Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

FIFA commentary

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1) NBA scoreboard
2) The NBA Finals begin next Thursday
3) Eastern Conference Finals –  Atlanta Hawks 0-4 Cleveland Cavaliers
4) Western Conference Finals – Golden State Warriors 4-1 Houston Rockets

Second Quarter Stanley Cup Playoffs

1) NHL scoreboard
2) No games tonight
3) Western Conference Finals – Anaheim Ducks 3-3 Chicago Blackhawks
4) Eastern Conference Finals – New York Rangers 3-3 Tampa Bay Lightning

Third Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard and MiLB scoreboard
2) Tigers (28-20) @ Angels (23-24), 9:05 pm
3) Pirates (24-22) @ Padres (23-25), 9:10 pm
4) Braves (23-23) @ Giants (28-20), 9:15 pm

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1) Sepp going to Sepp
2) The Bulls fire another head coach
3) Stanley Cup Finals schedule announced
4) Ok, Vlad

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