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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

Image result for gregg popovich
The NBA season starts tonight

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Expansion in the near future?
3) Can the Cubs climb back?
4) Award season is coming!

Second Quarter: College Football

1) Urban’s wife says something silly
2) Good ol’ fashion hot seat watching!
3) Weekend of upsets
4) Dan Wolken/Misery index week: Lots of misery

Second Quarter: NFL

1) Concussion poster child?
2) Broncos blueprint?
3) 2018 QB draft eligible
4) Still kneeling

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) 72 things to watch during the 17-18 NBA season
2) Greg Popovich puts the POTUS on blast
3) Crew heading to Austin?
4) Barstool sports v. Sam Ponder

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Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Phoenix Suns
Your new highest paid player in the NBA. Photo by USA Today Sports

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. AL Series of the Weekend: Astros @ Red Sox
3. NL Series of the Weekend: Dodgers @ Rockies
4. Last weekend of the regular season, can Colorado hold on?

Second Quarter: NFL

1. NFL scoreboard
2. Best Early Game: Bills @ Falcons, Noon/CBS
3. Best Afternoon Game: Raiders (2-1) @ Broncos (2-1), 3:25 pm/CBS
4. NBC Sunday Night Football: Colts (1-2) @ Seahawks (1-2), 7:30 pm

Third Quarter: College Football

1. CFB scoreboard
2. Viewing Suggestion One: 5 USC (4-0, 2-0 PAC-12) @ 16 Washington State (4-0, 1-0 PAC-12), 9:30 pm (Tonight)/ESPN
3. Viewing Suggestion Two: 15 Oklahoma State (3-1, 0-1 Big XII) @ Texas Tech (3-0), 7 pm/FOX
4. ABC Primetime Game: 2 Clemson (4-0, 2-0 ACC) @ 12 Virginia Tech (4-0), 7 pm

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Russell Westbrook signs an extension with OKC
2. Louisville announces an interim head coach
3. Americans continue to do well at the Presidents Cup
4. Andy Staples imagining an alternative sports history

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

The Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3, 10 years ago today

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Clevelanders place two on the DL
3) Dodgers also using the disabled list
4) NL playoff race heating up

Second Quarter: College/NFL

College Football
1) HOT SEATS!!!!
2) Oh Lane, start the clock now
3) The POTUS and Putin have another thing in common
4) Niners have the leagues first LGBT head coach

Second Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) Rookie survey, how did it turn out?
2) Full year of health for Steve Kerr?
3) Bobby Lu back to full health
4) Free agent tracker

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) Predictions for the fight on Saturday
2) 10th anniversary of the biggest blowout in baseball
3) Who has a player who can carry a team to the title?
4) John Cena moves a fan to tears

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The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

MLB is doing another weekend of new apparel! photo credit ^^^

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Best nicknames for players weekend coming up
3. AL wildcard continues to tighten up
4. Wednesday Night Baseball: Red Sox @ Rays, 6 pm

Second Quarter: NFL

1. NFL preseason schedule
2. Preseason starts tonight in Charlotte
3. Will any big names get cut this weekend?
4. Texans @ Panthers, 6:30 pm/NFL Network

Third Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. Do you like the Nuggets uniforms?
2. Who do you want to be a sponsor on a teams jerseys?
3. Capitols arena is now Capital One Arena
4. Any other free agents to be signed?

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. How 2007 changed how we look at the Patriots
2. Full-time officials in the NFL
3. Olympics and North Korea!
4. Andy Staples finds the best meals in college towns

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Final vote winners just announced by MLB

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Five day games
3. Seven games this evening
4. Mike Moustakas and Justin Turner voted in as the final vote winners

Second Quarter: NBA

1. NBA free agent tracker
2. Will Carmelo escape from New York?
3. Paul George to OKC is official
4. Memphis will retire Z-Bo’s number 50 when it’s time

Third Quarter: NHL

1. NHL trade tracker
2. NHL free agent tracker
3. Connor McDavid is a $100-million man
4. Who’s the top free agent still out there?

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1. Wimbledon scoreboard and bracket
2. Iowa puts a Hawkeye on the 50 yard line
3. Oral history of NBA Jam
4. Andy Staples pairs beers and college programs together

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Image result for nba playoffs
Upsides highlighted the weekend

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA scoreboard
2. What was the most surprising result this weekend?
3. TNT Monday DH (GM1): Pacers @ Cavaliers, 6 pm (CLE 1-0)
4. TNT Monday DH (GM2): Grizzlies @ Spurs, 8:30 pm (SAS 1-0)

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Playoffs continue tonight with four move games
3. CNBC: Senators @ Bruins, 6 pm (Series Tied 1-1); Blackhawks @ Predators, 8:30 pm (NSH 2-10)
4. NBCSN: Capitals @ Maple Leafs, 6 pm (Series Tied 1-1); Ducks @ Flames, 9 pm (ANA 2-0)

Third Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ESPN Monday Night Baseball: Pirates @ Cardinals, 6 pm
3. 10 games on the schedule today
4. Patriots Day game starts things off today

Fourth Quarter: Monday Links

1. Media Circus: What if column
2. More mock!
3. EPL still wide open
4. Andy Staples on the new NCAA rules

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Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

Image result for nfl in mexico city 2016 Raiders
Raiders won in Mexico City on Monday night over the Texans

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scoreboard
2) Pistons moving downtown
3) NHL scoreboard
4) Uniforms released

Second Quarter: NFL

1) Bad call alert
2) Colts to start back-up QB?
3) Cardinals coach released from hospital
4) How do you like him now?

Third Quarter: College Football

1) Forde Yard Dash: Chaotic end?
2) College Football Playoff rankings
3) Oh Baylor
4) Domino effect of Charlie Strong being fired?

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) Ric Flair 30 for 30 update
2) Activism to increase for athletes?
3) What went wrong in Austin?
4) Buyers remorse?

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