Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Image result for cfp championship game 2018
Tonight a champion will be crowned

First Quarter: College Football

1. College Football Playoff Champ. Game: Alabama (12-1) v. Georgia (13-1), 7 pm/ESPN
2. Game played at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia
3. Will the Crimson Tide win their fifth national title since 2009?
4. Can the Bulldogs end their title drought that’s last since 1980?

Second Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Bucks @ Pacers, 7 pm/NBAtv
3. NHL scoreboard
4. Blue Jackets @ Maple Leafs, 6 pm

Third Quarter: NFL

1. AFC Divisional Match-ups: Titans @ Patriots, Jaguars @ Steelers
2. NFC Divisional Match-ups: Falcons @ Eagles, Saints @ Vikings
3. Wildcard Weekend Most Impressive Team: Tennessee Titans
4. Wildcard Weekend Least Impressive Team: Buffalo Bills

Fourth Quarter: Monday Links

1. Media Column: How ESPN will cover Gruden’s coaching
2. UCF celebrates their unbeaten season at Disney World
3. Bills fans, even in defeat took over Jacksonville
4. Most important thing for tonight’s title game?

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