The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

Image result for phoenix suns draft lottery
Phoenix won the draft lottery for the first time on Tuesday night

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Western Conference Finals resumes tonight
3. Can Cleveland get right before game three on Saturday?
4. GM2 (GSW 1-0): Warriors @ Rockets, 8 pm/TNT

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Did Tampa Bay get back in the series with a game two win in DC?
3. Game three is tonight in Vegas
4. GM3 (Series Tied 1-1): Jets @ Golden Knights, 8 pm/NBCSN

Third Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. 10 day games
3. Five night games
4. ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball: Yankees @ Nationals, 6 pm

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. 80 game suspension for Robinson Cano
3. Final rosters for the World Cup announced
4. Is the NBA draft lottery show still going on?

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