Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Image result for megan rapinoe takes a knee
The Washington Spirit changed how they do the pregame anthem

First Quarter: Major League Baseball

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Astros (74-65) @ Indians (80-58), 11:10 am
3. Which an under .500 NL team win the wildcard?
4. Rangers (83-56) @ Mariners (70-68), 9:10 pm

Second Quarter: NFL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

1. East – Patriots, North – Steelers, South – Jaguars, West – Chiefs
2. Playoffs – Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, Jaguars, Raiders, Colts
3. AFC Championship – Patriots over Steelers
4. East – R*******, North – Packers, South – Panthers, West – Seahawks
5. Playoffs – Panthers, Packers, Seahawks, R*******, Cardinals, Vikings
6. NFC Championship – Packers over Panthers

7. Super Bowl LI – Packers over Patriots

Third Quarter: College Football

1. College Football Scoreboard
2. No college game tonight due to the NFL
3. Game you’re watching this weekend?
4. Ranked match-up that has your attention?

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1. Panic?
2. Anthem
3. Briles speaks
4. He’s back!

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