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2014-15 NHL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Tonight the 2014-15 the puck drops on the NHL season which means it’s time for predictions sure to go wrong, yes I’m still bummed about how the Sharks season ended thanks for your concern.

Did I pick the Kings or another recent Stanley Cup champion?

Eastern Conference –

Atlantic Division: 1. Canadians 2. Bruins 3. Lightning 4. Red Wings 5. Senators 6. Maple Leafs 7. Panthers 8. Sabres

Metropolitan Division: 1. Rangers 2. Blue Jackets 3. Penguins 4. Flyers 5. Capitals 6. Islanders 7. Hurricanes 8. Devils

Eastern Conference Playoffs –
1st Round: 1A Canadians v. WC2 Capitals, 1M Rangers v. WC1 Flyers, 2A Bruins v. 2A Lightning
2nd Round: Canadians v. Lightning, Rangers v. Penguins
Conference Finals: Lightning v. Rangers

Western Conference –

Central Division: 1. Blackhawks 2. Stars 3. Blues 4. Wild 5. Avalanche 6. Jets 7. Predators

Pacific Division: 1. Kings 2. Ducks 3. Sharks 4. Coyotes 5. Canucks 6. Oilers 7. Flames

Western Conference Playoffs –
1st Round: 1C Blackhawks v. WC2 Avalanche, 1P Kings v. WC1 Wild, C2 Stars v. C3 Blues, 2P Ducks v. 3P Sharks
2nd Round: Blackhawks v. Blues, Kings v. Ducks
Conference Finals: Blackhawks v. Kings

Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks over Lightning

* = Playoff Team

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2014 NFL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Tonight the NFL season begins in Seattle with the Seahawks hosting the Packers, here are my 2014 predictions sure to go wrong this season.

Who will win Super Bowl XLIX this February?


EAST: 1. New England Patriots 2. Miami Dolphins 3. Buffalo Bills
NORTH: 1. Cincinnati Bengals 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Baltimore Ravens 4. Cleveland Browns
SOUTH: 1. Indianapolis Colts 2. Jacksonville Jaguars 3. Tennessee Titans 4. Houston Texans
WEST: 1. Denver Broncos 2. San Diego Chargers 3. Kansas City Chiefs 4. Oakland Raiders

AFC Playoff Teams: 1. Patriots 2. Broncos 3. Colts 4. Bengals 5. Dolphins 6. Chargers
Wildcard Weekend: 3 Colts over 6 Chargers, 4 Bengals over 5 Dolphins
Divisional: 1 Patriots over 4 Bengals, 2 Broncos over 3 Colts
Conference Championship: 1 Patriots over 2 Broncos


EAST: 1. Philadelphia Eagles 2. Dallas Cowboys 3. New York Giants 4. Washington R______
NORTH: 1. Chicago Bears 2. Green Bay Packers 3. Detroit Lions 4. Minnesota Vikings
SOUTH: 1. New Orleans Saints 2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3. Carolina Panthers 4. Atlanta Falcons
WEST: 1. Seattle Seahawks 2. Arizona Cardinals 3. San Francisco 49ers 4. St. Louis Rams

NFC Playoff Teams: 1. Saints 2. Seahawks 3. Bears 4. Eagles 5. Packers 6. Cardinals
Wildcard Weekend: 3 Bears over Cardinals, 5 Packers over 4 Eagles
Divisional: 1 Saints over 5 Packers, 2 Seahawks over 3 Bears
Conference Championship: 1 Saints over 2 Seahawks

Super Bowl XLIX (University of Phoenix Stadium/Glendale, AZ): Patriots over Saints

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CFB Predictions Sure to go Wrong (Part 4)

Today is the final day of our CFB predictions sure to go wrong before the season gets going. We’re looking at the College Football Playoff four while taking a stab at who’ll be champion plus a top 25.

This is what everyone is playing this season, who do I think claims it?

College Football Playoff Final Four: 1 South Carolina 2 UCLA 3 Michigan State 4 Oregon
CFP Semifinals: South Carolina v. Michigan State
National Champion: Michigan State

Top 25 (preseason)

1. Florida State
2. Michigan State
4. Oregon
5. South Carolina
6. Oklahoma
7. Baylor
8. Stanford
9. Auburn
10. Alabama
11. Georgia
12. LSU
13. Arizona State
14. Wisconsin
15. Southern California
16. Clemson
17. Nebraska
18. Iowa
19. Kansas State
20. North Carolina
21. Mississippi
22. Washington
23. Missouri
24. Notre Dame
25. Central Florida

Part One and Two of the 20414 CFB 4QPstgW

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CFB Predictions Sure to go Wrong (Part 3)

Part III offers predictions sure to go wrong from the “Big 5” conferences which are the ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, PAC-12 and SEC conferences.

My predictions for the “Big 5” conferences

Atlantic Coast Conference –

Atlantic: 1. Florida State 2. Clemson 3. Louisville 4. North Carolina State 5. Syracuse 6. Wake Forest 7. Boston College
Coastal: 1. Virginia Tech 2. Miami (FL) 3. North Carolina 4. Pittsburgh 5. Duke 6. Georgia Tech 7. Virginia
ACC Title Game (Charlotte): Florida State over Virginia Tech

Big Ten –

East: 1. Michigan State 2. Michigan 3. Ohio State 4. Penn State 5. Maryland 6. Indiana 7. Rutgers
West: 1. Wisconsin 2. Iowa 3. Nebraska 4. Northwestern 5. Minnesota 6. Illinois 7. Purdue
B1G Title Game (Indianapolis): Michigan State over Wisconsin

Big XII –

1. TCU 2. Oklahoma 3. Baylor 4. Oklahoma State 5. Kansas State 6. Texas 7. Texas Tech 8. Iowa State 9. West Virginia 10. Kansas

PAC-12 –

North: 1. Oregon 2. Stanford 3. Washington 4. Washington State 5. Oregon State 6. California
South: 1. UCLA 2. Arizona State 3. Southern California 4. Arizona 5. Utah 6. Colorado
PAC-12 Title Game (Santa Clara): UCLA over Oregon


East: 1. South Carolina 2. Missouri 3. Georgia 4. Florida 5. Tennessee 6. Vanderbilt 7. Kentucky
West: 1. LSU 2. Auburn 3. Alabama 4. Mississippi State 5. Mississippi 6. Texas A&M 7. Arkansas
SEC Title Game (Atlanta): South Carolina over LSU

Tomorrow I’ll give you my picks for the College Football Playoff and a top 25

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CFB Predictions Sure to go Wrong (Part 2)

We’re on part II of our college football predictions sure to go wrong which we’ll look at the Independent schools, American Athletic and Mountain West Conferences.

Part II we’ve got the Independents, AAC and Mountain!

Independents –

1. BYU 2. Notre Dame 3. Navy 4. Army

American Athletic Conference –

1. UCF 2. Cincinnati 3. East Carolina 4. Houston 5. SMU 6. Memphis 7. USF 8. Tulsa 9. Temple 10. Tulane 11. Connecticut

Mountain West Conference –

Mountain: 1. Boise State 2. Colorado State 3. Wyoming 4. Utah State 5. Air Froce 6. New Mexico
West: 1. Nevada 2. San Diego State 3. San Jose State 4. Fresno State 5. Hawai’i 6. UNLV
MWC Title Game (Best Record): Boise State over Nevada

Tomorrow we close the conference portion of the previews with the “Big 5” of the ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, PAC-12 and SEC

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CFB Predictions Sure to go Wrong (Part 1)

College football starts on Thursday which means I need to document predictions that’ll likely be wrong at season end. Part one will be #MACtion, Conference USA and the Sun Belt Conference.

Kickoff 4Q CFB predictions sure to go wrong with #MACtion, CUSA and Sun Belt

Mid American Conference –

EAST: 1. Akron 2. Bowling Green 3. Ohio 4. Buffalo 5. Miami (OH) 6. Kent State 7. Massachusetts
WEST: 1. Northern Illinois 2. Central Michigan 3. Toledo 4. Western Michigan 5. Ball State 6. Eastern Michigan
MAC Title Game (Detroit): Northern Illinois over Akron

Conference USA –

EAST: 1. Marshall 2. Middle Tennessee 3. Old Dominion 4. Florida Atlantic 5. Western Kentucky 6. UAB 7. FIU
WEST: 1. UTSA 2. Rice 3. Louisiana Tech 4. North Texas 5. Southern Miss 6. UTEP
CUSA Title Game (Best Record): UTSA over Marshall

Sun Belt Conference –

1. Louisiana 2. ULM 3. Arkansas State 4. South Alabama 5. Texas State 6. Troy 7. Georgia Southern 8. Idaho 9. Appalachian State 10. New Mexico State 11. Georgia State

Part II tomorrow will have the Independent schools, American Athletic and Mountain West Conference

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4Quarters: 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions Sure to go Wrong

The quest for the cup starts tonight, here’s what I see happening (or will get wrong)

Another spring and another quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup revs up, which means it’s time to make Stanley Cup Predictions Sure to go Wrong! New format this season with a change in divisions the top three teams and two wild cards from each conference make the playoffs.

Eastern Conference –

First Round:
A1 Boston Bruins v. W2 Detroit Red Wings, Bruins in Seven
A2 Tampa Bay Lightning v. A3 Montreal Canadians, Canadians in Six

M1 Pittsburgh Penguins v. W1 Columbus Blue Jackets, Penguins in Five
M2 New York Rangers v. M3 Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers in Seven

Second Round:
Boston Bruins v. Montreal Canadians, Bruins in Six
Pittsburgh Penguins v. New York Rangers, Rangers in Seven

Conference Finals:
Boston Bruins v. New York Rangers, Bruins in Five

Western Conference –

First Round:
C1 Colorado Avalanche v. W1 Minnesota Wild, Wild in Six
C2 St. Louis Blues v. C3 Chicago Blackhawks, Blackhawks in Five

P1 Anaheim Ducks v. W2 Dallas Stars, Ducks in Four
P2 San Jose Sharks v. P3 Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Seven

Second Round:
Chicago Blackhawks v. Minnesota Wild, Blackhawks in Six
Anaheim Ducks v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Five

Conference Finals:
Chicago Blackhawks v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Six

Stanley Cup Finals –

Boston Bruins v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Seven

KEY – A = Atlantic, M = Metropolitan, C = Central, P = Pacific, W = Wildcard

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Review: 4Quarters 2013 NCAA Field of 68 predictions sure to go wrong (4Quartertology)

So in case you want to hold it against me here is how I did in picking the 68 team NCAA tournament field as the bracket was revealed tonight. Let’s review my 2013 field of 68 predictions sure to go wrong.

Automatic Bids (31): Stony Brook (America East), Saint Louis (Atlantic 10), Miami FL (ACC), Florida Gulf Coast (Atlantic Sun), Kansas (Big XII), Marquette (Big East), Montana (Big Sky), Gardner-Webb (Big South), Michigan State (B1G), Long Beach State (Big West), Northeastern (Colonial), Memphis (CUSA), Valparaiso (Horizon), Harvard (Ivy), Niagara (MAAC), Akron (MAC), Norfolk State (MEAC), Creighton (MVC), New Mexico (MWC), Bryant (Northeast), Murray State (OVC), California (PAC-12), Lehigh (Patriot), Florida (SEC), Davidson (SoCon), Stephen F. Austin (SLC), Southern (SWAC), South Dakota State (Summit), Middle Tennessee (Sun Belt), Gonzaga (WCC), Denver (WAC)

After going 12-for-31 last year I improved to 15-for-31 in picking the conference autobids winner so go me.

At-Large Bids (37): Atlantic 10 (3) – Butler, VCU, LaSalle, ACC (3) – Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Big XII (4) – Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Big East (5) – Georgetown, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, B1G (7) – Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, IowaMAC (1) – OhioMVC (1) – Wichita State, MWC (4) – UNLV, Colorado State, San Diego State, Boise State, PAC-12 (4) – Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, Colorado, SEC (2) – Kentucky, Missouri, SLC (1) – Northwestern State, WCC (1) – Saint Mary’s, WAC (1) – Louisiana Tech

In the 2012 edition I picked 30-of-37 correctly 33-of37, sure Northwestern State is a technicality since they won the league instead of getting an auto bid but they are in the field.

Conference Breakdown:

8 – Big Ten: Michigan State, Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa
What Really Happened: 7 Big Ten teams made the field, Iowa will next be seen in the NIT
6 – Big East: Marquette, Georgetown, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Syracuse
What Really Happened: 8 Big East teams made the field, Cincinnati and Villanova are dancing
5 – Big XII: Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Oklahoma
What Really Happened: 5 Big XII teams made the field, which was correctly picked
5 – Mountain West: New Mexico, UNLV, Colorado State, San Diego State, Boise State
What Really Happened: 5 MWC teams made the field, again accuracy was called
5 – PAC-12: California, Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, Colorado
What Really Happened: 5 PAC-12 teams made the field, the seeding sucked but the number was right
4 – Atlantic 10: Saint Louis, Butler, VCU, LaSalle
What Really Happened: 4 A10 teams made the field, pretty stoked about the run I’m on in this post
4 – ACC: Miami FL, Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State
What Really Happened: 4 ACC teams made the field, did I mention I did pretty good picking teams?
3 – SEC: Florida, Kentucky, Missouri
What Really Happened: 3 SEC teams made the field, had three teams but it was Ole Miss and not UK that got in
2 – MAC: Akron, Ohio
What Really Happened: 1 MAC team made the field, the MAC title game was a winner going to the NCAA and loser to the NIT
2 – Missouri Valley: Creighton, Wichita State
What Really Happened: 2 MVC teams made the field, both teams are in the field of 68
2 – Southland: Stephen F. Austin, Northwestern State
What Really Happened: 1 SLC team made the field, I really feel both are NCAA teams but the Demons pulled out a two point win in the finals over SFA
2 – West Coast: Gonzaga, Saint Mary’s
What Really Happened: 2 WCC teams made the field, the Gaels got in making it two teams from the conference
2 – WAC: Louisiana Tech, Denver
What Really Happend: 1 WAC team made the field, both teams didn’t make the finals of the tourney bowing out early
1 – America East: Stony Brook
What Really Happend: 1 America East team made the field, Albany is going dancing from this league
1 – Atlantic Sun: Florida Gulf Coast
What Really Happend: 1 Atlantic Sun team made the field, FGCU made the tourney for the first time
1 – Big Sky: Montana
What Really Happend: 1 Big Sky team made the field, the Grizz are back in the Madness
1 – Big South: Gardner-Webb
What Really Happened: 1 Big South team made the field, Liberty stormed through and made the tourney as a 15-20 team
1 – Big West: Long Beach State
What Really Happened: 1 Big West team made the field, Pacific took the bid
1 – Colonial: Northeastern
What Really Happened: 1 CAA team made the field, James Madison won the tourney and is in a play-in game to play Indiana
1 – Conference USA: Memphis
What Really Happened: 1 CUSA team made the field, Memphis need double OT to clinch its bid
1 – Horizon: Valparaiso
What Really Happened: 1 Horizon team made the field, Valpo is back
1 – Ivy: Harvard
What Really Happened: 1 Ivy team made the field, Harvard is back for a second straight year
1 – MAAC: Niagara
What Really Happened: 1 MACC team made the field, Iona won this bid
1 – MEAC: Norfolk State
What Really Happened: 1 MEAC team made the field, North Carolina A&T will look for the right to play Louisville
1 – Northeast: Bryant
What Really Happened: 1 Northeast team made the field, LIU-Brooklyn is the champion
1 – Ohio Valley: Murray State
What Really Happened: 1 OVC team made the field, Belmont won while Murray State will play elsewhere
1 – Patriot: Lehigh
What Really Happened: 1 Patriot team made the field, Bucknell wins the auto bid
1 – Southern: Davidson
What Really Happened: 1 SoCon team made the field, Davidson again is back in the NCAA tourney
1 – SWAC: Southern
What Really Happened: 1 SWAC team made the field, Southern opens with Gonzaga as a 16 seed
1 – Summit: South Dakota State
What Really Happened: 1 Summit team made the field, the Jackrabbits are back for a second year in a row
1 – Sun Belt: Middle Tennessee State
What Really Happened: 2 Sun Belt teams made the field, Western Kentucky stole the bid but the Blue Raiders got an at-large spot

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4Quarters Threeman Weave: NHL 2013 Season Predictions

Yes, hockey has been away for a long time but this blog loves the game and during last season’s playoffs the threeman weave was created. Myself, Joe Tichy and Jerry Durney are back to give you who we think win the divisions, make the playoffs, hoist the Cup and take home individual honors.

The NHL season begins today and will any of us pick the Los Angeles Kings to repeat in the quest for another ring like this?

Division Winners –

Eastern Conference: New York Rangers (Atlantic), Buffalo Sabres (Northeast), Florida Panthers (Southeast)
Western Conference: St. Louis Blues (Central), Minnesota Wild (Northwest), Los Angeles Kings (Pacific)

Eastern Conference: New York Rangers (Atlantic), Boston Bruins (Northeast), Washington Capitals (Southeast)
Western Conference: St. Louis Blues (Central), Vancouver Canucks (Northwest), Los Angeles Kings (Pacific)

Eastern Conference: New York Rangers (Atlantic), Boston Bruins (Northeast), Tampa Bay Lightning (Southeast)
Western Conference: St. Louis Blues (Central), Minnesota Wild (Northwest), Los Angeles Kings (Pacific)

Comments: Everyone likes the Rangers (Atlanta), Blues (Central) and Kings (Pacific) while Jerry and Joe like the Wild (Northwest) where I choose the Canucks. Myself and Jerry took the Bruins (Northeast) with Joe going with the Sabres. Each of us chose a different Southeast winner Joe likes the Panthers, Jerry the Lightning and me the Capitals.

Rest of the Playoff Teams –

Eastern Conference: Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitals
Western Conference: Nashville Predators, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Dallas Stars, Vancouver Canucks

Eastern Conference: Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Hurricanes
Western Conference: Minnesota Wild, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks

Eastern Conference: Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, Washington Capitals
Western Conference: Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators, Vancouver Canucks, Phoenix Coyotes, San Jose Sharks

Comments: Let us start with the Eastern Conference non-divisional playoff teams. We all put the Flyers and Penguins into the playoffs. The Maple Leafs, Capitals show up on two of playoff picks, other solo picks are the Devils, Lightning and Hurricanes. The Western Conference’s only unanimous teams are the Detroit Red Wings who are practically guaranteed to be in the playoffs yearly. Seems like we’ve all got similar combinations out west with the Predators, Blackhawks, Sharks showing up. Teams that are flying solo are the Stars (Joe), Ducks (Mike) and Coyotes (Jerry) which shows we all favor a different Pacific Division foe.

Stanley Cup Finals –

Joe: St. Louis Blues over New York Rangers
Mike: Los Angeles Kings over New York Rangers
Jerry: New York Rangers over Los Angeles Kings

Comments: We’ve all got the Rangers playing for the Cup with only Jerry (noted Blue Shirt fan) picking them to win. I went with a Kings repeat while Joe has hit a note with the Blues winning its first championship.

Individual Awards –

Hart Trophy (MVP): Zach Parise, Minnesota Wild
Vezina Trophy (Goalie): Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators
Norris Trophy (Defenseman): Ryan Suter, Minnesota Wild
Calder Trophy (Rookie): Justin Schultz, Edmonton Oilers
Jack Adams (Coach of the Year): Darryl Sutter, Los Angeles Kings
Presidents Cup: St. Louis Blues

Hart Trophy (MVP): Ryan Callahan, New York Rangers
Vezina Trophy (Goalie): Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings
Norris Trophy (Defenseman): Zdeno Chara, Boston Bruins
Calder Trophy (Rookie): Justin Schultz, Edmonton Oilers
Jack Adams (Coach of the Year): John Tortorella, New York Rangers
Presidents Cup: St. Louis Blues

Hart Trophy (MVP): Stephen Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning
Vezina Trophy (Goalie): Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers
Norris Trophy (Defenseman): Kris Letang, Pittsburgh Penguins
Calder Trophy (Rookie): Vladimir Tarasenko, St. Louis Blues
Jack Adams (Coach of the Year): Ralph Krueger, Edmonton Oilers
Presidents Cup: St. Louis Blues: Los Angeles Kings

Comments: Let’s go through the six postseason trophy’s that I selected for our esteemed panel to choose from.
Hart – Joe choose Zach Parise of the Wild, I went with Ryan Callahan of the Rangers while Jerry choose Stephen Stamkos of the Lightning. Three different choices for the Hart Trophy (MVP) from the panel.
Vezina Again, no one sees eye-to-eye here with three different picks for best goalie, Joe picking Pekka Rinne of the Predators, myself choosing Jonathan Quick of the Kings and Jerry going with Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers.
Norris Best defenseman? We’ve all taken different routes here with Joe picking Ryan Suter of the Wild, me Zdeno Chara of the Bruins and Jerry making a good pick with Kris Letang of the Pengiuns.
Calder   Rookie of the year finally has some agreement with Joe and I taking Justin Shultz of the Oilers while Jerry likes Vladimir Tarasenko from the Blues.
Jack Adams More disagreement from us with Joe picking Darryl Sutter of his Kings, I picked John Tortorella and Jerry selects Ralph Krueger of the Oilers.
Presidents Cup – Who’ll win the Presidents Cup? Joe and I both like the Blues while Jerry is picking the Kings.

So there you go, we’ve got our picks in and look for us in a few months when we pick the playoffs or try to.

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4Quarters 2012 CFB Conference Predictions Sure to go Wrong: Final Four

Today, we close out our conference predictions sure to go wrong with the last four conference left. We’re making our picks for the Big XII, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC today which are the conferences that get the longer looks among fans. New faces are in the Big XII and SEC this year while we’re still adjusting to the Big Ten and Pac-12 growing last season.

Big XII –
1. Oklahoma Sooners 2. West Virginia Mountaineers 3. Oklahoma State Cowboys 4. TCU Horned Frogs 5. Kansas State Wildcats 6. Texas Longhorns 7. Baylor Bears 8. Iowa State Cyclones 9. Texas Tech Red Raiders 10. Kansas Jayhawks

Big Ten –
Legends: 1. Michigan State Spartans 2. Nebraska Cornhuskers 3. Michigan Wolverines 4. Northwestern Wildcats 5. Iowa Hawkeyes 6. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Leaders: 1. Wisconsin Badgers 2. Ohio State Buckeyes* 3. Illinois Fighting Illini 4. Purdue Boilermakers 5. Penn State Nittany Lions* 6. Indiana Hoosiers

B1G Title Game (Lucas Oil Stadium/Indianapolis, Indiana): Wisconsin Badgers over Michigan State Spartans

Pac-12 –
North: 1. Oregon Ducks 2. Stanford Cardinal 3. Washington Huskies 4. Washington State Cougars 5. California Golden Bears 6. Oregon State Beavers

South: 1. Southern California Trojans 2. UCLA Bruins 3. Utah Utes 4. Arizona Wildcats 5. Arizona State Sun Devils 6. Colorado Buffaloes

Pac-12 Title Game (Played on campus of team with best record): Southern California Trojans over Oregon Ducks

East: 1. South Carolina Gamecocks 2. Georgia Bulldogs 3. Florida Gators 4. Vanderbilt Commodores 5. Missouri Tigers 6. Kentucky Wildcats 7. Tennessee Volunteers

West: 1. LSU Tigers 2. Alabama Crimson Tide 3. Arkansas Razorbacks 4. Auburn Tigers 5. Mississippi State Bulldogs 6. Texas A&M Aggies 7. Mississippi Rebels

SEC Title Game (Georgia Dome/Atlanta, Georgia): Alabama Crimson Tide over South Carolina Gamecocks

* = Ineligible for postseason (conference title and bowl game)

4 Quarters College Football Predictions Sure to go Wrong Schedule –
Monday, August 27, 2012: MAC, WAC, Sun Belt, Independent’s
Tuesday, August 28, 2012: ACC, Big East, Conference USA, Mountain West
Wednesday, August 29, 2012: Big XII, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC
Thursday, August 30, 2012: Bowl predictions

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