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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

22 Al Kaline Baseball Cards You Need To Own | Old Sports Cards
Mr. Tiger, Al Kaline passed away on Tuesday

First Quarter: NBA

1) NBA going to do rapid test options?
2) Adam Silver to put off any decision on the season until May
3) Lakers brass asked to defer salaries
4) The coronavirus has stopped basketball across the country

Second Quarter: NHL

1) Commish Bettman unsure if the NHL will finish the season
2) Third Avs player tests positive for the coronavirus
3) New coach using down time to study his new team the Predators
4) Leafs sign KHL star

Third Quarter: NFL

1) NFL free agency tracker
2) Bucs uniforms a nod to the past
3) Players getting creative with workouts
4) Kingsbury says the Hopkins trade will done by the draft

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) Dayton star Toppin wins Wooden award
2) Buster Olney on the untold tales of Cal Ripken Jr. saving baseball
3) He’s a man! He wants things started by May
4) Mr. Tiger passes away at 85 on Tuesday

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

How to watch MLB Opening Day at Home: Stream 30 classic games ...
The MLB season was scheduled to open today

First Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. League pass is free at least
3. TNT Thursday DH GM1: Suspended
4. TNT Thursday DH GM2: Suspended

Second Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. How do you think any postseason should be?
3. When will the draft take place?
4. Colorado Avalanche with the latest case

Third Quarter: NFL

1. NFL free agent tracker
2. Roger Goodell confirms that the NFL draft will take place on the scheduled next month
3. Bruce Arians declares that AB won’t be sailing into Tampa Bay
4. Which signing do you like most?

Fourth Quarter: Potpourri

1. 50k watch Steph and Dr. Fauci talk about COVID-19
2. Fanatics to produce surgical masks instead of baseball gear for right now
3. MLB at home today schedule
4. Commish Manfred addresses fans, that baseball will be back

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Sacramento Kings
No Kidd(ing) the Bucks fired their head coach

First Quarter: MLB

1) Who voted for who on their Hall of Fame ballot
2) Another week, another Giants move
3) Is the NL West going to be the best?
4) These free agents still need somewhere to go

Second Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scoreboard
2) Milwaukee fires Kidd
3) NHL scoreboard
4) Avalanche warning for the NHL

Second Quarter: NFL

1) Arizona has decided on a new head coach
2) Cleveland’s new OC thinking must be “if you can beat them … then join them
3) Your New York football Giants have a new head coach
4) 6 to 1 = unhappiness

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links/Scoreboard

1) Yes, yes they should investigate
2) Pizza, pizza for all!
3) MBB scoreboard
4) WBB scoreboard

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

Second weekend of Stadium Series games and it’ll be the Red Wings and Avalanche at Coors Field in Denver

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. How angry are Orioles fans about the Dexter Fowler deal?
3. Who’s the team to bear?
4. Which team takes the AL East?

Second Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. ESPN Friday Night DH: Bulls (30-26) @ Hawks (31-27) 7 pm; Grizzlies (33-23) @ Lakers (11-48) 9:30 pm
3. ABC Primetime: Warriors (52-5) @ Thunder (41-17), 7:30 pm
4. Standings

Third Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. 4Q Friday Viewing Choice: Wild (27-24-10) @ Capitals (44-11-4), 6 pm
3. NHL on NBC Saturday (Stadium Series at Coors Field): Red Wings (30-20-11) @ Avalanche (32-27-4), 7 pm
4. Standings and Playoff match-ups if they started today

Fourth Quarter: College Basketball

1. College basketball scoreboards Men’s/Women’s
2. Saturday Viewing Choice: 9 Arizona (22-6, 10-5 PAC-12) @ 22 Utah (22-7, 11-5), Noon/ESPN
3. Saturday’s Night Viewing Choice: 7 North Carolina (23-5, 12-3 ACC) @ 3 Virginia (21-6, 10-5 ACC), 5:30 pm/ESPN
4. Sunday’s Viewing Choice: 5 Xavier (25-3, 13-3 BE) @ Seton Hall (20-7, 10-5 BE), 11:30 am/FS1

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4Quarters: 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions Sure to go Wrong

The quest for the cup starts tonight, here’s what I see happening (or will get wrong)

Another spring and another quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup revs up, which means it’s time to make Stanley Cup Predictions Sure to go Wrong! New format this season with a change in divisions the top three teams and two wild cards from each conference make the playoffs.

Eastern Conference –

First Round:
A1 Boston Bruins v. W2 Detroit Red Wings, Bruins in Seven
A2 Tampa Bay Lightning v. A3 Montreal Canadians, Canadians in Six

M1 Pittsburgh Penguins v. W1 Columbus Blue Jackets, Penguins in Five
M2 New York Rangers v. M3 Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers in Seven

Second Round:
Boston Bruins v. Montreal Canadians, Bruins in Six
Pittsburgh Penguins v. New York Rangers, Rangers in Seven

Conference Finals:
Boston Bruins v. New York Rangers, Bruins in Five

Western Conference –

First Round:
C1 Colorado Avalanche v. W1 Minnesota Wild, Wild in Six
C2 St. Louis Blues v. C3 Chicago Blackhawks, Blackhawks in Five

P1 Anaheim Ducks v. W2 Dallas Stars, Ducks in Four
P2 San Jose Sharks v. P3 Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Seven

Second Round:
Chicago Blackhawks v. Minnesota Wild, Blackhawks in Six
Anaheim Ducks v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Five

Conference Finals:
Chicago Blackhawks v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Six

Stanley Cup Finals –

Boston Bruins v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Seven

KEY – A = Atlantic, M = Metropolitan, C = Central, P = Pacific, W = Wildcard

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

Seven bowl games this weekend (including the Fight Hunger Bowl at AT&T Park tonight) plus many important NFL games Sunday. Photo from the Fight Hunger Bowl

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scores
2) 4Q Game of the Night – Phoenix Suns (17-10) @ Golden State Warriors, 9:30 pm
3) NHL scores
4) 4Q Game of the Night – Colorado Avalanche (23-10-3, 49 pts) @ Chicago Blackhawks (26-7-6, 58 pts), 7 pm

Second Quarter: 4Q Weekend Bowl Lineup

1) Military Bowl (Annapolis, MD): Marshall Thundering Herd (9-4) v. Maryland Terrapins (7-5), 1:30 pm/ESPN
2) Texas Bowl (Houston, TX): Syracuse Orange (6-6) v. Minnesota Golden Gophers (8-4), 5 pm/ESPN
3) Fight Hunger Bowl (San Francisco, CA): BYU Cougars (8-4) v. Washington Huskies (8-4), 8:30 pm/ESPN

4) Pinstripe Bowl (Bronx, N.Y.): Rutgers Scarlet Knights (6-6) v. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-4), 11 am/ESPN
5) Belk Bowl (Charlotte, N.C.): Cincinnati Bearcats (9-3) v. North Carolina Tar Heels (6-6), 2:20 pm/ESPN
6) Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando, FL): Miami (FL) Hurricanes (9-3) v. 18 Louisville Cardinals (11-1), 5:45 pm/ESPN
7) Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (Tempe, AZ): Michigan Wolverines (7-5) v. Kansas State Wildcats (7-5), 9:15 pm/ESPN

Third Quarter: 4Q NFL Games of the Week

1) Baltimore Ravens (8-7) @ Cincinnati Bengals (10-5), Noon/CBS
2) Green Bay Packers (7-7-1) @ Chicago Bears (8-7), 3:25 pm/FOX
3) San Francisco 49ers (11-4) @ Arizona Cardinals (10-5), 3:25 pm/FOX
4) Sunday Night Football: Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (8-7), 7:30 pm/NBC

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1) Don Banks gives you a NFL “black” Monday primer
2) Dispatches from Bowlvania: Bless everyone!
3) Honeymoon is over in Winnipeg?
4) Bowl game/NFL broadcasters

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2013 NHL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Will Chicago make it three Stanley Cup championships in four seasons? Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight the 2013-14 NHL season begins with the Chicago Blackhawks raising another banner (second in three seasons) and trying to defend their title. As per the start of a season I like to throw out predictions that likely will be wrong and make public for people to remind me later.

* = Playoff Team

Eastern Conference –

Atlantic Division: 1 Boston Bruins* 2 Detroit Red Wings* 3 Ottawa Senators* 4 Montreal Canadians* 5 Toronto Maple Leafs* 6 Florida Panthers 7 Tampa Bay Lightning 8 Buffalo Sabres

Metropolitan Division: 1 Philadelphia Flyers* 2 Pittsburgh Penguins* 3 New York Rangers* 4 Washington Capitals 5 Carolina Hurricanes 6 New Jersey Devils 7 New York Islanders 8 Columbus Blue Jackets

Western Conference –

Central: 1 Chicago Blackhawks* 2 Minnesota Wild* 3 St. Louis Blues* 4 Nashville Predators* 5 Winnipeg Jets* 6 Dallas Stars 7 Colorado Avalanche

Pacific Division: 1 Los Angeles Kings* 2 Anaheim Ducks* 3 San Jose Sharks* 4 Phoenix Coyotes 5 Edmonton Oilers 6 Vancouver Canucks 7 Calgary Flames

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Eastern Conference Playoffs –

First Round: 1 Boston Bruins over 8 Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 Philadelphia Flyers over 7 New York Rangers, 3 Detroit Red Wings over 6 Montreal Canadians, 4 Ottawa Senators over 5 Pittsburgh Penguins

Second Round: 1 Boston Bruins over 4 Ottawa Senators, 3 Detroit Red Wings over Philadelphia Flyers

Conference Finals: 1 Boston Bruins over 3 Detroit Red Wings

Western Conference Playoffs –

First Round: 1 Chicago Blackhawks over 8 Winnipeg Jets, 2 Los Angeles Kings over 7 Nashville Predators, 3 Anaheim Ducks over 6 St. Louis Blues, 5 San Jose Sharks over 4 Minnesota Wild

Second Round: 1 Chicago Blackhawks over 5 San Jose Sharks, 3 Anaheim Ducks over 2 Los Angeles Kings

Conference Finals: 1 Chicago Blackhawks over 3 Anaheim Ducks

Stanley Cup Finals –

Boston Bruins over Chicago Blackhawks in seven games

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