2014-15 NHL Predictions Sure to go Wrong

Tonight the 2014-15 the puck drops on the NHL season which means it’s time for predictions sure to go wrong, yes I’m still bummed about how the Sharks season ended thanks for your concern.

Did I pick the Kings or another recent Stanley Cup champion?

Eastern Conference –

Atlantic Division: 1. Canadians 2. Bruins 3. Lightning 4. Red Wings 5. Senators 6. Maple Leafs 7. Panthers 8. Sabres

Metropolitan Division: 1. Rangers 2. Blue Jackets 3. Penguins 4. Flyers 5. Capitals 6. Islanders 7. Hurricanes 8. Devils

Eastern Conference Playoffs –
1st Round: 1A Canadians v. WC2 Capitals, 1M Rangers v. WC1 Flyers, 2A Bruins v. 2A Lightning
2nd Round: Canadians v. Lightning, Rangers v. Penguins
Conference Finals: Lightning v. Rangers

Western Conference –

Central Division: 1. Blackhawks 2. Stars 3. Blues 4. Wild 5. Avalanche 6. Jets 7. Predators

Pacific Division: 1. Kings 2. Ducks 3. Sharks 4. Coyotes 5. Canucks 6. Oilers 7. Flames

Western Conference Playoffs –
1st Round: 1C Blackhawks v. WC2 Avalanche, 1P Kings v. WC1 Wild, C2 Stars v. C3 Blues, 2P Ducks v. 3P Sharks
2nd Round: Blackhawks v. Blues, Kings v. Ducks
Conference Finals: Blackhawks v. Kings

Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks over Lightning

* = Playoff Team

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