Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

Image result for 2017 mlb home run derby
HR Derby tonight!

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Tonight is the HR Derby at 7 pm on ESPN
3. Who do you think wins?
4. Will you watch the 88th annual MLB All-Star Game tomorrow night?

Second Quarter: NBA

1. Summer league continues on
2. Wolves make Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson signings official
3. Knicks still need a GM
4. Houston sill in pursuit of Carmelo

Third Quarter: NHL

1. Which player is primed to have a breakout season?
2. Penguins starting to march the cup around the globe
3. Free agent tracker
4. Trade tracker

Fourth Quarter: Monday Links

1. Richard Deitsch/Media Circus: New host for the HR derby on ESPN
2. Update from the all England club
3. Mississippi State’s newest dual threat QB
4. Big EPL transfer and how it sets the market

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