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NBA Predictions sure to go wrong

The 2018-19 NBA season starts tonight so here are my predictions sure to go wrong

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Who do I have winning the Larry O’Brien trophy?

Eastern Conference –
Atlantic Division:
1. Celtics (1) 2. Raptors (2) 3. 76ers (6) 4. Knicks 5. Nets

Central Division:
1. Pacers (3) 2. Bucks (5) 3. Pistons (8) 4. Bulls 5. Cavaliers

Southeast Division:
1. Wizards (4) 2. Heat (7) 3. Hornets 4. Hawks 5. Magic

Eastern Conference Playoffs –
First Round: 1 Celtics over 8 Pistons, 2 Raptors over 7 Heat, 3 Pacers over 6 76ers, 4 Wizards over Bucks
Second Round: 1 Celtics over 4 Wizards, 2 Raptors over 3 Pacers
Eastern Conference Finals: 1 Celtics over 2 Raptors in six games

Western Conference –
Northwest Division:
1. Jazz (3) 2. Thunder (4) 3. Timberwolves (5) 4. Trailblazers (6) 5. Nuggets

1. Rockets (1) 2. Pelicans (7) 3. Spurs 4. Grizzlies 5. Mavericks

Pacific Division:
1. Warriors (2) 2. Lakers (8) 3. Clippers 4. Suns 5. Kings

Western Conference Playoffs –
First Round: 1 Rockets over 8 Lakers, 2 Warriors over 7 Pelicans, 3 Jazz over 6 Trailblazers, 4 Thunder over 5 Timberwolves
Second Round: 1 Rockets over 4 Thunder, 2 Warriors over 3 Jazz
Western Conference Finals: 2 Warriors over 1 Rockets in seven games

2019 NBA Finals –
Boston Celtics over Golden State Warriors in seven games

Playoff seed in parenthesis ()

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

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For those not watching the Grammy’s

First Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Six games tonight
3. NBATV Monday: Celtics @ Nuggets, 8 pm
4. Which team had the best weekend?

Second Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. The Atlantic and Pacific won their semifinal games at the All-Star Game
3. Then the Pacific won the ASG
4. San Jose will host the 2019 edition

Third Quarter: NFL

1. It’s Super Bowl week!
2. Tonight is opening night
3. Who do you like in Minneapolis?
4. The AFC beat the NFC 24-23 at the Pro Bowl on Sunday

Fourth Quarter: Monday Links

1. Media Column: Next 30 for 30 about two Bills
2. MBB scoreboard / WBB scoreboard
3. Ronda Rousey showed up at the Royal Rumble last night
4. Peter King on Doug Pederson being ready for Super Bowl LII

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2014-15 NHL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Tonight the 2014-15 the puck drops on the NHL season which means it’s time for predictions sure to go wrong, yes I’m still bummed about how the Sharks season ended thanks for your concern.

Did I pick the Kings or another recent Stanley Cup champion?

Eastern Conference –

Atlantic Division: 1. Canadians 2. Bruins 3. Lightning 4. Red Wings 5. Senators 6. Maple Leafs 7. Panthers 8. Sabres

Metropolitan Division: 1. Rangers 2. Blue Jackets 3. Penguins 4. Flyers 5. Capitals 6. Islanders 7. Hurricanes 8. Devils

Eastern Conference Playoffs –
1st Round: 1A Canadians v. WC2 Capitals, 1M Rangers v. WC1 Flyers, 2A Bruins v. 2A Lightning
2nd Round: Canadians v. Lightning, Rangers v. Penguins
Conference Finals: Lightning v. Rangers

Western Conference –

Central Division: 1. Blackhawks 2. Stars 3. Blues 4. Wild 5. Avalanche 6. Jets 7. Predators

Pacific Division: 1. Kings 2. Ducks 3. Sharks 4. Coyotes 5. Canucks 6. Oilers 7. Flames

Western Conference Playoffs –
1st Round: 1C Blackhawks v. WC2 Avalanche, 1P Kings v. WC1 Wild, C2 Stars v. C3 Blues, 2P Ducks v. 3P Sharks
2nd Round: Blackhawks v. Blues, Kings v. Ducks
Conference Finals: Blackhawks v. Kings

Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks over Lightning

* = Playoff Team

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4Quarters 2013-14 NBA Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Tonight the National Basketball Association begins the 2013-14 season which the Miami Heat will try to make it three straight. Listed are my predictions for the upcoming season through the playoffs, as per the standard of this blog this will serve as a record of how wrong I was.

Will Miami make it three straight? Who did I put the jinx on?

* = Playoff Team

Eastern Conference (Regular Season) –

Atlantic: 1. Brooklyn Nets* 2. New York Knicks* 3. Toronto Raptors* 4. Boston Celtics 5. Philadelphia 76ers
Central: 1. Indiana Pacers* 2. Chicago Bulls* 3. Detroit Pistons* 4. Cleveland Cavaliers 5. Milwaukee Bucks
Southeast: 1. Miami Heat* 2. Atlanta Hawks* 3. Washington Wizards 4. Orlando Magic 5. Charlotte Bobcats

Western Conference (Regular Season) –

Northwest: 1. Oklahoma City Thunder* 2. Denver Nuggets* 3. Minnesota Timberwolves* 4. Portland Trailblazers 5. Utah Jazz
Pacific: 1. Los Angeles Clippers* 2. Golden State Warriors* 3. Los Angeles Lakers 4. Sacramento Kings 5. Phoenix Suns
Southwest: 1. San Antonio Spurs* 2. Houston Rockets* 3. Memphis Grizzlies* 4. Dallas Mavericks 5. New Orleans Pelicans

Eastern Conference Playoffs –

First Round:
1 Miami Heat over 8 Toronto Raptors in four games
2 Brooklyn Nets over 7 Detroit Pistons in six games
3 Indiana Pacers over 6 New York Knicks in five games
4 Chicago Bulls over 5 Atlanta Hawks in five games

Second Round:
1 Miami Heat over 4 Chicago Bulls in six games
3 Indiana Pacers over 2 Brooklyn Nets in five games

Eastern Conference Finals:
1 Miami Heat over 3 Indiana Pacers in seven games

Western Conference Playoffs –

First Round:
1 San Antonio Spurs over 8 Minnesota Timberwolves in five games
2 Los Angeles Clippers over 7 Memphis Grizzlies in seven games
3 Oklahoma City Thunder over 6 Denver Nuggets in six games
4 Golden State Warriors over 5 Houston rockets in seven games

Second Round:
4 Golden State Warriors over 1 San Antonio Spurs in seven games
2 Los Angeles Clippers over 3 Oklahoma City Thunder in seven games

Western Conference Finals
2 Los Angeles Clippers over 4 Golden State Warriors in seven games

NBA Finals –

Miami Heat over Los Angeles Clippers in six games

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2013 NHL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Will Chicago make it three Stanley Cup championships in four seasons? Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight the 2013-14 NHL season begins with the Chicago Blackhawks raising another banner (second in three seasons) and trying to defend their title. As per the start of a season I like to throw out predictions that likely will be wrong and make public for people to remind me later.

* = Playoff Team

Eastern Conference –

Atlantic Division: 1 Boston Bruins* 2 Detroit Red Wings* 3 Ottawa Senators* 4 Montreal Canadians* 5 Toronto Maple Leafs* 6 Florida Panthers 7 Tampa Bay Lightning 8 Buffalo Sabres

Metropolitan Division: 1 Philadelphia Flyers* 2 Pittsburgh Penguins* 3 New York Rangers* 4 Washington Capitals 5 Carolina Hurricanes 6 New Jersey Devils 7 New York Islanders 8 Columbus Blue Jackets

Western Conference –

Central: 1 Chicago Blackhawks* 2 Minnesota Wild* 3 St. Louis Blues* 4 Nashville Predators* 5 Winnipeg Jets* 6 Dallas Stars 7 Colorado Avalanche

Pacific Division: 1 Los Angeles Kings* 2 Anaheim Ducks* 3 San Jose Sharks* 4 Phoenix Coyotes 5 Edmonton Oilers 6 Vancouver Canucks 7 Calgary Flames

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Eastern Conference Playoffs –

First Round: 1 Boston Bruins over 8 Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 Philadelphia Flyers over 7 New York Rangers, 3 Detroit Red Wings over 6 Montreal Canadians, 4 Ottawa Senators over 5 Pittsburgh Penguins

Second Round: 1 Boston Bruins over 4 Ottawa Senators, 3 Detroit Red Wings over Philadelphia Flyers

Conference Finals: 1 Boston Bruins over 3 Detroit Red Wings

Western Conference Playoffs –

First Round: 1 Chicago Blackhawks over 8 Winnipeg Jets, 2 Los Angeles Kings over 7 Nashville Predators, 3 Anaheim Ducks over 6 St. Louis Blues, 5 San Jose Sharks over 4 Minnesota Wild

Second Round: 1 Chicago Blackhawks over 5 San Jose Sharks, 3 Anaheim Ducks over 2 Los Angeles Kings

Conference Finals: 1 Chicago Blackhawks over 3 Anaheim Ducks

Stanley Cup Finals –

Boston Bruins over Chicago Blackhawks in seven games

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2012-13 NBA predictions sure to go wrong

Who do I like to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy in June?

If you think I forgot about the NBA starting, well you are partially correct so no round table picks (maybe at a later point) but fear not I can make the wrong picks by myself. So with all that here are my 2012-13 NBA Predictions Sure to go Wrong, playoff seed in parenthesis.

Eastern Conference –

Atlantic Division:
1. Boston Celtics (2) 2. Philadelphia 76ers (5) 3. Brooklyn Nets (6) 4. New York Knicks (8) 5. Toronto Raptors

Central Division:
1. Chicago Bulls (3) 2. Indiana Pacers (4) 3. Cleveland Cavaliers 4. Milwaukee Bucks 5. Detroit Pistons

Southeast Division:
1. Miami Heat (1) 2. Atlanta Hawks (7) 3. Washington Wizards 4. Charlotte Bobcats 5. Orlando Magic

Western Conference –

Northwest Division:
1. Oklahoma City Thunder (3) 2. Denver Nuggets (6) 3. Minnesota Timberwolves (8) 4. Portland Trailblazers 5. Utah Jazz

Pacific Division:
1. Los Angeles Lakers (1) 2. Los Angeles Clippers (4) 3. Phoenix Suns 4. Golden State Warriors 5. Sacramento Kings

Southwest Division:
1. San Antonio Spurs (2) 2. Houston Rockets (5) 3. Dallas Mavericks (7) 4. Memphis Grizzlies 5. New Orleans Hornets

Playoff Match-Ups –

Eastern Conference: 1 Miami Heat v. 8 New York Knicks, 2 Boston Celtics v. 7 Atlanta Hawks, 3 Chicago Bulls v. 6 Brooklyn Nets, 4 Indiana Pacers v. 5 Philadelphia 76ers

Western Conference: 1 Los Angeles Lakers v. 8 Minnesota Timberwolves, 2 San Antonio Spurs v. 7 Dallas Mavericks, 3 Oklahoma City Thunder v. 6 Denver Nuggets, 4 Los Angeles Clippers v. 5 Houston Rockets

2013 NBA Finals –

Miami Heat over Los Angeles Lakers, FYI I feel sick just typing this out but I can’t deny it happening.

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you


Great photo from Calgary at San Jose last night Photo from

First Quarter: NHL

First: tonight’s NHL schedule … Second: Detroit rather Ann Arbor will host the 2013 Winter Classic which will be at the Big House against the Maple Leafs … Third: Miikka Kiprusoff won his 300th career game in the Flames 4-3 win in San Jose …  Fourth: here’s look at what teams in the Atlantic division might be looking at as the trade deadline looms.

Second Quarter: NBA

First: The scoreboard tonight in the association … Second: TNT’s Thursday doubleheader Lakers @ Celtics 7 pm followed-up by Thunder @ Kings … Third: explores the Clippers curse (friends of mine will know Bill Simmons did this before also) … Fourth: Lin-sanity continues to ride strong in D.C. last night well D is still optional in the nation’s capital.

Third Quarter: College Basketball

First: Tonight’s college schedule … Second: Colorado (16-7/8-3 Pac12) @ Arizona (16-8/7-4 Pac12) 8 pm on ESPN … Third: #13 Saint Mary’s (22-2/11-0 WCC) @ Gonzaga (18-4/8-2 WCC) 10 pm on ESPN2 … Fourth: Washington (16-7/9-2 Pac12) @ Oregon (16-7/7-4 Pac12) 10 pm on FSN.

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Final Four

 Here are four random topics to conclude this edition (in the future I’ll come up with better content since this wasn’t thought through), First: Will Ferrell did the player intro’s in New Orleans for Bulls-Hornets … Second: England needs a new Futbol coach as the worldwide leader looks at the situation across the pond … Third: another conference realignment casulty? how about Aurburn and Georgia not playing yearly which is a big deal in the south … Fourth: 11 bidders for the Los Angeles Dodgers have been revealed