The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

It was a great day for a parade in Kansas City and the Royals. Photo by the KC Star

First Quarter: NBA

1. NBA scoreboard
2. ESPN Wednesday DH: Knicks @ Cavaliers 7 pm; Clippers @ Warriors 9:30 pm
3. 10 games scheduled tonight what are you watching?
4. What do you power rankings look like

Second Quarter: NHL

1. NHL scoreboard
2. Wednesday Night Rivalry on NBCSN: Blues @ Blackhawks, 7 pm
3. Connor McDavid hurt on Tuesday night
4. Four games scheduled with a good rivalry night match-up

Third Quarter: Football

1. NFL – Will you watch Thursday Night Football this week?
2. Best match-up?
3. CFB – Game on your radar this week?
4. Week 1 CFP rankings (11/3)

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. Brady Quinn’s injury theory
2. Kansas City Royals parade was HUGE
3. 31 names who are CFB coaching ready
4. NFL hot seat

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