Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

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New “Bo” of the Big Ten?

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA scoreboard
2. 4Q NBA Game of the Night: Hawks @ Warriors, 9:30 pm
3. NHL scoreboard
4. 4Q NHL Game of the Night: Stars (23 pts) @ Blues (27 pts), 7 pm

Second Quarter: NFL

1. Biggest set back from this weekend?
2. Best division?
3. Will Cleveland win in 2016?
4. Monday Night Football: Packers (4-6-1) @ Eagles (5-5), 7:30 pm/ESPN

Third Quarter: College Football

1. Tomorrow is the second to last CFP poll
2. Which top 10 doesn’t belong?
3. Who are you four playoff teams?
4. Will Alabama ever lose?

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Media Circus: Political comments on twitter
2. College basketball scoreboards – men & women
4. Seriously, please do

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