Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

Thanks to all who’ve served this country.

First Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) NBA scoreboard
2) Zach Lowe takes the (really) early season temperature of the NBA
3) NHL scoreboard
4) The league pays tribute to veterans today

Second Quarter: College Football

1) Forde Yard Dash: Around the coaching carousel 
2) Heather Dinich on how things change weekly in CFB
3) Holly Anderson’s 2014 Pigskin Pantheon: Week 11 awards
4) Matt Hinton puts a bow on week 11: Let the great debate begin

Third Quarter: NFL

1) Gregg Easterbrook says the NFL needs to revise their playoffs
2) Nate Silver on locations the NFL should expand to before London
3) 49ers player won’t face charges
4) NFL playoff picture

Fourth Quarter: Links

1) This is interesting
2) MLS scoreboard
3) Tuesday Media Circus: Al Michaels part II
4) USA Today has a bracketology

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