Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Final voting for the MLB All-Star Game continues

First Quarter: Major League Baseball

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Nationals (51-35) @ Mets (46-38), 6:10 pm
3. Tigers (45-40) @ Blue Jays (48-39), 6:10 pm
4. Mariners (43-42) @ Royals (43-41), 7:15 pm

Second Quarter: NBA Free Agency

1. Dwayne Wade is going home to Chicago
2. Kevin Durant officially a Warrior
3. Try to remember everyone who you’ve never heard of that got paid!
4. All contracts can be signed today

Third Quarter: Euro 2016

1. Euro knockout finals set
2. Euro2016 Finals: France v. Portugal
3. Finals are Sunday
4. There’s no third place game, good on you Euro championships!

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1. HR Derby bracket
2. Transfer at Baylor, shocking
3. MLB final vote
4. Sanity prevails

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