Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

Kansas City Royals finalise 'US$1bn' John Sherman takeover ...
The Royals will make sure everyone in the organization gets paid

First Quarter: Smackdown

1. Tonight, 7 pm on FOX
2. It’s just an option
3. Semifinals of the intercontinental tournament
4. Sonya Deville gets a new opponent

Second Quarter: NFL

1. NFL free agent tracker
2. Joe Burrow, well done
3. Bills working out in Florida
4. Former Charger take a shot at his old team

Third Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA targeting July 31st?
2. League GM’s want the NBA to jump right to the playoffs
3. How excited are you for the Stanley Cup set-up?
4. Favorites to hoist the cup?

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Massachusetts the next to open up
2. David Price helping out the Dodgers minor leaguers
3. Shorter MLB draft moved to New Jersey from Omaha
4. German Bundesliga scoreboard

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