Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

Tonight the 2015 World Series begins where it left off in 2014

First Quarter: MLB World Series

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Ben Lindbergh and Jonah Keri on World Series keys
3) Commish Manfred spoke on Monday
4) MLB playoff schedule

Second Quarter: CFB

1) Grantland staff week 8 recap
2) Week 8 rankings
3) Changes in the CBS 128 for 10/26
4) Pete Thamal on the CFB coaching carousel    

Third Quarter: NFL

1) NFL standings
2) Week 7 winners and losers
3) Bill Barnwell week 7 rankings
4) 33.6 million

Fourth Quarter: Tuesday Links

1) NHL scoreboard
2) 35 crazy NBA predictions
3) Tuesday media circus
4) Retirement

Overtime: 2015-16 NBA Predictions Sure to go Wrong

1) East Playoff Teams: Bulls, Cavaliers, Raptors, Wizards, Pacers, Bucks, Celtics, Hawks
2) West Playoff Teams: Warriors, Spurs, Clippers, Rockets, Pelicans, Jazz, Suns, Mavericks
3) Conference Finalists – East: Bulls over Cavaliers; West: Spurs over Warriors
4) NBA Finals: Spurs over Bulls

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