Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

Hitting super star?

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1. NBA scoreboard
2. Game 6 (OKC 3-2): Spurs @ Thunder, 7:30 pm/ESPN
3. Raptors are one win from a meeting with Cleveland
4. Will the refs miss more calls in the SAS-OKC series?

Second Quarter: Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Game 7 (Series Tied 3-3): Predators @ Sharks, /NBCSN
3. Eastern Conference Finals begin on Friday
4. Which team wins game seven and meets St. Louis?

Third Quarter: Major League Baseball

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Tigers (15-18) @ Orioles (20-12), 6:05 pm
3. Giants (18-18) @ Diamondbacks (17-19), 8:40 pm
4. Mets (20-12) @ Dodgers (17-16), 9:10 pm

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1. Get off Chucks lawn
2. Last resort
3. Retirement
4. On the spot D12

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