The Wednesday Edition

Halfway through the week

Cowboys and Rams fighting and feuding on Tuesday at camp.

First Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball: Tigers (57-61) @ Cubs (67-50), 7 pm
3. Mets (64-55) @ Orioles (61-57), 6:05 pm
4. Giants (65-54) @ Cardinals (76-43), 6:15 pm

Second Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. NBA – Under 70 days until tip off
2. Which team didn’t improve?
3. NHL – Season is just over two months from now
4. Favorite offseason move?

Third Quarter: Football

1. NFL – Cowboys and Rams fighting at camp
2. The Panthers, Benjamin apparently suffered a knee injury at camp this morning
3. CFB – Four playoff teams?
4. Who’s a sleeper to do well this season in your opinion?

Fourth Quarter: Midweek Links

1. UniWatch names the best dressed city
2. The Red Sox make front office changes
3. 30for30 on Joe Delaney
4. Oscar isn’t getting out of jail

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