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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

This is how close Arkansas was to winning the national championship. Photo by Aaron Fitt

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Six day games tonight and four night games
3. Light Thursday schedule
4. ESPN Thursday Baseball: Angels @ Red Sox, 6 pm/ESPN

Second Quarter: World Cup

1. World Cup scoreboard
2. Japan v. Poland, 9 am/FS1
3. Senegal v. Columbia, 9 am/FOX
4. England v. Belgium, 1 pm/FOX
5. Panama v. Tunisia, 1 pm/FS1

Third Quarter: College World Series

1. CWS scoreboard
2. Oregon State forces a game three with a three-run ninth inning to stun Arkansas
3. Can the Razorbacks bounce back from being a strike away from the title?
4. CWS Finals GM3 (Series Tied 1-1): Arkansas v. Oregon State, 5:35 pm/ESPN2

Fourth Quarter: Potpourri

1. Jeff Passan says to pass on the most problematic guy to sign in baseball
2. Think twice before signing these NBA free agents
3. Public breakup of a friendship
4. Becky Hammond gets a promotion with the Spurs

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