2017 MLB Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Today the 2017 Major League Baseball season begins, so how about some predictions!

Image result for mlb opening day
Did I jinx your team?

First Quarter: American League

1. AL East: Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, Blue Jays, Rays
2. AL Central: Indians, Royals, Tigers, Twins, White Sox
3. AL West: Mariners, Rangers, Astros, Angels, Athletics
4. AL Wildcards: Rangers and Royals

Second Quarter: National League

1. NL East: Nationals, Mets, Marlins, Phillies, Braves
2. NL Central: Cubs, Cardinals, Pirates, Brewers, Reds
3. NL West: Dodgers, Rockies, Giants, Diamondbacks, Padres
4. NL Wildcards: Mets and Rockies

Third Quarter: Postseason Part I

1. AL Wildcard Game: Royals over Rangers
2. NL Wildcard Game: Rockies over Mets
3. ALDS: Indians over Royals, Red Sox over Mariners
4. NLDS: Cubs over Rockies, Dodgers over Nationals

Fourth Quarter: League Championship and World Series

1. ALCS: Indians over Red Sox
2. NLCS: Cubs over Dodgers
3. World Series: Cubs over Indians
4. There you have it, the Cubs will win again

See you on Monday and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading Four Quarters! Follow me on twitter @MikeVmos

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