Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links!

Los Angeles won their first Stanley Cup in club history last night beating New Jersey in game six at the Staples Center. Photo by Getty Images

First Quarter: Starter Links

1) Golf Digest’s 10 steps to preview/win the US Open later this week
2) Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports ties the CWS to the NCAA college football discussion
3) Mad Chatter from Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World Herald
4) Sam Mellinger of the KC Star’s Twitter Tuesday

Second Quarter: College Baseball/MLB

1) Today’s games
2) My Kings of Kauffman article on the Return of Zack Greinke tonight to KC
3) College World Series bracket with times
4) #CrownARoyal for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game

Third Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Finals

1) Jonathan Quick was Conn Smythe good this postseason or any previous
2) NHL.com Trending Tuesday and Twitter reactions
3) The Kings won with a good amount of homegrown talent
4) Also here else the Kings were built

Fourth Quarter: NBA Finals

1) Tonight’s schedule
2) CBSsportsline NBA Finals article by Ken Berger
3) SI.com’s Finals Picks and ESPN.com’s Picks
4) ESPN’s daily dime

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Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Stony Brook is coming to Omaha after winning the Baton Rouge Super Regional at LSU. Photo by the AP

First Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Finals

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Game 6: New Jersey Devils @ Los Angeles Kings, 7 pm NBC/LAK 3-2
3. Can New Jersey force a game seven? Will LA finally put this series away?
4. NHL.com Playoff Central

Second Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ESPN Monday Night Baseball 6pm: Boston Red Sox (29-31) @ Miami Marlins (31-29)
3. Los Angeles Angels (32-29) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (39-22), 9:10 pm
4. Monday 4Quarters Top 14 –  MLB Power Rankings: 1. Tampa Bay Rays (35-25, LW-3) 2. New York Yankees (34-25, LW-11) 3. Los Angeles Dodgers (39-22, LW-2) 4. Washington Nationals (35-23, LW-5) 5. Atlanta Braves (34-26, LW-13) 6. San Francisco Giants (34-27, LW-10) 7. Texas Rangers (35-26, LW-7) 8. Pittsburgh Pirates (32-27, LW-12) 9. Baltimore Orioles (34-26, LW-9) 10. Cincinnati Reds (32-27, LW-8) 11. Chicago White Sox (33-27, LW-1) 12. Los Angeles Angels (32-29, LW-14) 13. Arizona Diamondbacks (30-30, LW-NR) 14. New York Mets (32-29, LW-4)

Dropping Out: Miami Marlins (31-29, LW-6)

Third Quarter: NBA Finals

1. NBA Scoreboard
2. Game 1 Tuesday: Miami Heat @ Oklahoma City Thunder, 8 pm/ABC
3. OKC first finals since 1979 as the Sonics and will all of America be rooting them on?
4. The Heat are back in the Finals for the second straight year and third time in the last decade

Fourth Quarter: College Baseball

1. NCAA Baseball Bracket
2. Teams advancing to the College World Series: 1 Florida Gators (SEC), 2 UCLA Bruins (Pac12) 3 Florida State Seminoles (ACC), Arizona Wildcats (Pac12), Stony Brook Seawolves (America East)
3. Tonight’s Regional Scoreboard
4. Two game threes and a resumption of game two and at the end of the day the 2012 CWS field will be set

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NCAA Baseball Super Regional Picks Sure to go Wrong

We’ll know who is coming to Omaha this weekend. Photo by Mike Vamosi

Super Regionals are this weekend so here are my predictions sure to go wrong.

Gainesville Super Regional host 1 Florida Gators: June 9-11 McKethan Stadium/Perry Field
1 Florida Gators (45-18) v. North Carolina State (45-18)
Pick – Florida Gators in 2 games

Los Angeles Super Regional host 2 UCLA Bruins: June 8-10 Jackie Robinson Stadium
2 UCLA Bruins (45-14) v. TCU Horned Frogs (40-20)
Pick – UCLA Bruins in 2 games

Tallahassee Super Regional host 3 Florida State Seminoles: June 8-10 Dick Howser Field
3 Florida State Seminoles (46-15) v. Stanford Cardinal (41-16)
Pick – Stanford Cardinal in 3 games

Waco Super Regional host 4 Baylor Bears: June 9-11 Baylor Ballpark
4 Baylor Bears (48-15) v. Arkansas Razorbacks (42-19)
Pick – Baylor Bears in 3 games

Eugene Super Regional host 5 Oregon Ducks: June 9-11 PK Park
5 Oregon Ducks (45-17) v. Kent State Golden Flashes (44-17)
Pick – Oregon Ducks in 3 games

Baton Rouge Super Regional host 7 LSU Tigers: June 8-10 Alex Box Stadium
7 LSU Tigers (46-16) v. Stony Brook Seawolves (50-12)
Pick – Stony Brook Seawolves in 3 games

Columbia Super Regional host 8 South Carolina Gamecocks: June 9-11 Carolina Field
8 South Carolina Gamecocks (43-17) v. Oklahoma Sooners (42-23)
Pick – South Carolina Gamecocks in 3 games

Tucson Super Regional Regional host Arizona Wildcats: June 8-10 Hi Corbett Field
Arizona Wildcats (41-17) v. St. John’s Red Storm (40-21)
Pick – Arizona Wildcats in 3 games

Euro2012 Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Since I get hits from people overseas I might as well do a Euro2012 predictions sure to go wrong right? So here we go …

Group Play –

Group A (Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia)
Advancing – Poland and Greece

Group B (Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal)
Advancing – Netherlands and Germany

Group C (Spain, Italy, Ireland, Croatia)
Advancing – Spain, Ireland

Group D (Ukraine, Sweden, France, England)
Advancing – France, Sweden

Knockout Round –

Germany (Group B Winner) over Poland (Group A Runner-Up)
Netherlands (Group B Runner-Up) over Greece (Group A Winner)
Spain (Group C Winner) over Sweden (Group D Runner-Up)
France (Group D Winners) over Ireland (Group C Runner-Up)

Netherlands over Spain
Germany over France

Euro 2012 Championship

Netherlands over Germany

Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

Today is my birthday and and the rest of the weekend happenings! Photo by Michelle Vamosi

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard, Interleague returns once more!
2) Kansas City Royals (24-31) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (29-27) – My birthday means I can pick my team –
3) Tampa Bay Rays (32-25) @ Miami Marlins (31-26) – Sunshine State Series –
4) Texas Rangers (33-25) @ San Francisco Giants (33-25) – Rematch of 2010 World Series –

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Finals

1) NHL Schedule
2) Saturday, Stanley Cup Finals Game 5: Los Angeles Kings @ New Jersey Devils, 7 pm NBC/LAK 3-1
3) Can LA go home with the Cup?
4) Will New Jersey get the series back to LA?

Third Quarter: NBA Conference Finals

1) NBA Schedule
2) OKC awaits the winner of Boston-Miami
3) Eastern Conference Finals GM7 Saturday 7:30 pm: 4 Boston Celtics @ 2 Miami Heat
4) So many game seven story lines so choose your favorite

Fourth Quarter: College Baseball and Softball Women’s College World Series

1) College Baseball Super Regional Scoreboard
2) NCAA Baseball Bracket
3) Euro2012 Scoreboard
4) Euro2012 Home

I’ve seen the list of “celebrities” birthday and other than Jerry Stiller I think Maria Menounos is the choice. Also she probably only wants a Greece win on opening day of Euro2012.

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Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Kevin Durant and the Thunder became the first non-Lakers/Spurs/Mavericks team to represent the Western Conference. For OKC it’s the franchises first time playing for the title since 1979 as the Seattle SuperSonics

First Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s scoreboard
2) New York Mets (31-26) @ Washington Nationals (32-22), 12:10 pm
3) Tampa Bay Rays (31-25) @ New York Yankees (31-24), 6:05 pm
4) Atlanta Braves (31-25) @ Miami Marlins (31-25), 6:10 pm

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Finals

1) Tonight’s schedule
2) New Jersey won 3-1 in LA and that is now what the series is at with the Kings leading 3-1
3) Game five is in Newark on Saturday
4) New Jersey still has never been swept in a series

Third Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1) Here is the schedule in the association on the last night of the season
2) Oklahoma City Thunder is going to the NBA Finals after beating the San Antonio Spurs 107-99
3) 2 Miami Heat @ 4 Boston Celtics, 7:30 pm TNT/BOS 3-2
4) Can Miami win twice and steal the series is does Boston have this in the bag?

Fourth Quarter: Extra Extra

1. NCAA Baseball – It’s Super Regional eve!
2. NCAA Softball – Women’s College World Series is over Alabama became the first SEC program to win in softball
3. NHL – The Los Angeles Kings have lost all their playoff games in game 4’s this postseason (1-3)
4. NBA – What series does the NBA want more? OKC versus Boston or Miami?

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The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week

Will the Stanley Cup return to Los Angeles tonight? Photo by David Sandford/Getty Images

First Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Finals

1) The NHL Stanley Cup Finals continue tonight
2) Schedule for the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals
3) Game 4: New Jersey Devils @ Los Angeles Kings, 7 pm NBC Sports Network/LAK 3-0
4) If the Kings close out tonight who is the Conn Smyth Winner? Jonathan Quick?

Second Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1) Tonight’s schedule
2) Western Conference Finals Game 6: San Antonio Spurs @ Oklahoma City Thunder, 7:30 pm TNT/OKC 3-2
3) Eastern Conference Finals: Boston took a 3-2 lead in the after beating Miami last night
4) Incredible with how unbeatable the Spurs and Heat looked that they are now on the brink

Third Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s schedule
2) Final day of the 2012 MLB Draft is today
3) Toronto Blue Jays (29-26) B. Marrow (6-3, 3.28) @ Chicago White Sox (31-24) J. Quintana (1-0, 1.69), 7:10 pm
4) Pittsburgh Pirates (28-26) B. Lincoln (3-0, 1.04) @ Cincinnati Reds (30-24) J. Cueto (5-3, 2.54), 6:10 pm

Fourth Quarter: Leftover Links

1) What if you’d never seen the NBA playoffs? This article goes over it for you
2) Adrian Wojnarowski examines Heatles experiment starting to crumble
3) Stewart Mandel’s college football mailbag
4) Dirk Chatelain’s Mad Chatter from the Omaha World Herald

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