Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

Kyrie Irving went for 57 points last night in the Cavs OT win at San Antonio

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scoreboard
2) 4Q Game of the Night: LA Clippers (42-23) @ Mavericks (41-25) 7:30 pm/NBAtv
3) NHL scoreboard
4) 4Q Game of the Night: Ducks (42-20-7, 91 pts) @ Wild (37-23-7, 81 pts), 7 pm

Second Quarter: Major League Soccer

1) MLS scoreboard
2) Game you’re watching this weekend?
3) Early surprise is what?
4) Sunday MLS: New England @ New York City 3 pm/ESPN2; LA Galaxy @ Portland 6 pm/FS1

Third Quarter: College Basketball

1) Men’s and Women’s Scoreboards
2) Conference tournaments continue on this weekend
3) Will the Wildcats remain unbeaten?
4) We’ll be angry about the bracket on Sunday

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1) College Baseball scoreboard
2) NFL free agent tracker
3) Bill Simmons sneak peak at the NBA trade value
4) MLB Spring Training scoreboard

See you on Monday and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading Four Quarters! Follow me on twitter @MikeVmos

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