Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you ready for the weekend!

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scoreboard
2) NBA All-Star Break, Rookie Game tonight/All-Star Saturday/East v. West on Sunday on TNT
3) NHL scoreboard
4) Plenty of good games this weekend!

Second Quarter: College Baseball Predictions sure to go wrong

1) College Baseball begins today across the country
2) CWS teams: Vanderbilt, Virginia, LSU, Cal State Fullerton, UCLA, Kennesaw State, Nebraska, Florida
3) CWS Finals: Vanderbilt v. UCLA
4) Champion: Vanverbilt

Third Quarter: College Basketball

1) Men’s and Women’s Scoreboards
2) College Gameday is in Syracuse again
3) Will the Wildcats remain unbeaten?
4) What game has your attention?

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1) HOT STOVE tracker
2) The end of Tiger?
3) Cleveland Dummies
4) Pitch framing

See you on Monday and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading Four Quarters! Follow me on twitter @MikeVmos

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