoreboards Men’s/Women’s
2. Saturday Viewing Choice: 3 Villanova (19-3, 9-1 Big East) @ 11 Providence (18-5, 6-4 Big East), 1:30 pm/FS1
3. Saturday’s Night Viewing Choice: 15 Baylor (17-5, 6-3 Big XII) @ 14 West Virginia (18-4, 7-2 Big XII), 7 pm/ESPN2
4. Sunday’s Viewing Choice: Utah (17-6, 6-4 PAC-12) @ 16 Oregon (19-4, 8-2 PAC-12), 3pm/ESPN2

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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

National Signing Day

First Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. ESPN Wednesday DH: Warriors (44-4) @ Wizards (21-25), 7 pm; Timberwolves (14-35) @ Clippers (32-16) 9:30 pm
3. 11 games on the tonight
4. 4Q Counter-programming Choice: Heat (27-22) @ Mavericks (28-23), 7:30 pm

Second Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Wednesday Night Rivalry DH on NBCSN: Red Wings (25-16-8, 58 pts) @ Lightning (27-18-4, 58 pts), 7 pm
3. East Division Leaders: ATL – Florida (65 pts), MET – Washington (74 pts)
4. West Division Leaders: CEN – Chicago (72 pts), PAC – Los Angeles (65 pts)

Third Quarter: NFL Super Bowl 50

1. The teams will finally practice for the first time in California today
2. Broncos are at Stanford where the Panthers are at San Jose State
3. What’s your midweek prediction?
4. Who do you want to win?

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. College basketball scoreboards Men’s/Women’s
2. Andy Staples on how to fix college recruiting
3. What you need to know about national signing day
4. MLB Hot Stove tracker

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

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John Elway announced on Monday the Broncos won’t be wearing orange at Super Bowl 50.

First Quarter: MLB

1) Monday, commission Manfred celebrated his first year as commish
2) Top prospects coming into 2016
3) Keith Hernandez, Seinfeld and Ask Amy
4) MLB free agent tracker

Second Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scoreboard
2) Jason Kidd almost back
3) NHL scoreboard
4) NHL ASG skills competition

Third Quarter: NFL

1) Denver selected their uniforms for Super Bowl 50
2) The Donkeys made sure to talk about their division rivals on Sunday
3) Patriots strangely fire their OL coach on Monday
4) Mike McCarthy and his 7-7 playoff record frustrated by his GM

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) Men’s/Women’s Basketball scoreboards
2) Watch the Montreal Expos doc tonight
3) C’mon Rob!
4) Vince Young oops

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