The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

Tiger and Shooter!

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. Cubs (80-57) @ Cardinals (87-51), 12:45 pm
3. ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball (GM1): Mets (77-61) @ Nationals (71-67), 6 pm
4. ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball (GM2): Dodgers (80-58) @ Angels (69-69), 9 pm

Second Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA – The playoffs will be based off win/loss record
2. Division winners will hold tiebreakers
3. NHL – Thoughts on the World Cup?
4. Can Chicago repeat?

Third Quarter: Football

1. NFL – One day away from opening night
2. Will we find out more about
3. CFB – Lots of SEC teams in the top 25 but save your outrage it’s after week one
4. Which FCS team gets this weeks upset?

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. US Open getting down to the end
2. Suspicions
3. USMNT needs to get their sh*t together
4. Hey Roger you need to tighten it up also

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