Monday Edition

Here are four Monday topics for you to start the week

This was the view early and often for Japan who lost 5-2 against the United States on Sunday

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1. Which east team has done the most so far?
2. San Antonio loads up for another run
3. Some big names changed locations last week, will more occur?
4. Will we see anymore trades this week?

Second Quarter: MLB

1. MLB scoreboard
2. ESPN Monday Night Baseball: Cardinals (53-28) @ Cubs (44-36), 7 pm
3. Rays (43-41) @ Royals (46-33), 7:10 pm
4. Mets (42-41) @ Giants (42-41), 9:15 pm

Third Quarter: FIFA Women’s World Cup

1. Women’s World Cup Bracket
2. The United State defeated Japan 5-2 in the World Cup Final to claim their third title
3. England defeated Germany in the third place game on Saturday
4. Yesterday’s final drew a big audience for FOX, the next Women’s World Cup is in 2019 in France

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1. Media Circus: FOX Women’s World Cup coverage
2. Kansas City not on the NHL expansion radar.
3. Wimbledon results
4. The NFL abroad

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