Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend:

Saturday the annual Whiteout for Wichita takes place with Valley supremacy on the line. 4 pm ESPN2 Wichita State @ Creighton, CenturyLink Center Omaha

First Quarter: College Basketball

Here is the schedule for this weekend with my choice of four games to watch (which all happen to be on Saturday).

1) #6 Baylor Bears (21-3/8-3 BigXII) @ #4 Missouri Tigers (22-2/9-2 BigXII), 12:30 pm BigXII Network/ESPN3
2) #14 San Diego State Aztecs (20-3/6-1 MWC) @ #16 UNLV Running Rebels (21-4/5-2 MWC), 3 pm NBC Sports Network
3) Wichita State Shockers (21-4/12-2 MVC) @ #15 Creighton Bluejays (21-4/11-3 MVC), 4 pm ESPN2/ESPN3
4) #12 Michigan State Spartans (19-5/8-3 B1G) @ #3 Ohio State Buckeyes (21-3/9-2), 5 pm ESPN

Second Quarter: NHL

Here is the schedule for the NHL this weekend and I’ll go the lazy route and just link the front page for all other news.

Third Quarter: NBA

Last night the NBA All-Star Game reserves were announced on TNT. Also the Sacramento Kings made the most of their one national TV appearance. And the NBA schedule for this weekend.

Fourth Quarter:  Final Four

First: Here is Tom Verducci’s latest edition of three strikes on … Second: More on the NBA All-Star reserves from Chris Mannix also of … Third: Proposed NCAA football rule changes for 2012 … Fourth: Andy Katz has his own list of games you should watch this weekend on the college hardwood.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday! Thanks for reading


Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you


Great photo from Calgary at San Jose last night Photo from

First Quarter: NHL

First: tonight’s NHL schedule … Second: Detroit rather Ann Arbor will host the 2013 Winter Classic which will be at the Big House against the Maple Leafs … Third: Miikka Kiprusoff won his 300th career game in the Flames 4-3 win in San Jose …  Fourth: here’s look at what teams in the Atlantic division might be looking at as the trade deadline looms.

Second Quarter: NBA

First: The scoreboard tonight in the association … Second: TNT’s Thursday doubleheader Lakers @ Celtics 7 pm followed-up by Thunder @ Kings … Third: explores the Clippers curse (friends of mine will know Bill Simmons did this before also) … Fourth: Lin-sanity continues to ride strong in D.C. last night well D is still optional in the nation’s capital.

Third Quarter: College Basketball

First: Tonight’s college schedule … Second: Colorado (16-7/8-3 Pac12) @ Arizona (16-8/7-4 Pac12) 8 pm on ESPN … Third: #13 Saint Mary’s (22-2/11-0 WCC) @ Gonzaga (18-4/8-2 WCC) 10 pm on ESPN2 … Fourth: Washington (16-7/9-2 Pac12) @ Oregon (16-7/7-4 Pac12) 10 pm on FSN.

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Final Four

 Here are four random topics to conclude this edition (in the future I’ll come up with better content since this wasn’t thought through), First: Will Ferrell did the player intro’s in New Orleans for Bulls-Hornets … Second: England needs a new Futbol coach as the worldwide leader looks at the situation across the pond … Third: another conference realignment casulty? how about Aurburn and Georgia not playing yearly which is a big deal in the south … Fourth: 11 bidders for the Los Angeles Dodgers have been revealed

The Wednesday Edition

It’s the middle of the week so here we go

I wanted to share this picture of President Obama from the White House science fair from yeasterday, non-sports but I love the photo

First Quarter: NHL

Only four NHL games tonight

Boston Bruins @Buffalo Sabres, 6:30 pm NBC Sports Network
Edmonton Oilers @ Detroit Red Wings, 6:30 pm
Carolina Hurricanes @ Anaheim Ducks, 9 pm
Calgary Flames @ San Jose Sharks, 9:30 pm NBC Sports Network

Second Quarter: NBA action

Today’s schedule with suggested games to watch

San Antonio Spurs @ Philadelphia 76ers, 6 pm
Miami Heat @ Orlando Magic, 6 pm
Indiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks, 6:30 pm
Dallas Mavericks @ Denver Nuggets, 8 pm

Third Quarter: College Basketball

For a Wednesday night here is the schedule of games

Suggested viewing/listening (minus that game taking place in Chapel Hills tonight)
#11 Georgetown Hoyas (18-4/8-2 BigEast) @ #2 Syracuse Orange (23-1/10-1 BigEast), 6 pm ESPN
#10 Kansas Jayhawks (18-5/8-2 BigXII) @ #6 Baylor Bears (21-2/8-2 BigXII), 6 pm ESPN2
Northwestern State Demons (14-9/7-2 SLC) @ Lamar Cardinals (15-8/6-3 SLC), 7 pm
Northern Iowa Panthers (16-9/6-7 MVC) @ Wichita State Shockers (20-4/11-2 MVC), 7 pm FCS/ESPN3

Fourth Quarter: Other Stuff looks at the best and worse NFL broadcasters from this season (yes I disagree with parts of the list)
Read this Omaha World Herald story of Columbus (NE) High and Omaha Burke girls basketball game in which the CHS AD invoked the rules
Darin Erstad talks about amping up the Nebraska baseball non-conference schedule
And finally the North Dakota Fighting Sioux will keep playing under that name

Tuesday = Lots of Links

 Tuesday = Links

Happy Birthday to the two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash


First Quarter: NHL

1 . Here is the leagues schedule for tonight 
2. The Blackhawks have a western Canada problem as explained here
3. With the NHL trade deadline approaching here is your first link with potential ideas 
4. Owen Nolan to hold a press conference today on his future

Second Quarter: Where Lockouts Happen

1. The current fad going on in New York City is Linsanity
2. Kobe reaches milestone so insert your know jokes/thoughts on what it is
3. Looks like we might find out who’ll host the 2013 NBA All-Star Game
4. Lob City might be without Mr. Big Shot the rest of the season

Third Quarter: College Basketball

1. Andy Glockner’s bracket predictions
2. Here is your MBB realtime RPI
3. College basketball conference standing as of Jan. 31, 2012 Men’s and Women’s 
4. Here is ESPN’s Bracketology Men’s and Women’s

Fourth Quarter: Potpourri (here are a bunch of different links thanks to a poster for the correction)

1. Lee Barfnecht on Doc Sadler looking alot like Moe Iba and Barry Collier so enjoy Nebrasketball fans
2. Dirk’s Brunch Bites make a return to the Tuesday links
3. B(ig)EAST expansion to continue with another team for the 2012 season?
4.  CBSsportsline has a way too early power rankings so enjoy for a football fix

Monday Edition

Four topics on this Monday for you to enjoy

Spoiler alert if you didn't watch the game last night

First Quarter:  Super Bowl XLVI
Last night at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17. Eli Manning won the game’s MVP which was the second in his career and the fourth Super Bowl win in franchise history for the Giants in addition they are the first 9-7 team to win the title. For everything from recaps to photos I advise you check out for more

Mario Manningham had Super Bowl XLVI signature play/catch photo by Heinz Kluetmeier

Second Quarter:  Super Bowl Commericals
Nothing really stood out to me but I did enjoy the Jerry Seinfeld commercials and movie trailers so feel free to share what commericials you enjoyed from the game.
Third Quarter: NCAA Men’s Basketball Top25

Here is this weeks ESPN/USA Today Coaches Top25 Poll the top five, 1. Kentucky 2. Syracuse 3. Ohio State 4. Missouri 5. North Carolina

And now the 4Quarters Top14 (Available each Monday the rest of the CBB season)

1. Kentucky Wildcats/SEC (23-1)
2. Murray State Racers/OVC (23-0)
3. Syracuse Orange/BigEast (23-1)
4. Ohio State Buckeyes/B1G (20-3)
5. Baylor Bears/BigXII (20-2)
6. Saint Mary’s Gaels/WCC (22-2)
7. Missouri Tigers/BigXII (21-2)
8. Harvard Crimson/Ivy (20-2)
9. North Carolina Tar Heels/ACC (20-3)
10. Florida Gators/SEC (19-4)
11. Creighton Bluejays/MVC (21-3)
12. San Diego State/MWC (20-3)
13. UNLV Running Rebels/MWC (21-4)
14. Kansas Jayhawks/BigXII (18-5)

Fourth Quarter: NBA & NHL

Tonight’s Scoreboard Tonight’s NBA  & NHL games

The NBA plus NHL will be soaking up the attention until March Madness begins but I’ll find a way to keep your interests and not just to bore you over these two sports. 


Super Bowl, Sunday, Sunday Sunday!

Today the Patriots and Giants meet for the 11th time in addition to the second time in the Super Bowl Photo Credit UniWatch

It’s Super Bowl XLVI Sunday which is an unofficial holiday in the country as many of you know so here is some stuff for you in my first annual Super Bowl edition.

First Quarter: Super Bowl MVP’s

I: Bart Starr QB Green Bay Packers, II: Bart Starr QB (2) Green Bay Packers, III: Joe Namath QB New York Jets, IV: Len Dawson QB Kansas City Chiefs, V: Chuck Howley LB Dallas Cowboys, VI: Roger Staubach QB Dallas Cowboys, VII: Jake Scott S Miami Dolphins, VIII: Larry Csonka RB Miami Dolphins, IX: Franco Harris RB Pittsburgh Steelers, X: Lynn Swan WR Pittsburgh Steelers, XI: Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raiders, XII: Harvey Martin DE/Randy White DT Dallas Cowboys, XIII: Terry Bradshaw QB Pittsburgh Steelers, XIV: Terry Bradshaw QB (2) Pittsburgh Steelers, XV: Jim Plunkett QB Oakland Raiders, XVI: Joe Mantana QB San Francisco 49ers, XVII: John Riggins RB Washington Redskins, XVIII: Marcus Allen RB Los Angeles Raiders, XIX: Joe Mantana QB (2) San Francisco 49ers, XX: Richard Dent DE Chicago Bears, XXI: Phil Simms QB New York Giants, XXII: Doug Williams QB Washington Redskins, XXIII: Jerry Rice WR San Francisco 49ers, XXIV: Joe Mantana QB (3) San Francisco 49ers, XXV: Ottis Anderson RB New York Giants, XXVI: Mark Rypien QB Washington Redskins, XXVII: Troy Aikman QB Dallas Cowboys, XXVIII: Emmitt Smith RB Dallas Cowboys, XXIX: Steve Young QB San Francisco 49ers, XXX: Larry Brown CB Dallas Cowboys, XXXI: Desmond Howard WR Green Bay Packers, XXXII: Terrell Davis RB Denver Broncos, XXXIII: John Elway QB Denver Broncos, XXXIV: Kurt Warner QB St. Louis Rams, XXXV: Ray Lewis LB Baltimore Ravens, XXXVI: Tom Brady QB New England Patriots, XXXVII: Dexter Jackson S Tampa Bay Buccaneers, XXXVIII: Tom Brady QB (2) New England Patriots, XXXIX: Deion Branch WR New England Patriots, XL: Hines Ward WR Pittsburgh Steelers, XLI: Peyton Manning QB Indianapolis Colts, XLII: Eli Manning QB New York Giants, XLIII: Santonio Holmes WR Pittsburgh Steelers, XLIV: Drew Brees QB New Orleans Saints, XLV: Aaron Rodgers QB Green Bay Packers

Second Quarter: AFC Champions

I: Kansas City Chiefs (1967), II: Oakland Raiders (’68), III: New York Jets (’69), IV: Kansas City Chiefs (1970), V: Baltimore Colts (’71), VI: Miami Dolphins (’72), VII: Miami Dolphins (’73), VIII: Miami Dolphins (’74), IX: Pittsburgh Steelers (’75), X: Pittsburgh Steelers (’76), XI: Oakland Raiders (’77), XII: Denver Broncos (’78), XII: Pittsburgh Steelers (’79), XIV: Pittsburgh Steelers (1980), XV: Oakand Raiders (’81), XVI: Cincinnati Bengals (’82), XVII: Miami Dolphins (’83), XVIII: Los Angeles Raiders (’84), XIX: Miami Dolphins (’85), XX: New England Patriots (’86), XXI: Denver Broncos (’87), XXII: Denver Broncos (’88), XXIII: Cincinnati Bengals (’89), XXIV: Denver Broncos (1990), XXV: Buffalo Bills (’91), XXVI: Buffalo Bills (’92), XXVII: Buffalo Bills (’93), XXVIII: Buffalo Bills (’94), XXIX: San Diego Chargers (’95), XXX: Pittsburgh Steelers (’96), XXXI: New England Patriots (’97), XXXII: Denver Broncos (’98), XXXIII: Denver Broncos (’99),  XXXIV: Tennessee Titans (2000), XXXV: Baltimore Ravens (’01), XXXVI: New England Patriots (’02), XXXVII: Oakland Raiders (’03), XXXVIII: New England Patriots (’04), XXXIX: New England Patriots (’05), XL: Pittsburgh Steelers (’06), XLI: Indianapolis Colts (’07), XLII: New England Patriots (’08), XLIII: Pittsburgh Penguins (’09), XLIV: Indianapolis Colts (2010), XLV: Pittsburgh Steelers (’11), XLVI: New England Patriots (’12)

Third Quarter: NFC Champions

I: Green Bay Packers (1967), II: Green Bay Packers (’68), III: Baltimore Colts (’69), IV: Minnesota Vikings (1970), V: Dallas Cowboys (’71), VI: Dallas Cowboys (’72), VII: Washington Redskins (’73), VIII: Minnesota Vikings (’74), IX: Minnesota Vikings (’75), X: Dallas Cowboys (’76), XI: Minnesota Vikings (’77), XII: Dallas Cowboys (’78), XIII: Dallas Cowboys (’79), XIV: Los Angeles Rams (1980), XV: Philadelphia Eagles (’81), XVI: San Francisco 49ers (’82), XVII: Washington Redskins (’83), XVIII: Washington Redskins (’84), XIX: San Francisco 49ers (’85), XX: Chicago Bears (’86), XXI: New York Giants (’87), XXII: Washington Redskins (’88), XXIII: San Francisco 49ers (’89), XXIV: San Francisco 49ers (1990), XXV: New York Giants (’91), XXVI: Washington Redskins (’92), XXVII: Dallas Cowboys (’93), XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys (’94), XXXIX: San Francisco 49ers (’95), XXX: Dallas Cowboys (’96), XXXI: Green Bay Packers (’97), XXXII: Green Bay Packers (’98), XXXIII: Atlanta Falcons (’99), XXXIV: St. Louis Rams (2000), XXXV: New York Giants (’01), XXXVI: St. Louis Rams (’02), XXXVII: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (’03), XXXVIII: Carolina Panthers (’04), XXXIX: Philadelphia Eagles (’05), XL: Seattle Seahawks (’06), XLI: Chicago Bears (’07), XLII: New York Giants (’08), XLIII: Arizona Cardinals (’09), XLIV: New Orleans Saints (2010), XLV: Green Bay Packers (2011), XLVI: New York Giants (2012)

Lucas Oil Stadium and Indianapolis host their first Super Bowl tonight

 Fourth Quarter: Super Bowl Results I-XLV

I (Los Angeles Coliseum/Los Angeles, CA): Green Bay Packers (NFC) 35 Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) 10
II (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): Green Bay Packers (NFC) 33 Oakland Raiders (AFC) 14
III (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): New York Jets (AFC) 16 Baltimore Colts (NFC) 7
IV (Tulane Stadium/New Orleans, LA): Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) 23 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 7
V (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): Baltimore Colts (NFC) 16 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 13
VI (Tulane Stadium/New Orleans, LA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 24 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 3
VII (Los Angeles Coliseum/Los Angeles, CA): Miami Dolphins (AFC) 14 Washington Redskins (NFC) 7
VIII (Rice Stadium/Houston, TX): Miami Dolphins (AFC) 24 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 7
IX (Tulane Stadium/New Orleans, LA): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 16 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 6
X (Orange Bowl/Miami, FL): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 21 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 17
XI (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Oakland Raiders (AFC) 32 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 14
XII (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 27 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XIII (Orange Bowl/Miami, Florida): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 35 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 31
XIV (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 34 Los Angeles Rams (NFC) 19
XV (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Oakland Raiders (AFC) 27 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 10
XVI (Pontiac Silverdome/Pontiac, MI): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 26 Cincinnati Bengals (AFC) 21
XVII (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Washington Redskins (NFC) 27 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 17
XVIII (Tampa Stadium/Tampa, FL): Los Angeles Raiders (AFC) 38 Washington Redskins (NFC) 9
XIX (Stanford Stadium/Palo Alto, CA): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 38 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 16
XX (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Chicago Bears (NFC) 46 New England Patriots (AFC) 10
XXI (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): New York Giants (NFC) 39 Denver Broncos (AFC) 20
XXII (Jack Murphy Stadium/San Diego, CA): Washington Redskins (NFC) 42 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XXIII (Joe Robbie Stadium/Miami, FL): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 20 Cincinnati Bengals (AFC) 16
XXIV (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): San Francisco (NFC) 55 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XXV (Tampa Stadium/Tampa, FL): New York Giants (NFC) 20 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 19
XXVI (Metrodome/Minneapolis, MN): Washington Redskins (NFC) 37 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 24
XXVII (Rose Bowl/Pasadena, CA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 52 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 17
XXVIII (GeorgiaDome/Atlanta, GA): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 30 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 13
XXIX (Joe Robbie Stadium/Miami, FL): San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 49 San Diego Chargers (AFC) 26
XXX (Sun Devil Stadium/Tempe, AZ): Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 27 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 17
XXXI (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): Green Bay Packers (NFC) 35 New England Patriots (AFC) 21
XXXII (Qualcomm Stadium/San Diego, CA): Denver Broncos (AFC) 31 Green Bay Packers (NFC) 24
XXXIII (Pro Player Stadium/Miami, FL): Denver Broncos (AFC) 34 Atlanta Falcons (NFC) 19
XXXIV (GeorgiaDome/Atlanta, GA): St. Louis Rams (NFC) 23 Tennessee Titans (AFC) 16
XXXV (Raymond James Stadium/Tampa, FL): Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34 New York Giants (NFC) 7
XXXVI (Louisiana Superdome/New Orleans, LA): New England Patriots (AFC) 20 St. Louis Rams (NFC) 17
XXXVII (Qualcomm Stadium/San Diego, CA): Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC) 48 Oakland Raiders (NFC) 21
XXXVIII (Reliant Stadium/Houston, TX): New England Patriots (AFC) 32 Carolina Panthers (NFC) 29
XXXIX (ALLTEL Stadium/Jacksonville, FL): New England Patriots (AFC) 24 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 21
XL (Ford Field/Detroit, MI): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 21 Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 10
XLI (Dolphin Stadium/Miami, FL): Indianapolis Colts (AFC) 29 Chicago Bears (NFC) 17
XLII (University of Phoenix Stadium/Glendale, AZ): New York Giants (NFC) 17 New England Patriots (AFC) 14
XLIII (Raymond James Stadium/Tampa, FL): Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 27 Arizona Cardinals (NFC) 23
XLIV (Sun Life Stadium/Miami, FL): New Orleans Saints (NFC) 31 Indianapolis Colts (AFC) 17
XLV (Cowboys Stadium/Arlington, TX): Green Bay Packers (NFC) 31 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 25

Which franchise will claim its fourth Lombardi trophy?

Overtime: Other Super Bowl information

Most Super Bowl titles: 6 – Pittsburgh Steelers, 5 – Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ers, 4 – Green Bay Packers, 3 – Los Angeles-Oakland Raiders/Washington Redskins/New England Patriots/New York Giants, 2 – Denver Broncos/Baltimore-Indianapolis Colts/Miami Dolphins, 1 –  Kansas City Chiefs/Chicago Bears/Baltimore Ravens/Los Angeles-St. Louis Rams/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/New Orleans Saints/New York Jets

Franchises Super Bowl records: Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2 (8), Dallas Cowboys 5-3 (8), New England Patriots 3-3 (7), Denver Broncos 2-4 (6), Green Bay Packers 4-1 (5), Washington Redskins 3-2 (5), Los Angeles-Oakland Raiders 3-2 (5), Miami Dolphins 2-3 (5), New York Giants 3-1 (5), Baltimore-Indianapolis Colts 2-2 (4), Minnesota Vikings 0-4 (4), Buffalo Bills 0-4 (4), Los Angeles-St. Louis Rams 1-2 (3),  Kansas City Chiefs 1-1 (2), Chicago Bears 1-1 (2), Cincinnati Bengals 0-2 (2), Philadelphia Eagles 0-2 (2), New York Jets 1-0 (1), Baltimore Ravens 1-0 (1), Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0 (1), New Orleans Saints 1-0 (1), San Diego Chargers 0-1 (1), Atlanta Falcons 0-1 (1), Tennessee Titans 0-1 (1), Carolina Panthers 0-1 (1), Seattle Seahawks 0-1 (1), Arizona Cardinals 0-1 (1)

Teams that have not made the Super Bowl: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans

Franchises Super Bowl droughts:

New York Jets Super Bowl III (1969), Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl IV (1970), Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl XI (1977), Miami Dolphins Super Bowl XIX (1985), Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl XXIII (1989), Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI (1992), Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXVIII (1994), San Francisco 49ers XXIX (1995), San Diego Chargers XXIX (1995), Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX (1996), Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII (1999), Atlanta Falcons (1999), Tennessee Titans Super Bowl XXXIV (2000), Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXV (2001), St. Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXVI (2002), Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XXXVII (2003), Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII (2003), Carolina Panthers XXXVIII (2004), Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl XXXIX (2005), Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XL (2006), Chicago Bears Super Bowl XLI (2007), Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl XLIII (2009), New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV (2010), Indianapolis Colts XLIV (2010), Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV (2011), Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLV (2011), Cleveland Browns/Detroit Lions 46 years without a Super Bowl, Jacksonville Jaguars entered league in 1995 which Super Bowl XXX was played and Houston Texans 2002 with Super Bowl XXXVII

Can Super Bowl XLVI match Super Bowl XLII between New England and New York?

Super Bowl rematches:

Dallas Cowboys-Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl X (1976), XIII (1979) and XXX (1996)
Miami Dolphins-Washington Redskins, Super Bowl VII (1973), Super Bowl XVII (1983)
Cincinnati Bengals-San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XVI (1982), Super Bowl XXIII(1989)
Buffalo Bills-Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XXVII (1993), XXVIII (1994)
New England Patriots-New York Giants, Super Bowl XLII (2008), Super Bowl XVI (2012)

The City of Indianapolis might be the real winner this week from how it seems they have done hosting the big game

Super Bowl XLVI prediction: New York Giants over New England Patriots, this postseason I’m 8-2 (picked the Steelers over Broncos and Texans over the Ravens)

Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend:

Today was Roger Goodell's state of the league press conference in Indianapolis

First Quarter: NFL Super Bowl Week

Sunday the game will finally take place in Indianapolis but the Wall Street Journal is focusing an interesting delima facing the Super Bowl in four years from now. Commish Goodell’s state of the league address which included news that there will be Thursday night football week 2-week 15. Sunday I’ll have another edition which will be an all-Super Bowl XLVI edition.

New York Giants (NFC/9-7) v. New England Patriots (AFC/13-3), Lucas Oil Stadium/Feb. 5 at 5:29 pm
Patriots road to Indy: beat Denver (8-8) divisional, Baltimore (12-4) AFC Championship
Giants road to Indy: beat Atlanta (10-6), @Green Bay (15-1), @San Francisco (13-3) NFC Championship

Second Quarter: NHL

Here is the schedule for the NHL this weekend and I’ll go the lazy route and just link the front page for all other news.

Third Quarter: College Basketball

Here is the schedule for this weekend with my choice of four games to watch (which all happen to be on Saturday).

1) No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes (19-3/7-2B1G) @ No. 20 Wisconsin Badgers (18-5/7-3B1G), 1pm/ESPN
2) Vanderbilt Commadors (16-6/5-2SEC) @ No. 11 Florida Gators (18-4/6-1SEC), Noon/CBS
3) No. 13 UNLV Running Rebels (21-3/5-1MWC) @ Wyoming Cowboys (17-5/3-3MWC), 3pm/theMTN
4) No. 8 Kansas Jayhawks (18-4/8-1BigXII) @ No. 4 Missouri Tigers (20-2/7-2BigXII), 8pm/ESPN 

Fourth Quarter:  

NBA  All-Stars starters were announced so here is the list (note the schedule is at the begginning)