Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links

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Michigan cancelled this promotion for Saturday

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Ads coming to MLB uniforms?
3) Atlanta made a front office chance on Monday
4) September 23 Standings – Divisions and Wildcard

Second Quarter: College Football

1) Forde Yard Dash: What we’ve learned so far
2) Arizona State is having a blackout on Thursday night, here’s the history of doing so
3) Michigan cancels a promotion for Saturday
4) Matt Hinton puts a bow on week 4: Pass happy Alabama

Third Quarter: NFL

1) Odd details coming out following the death of former Titans kicker Rob Bironas
2) Are NFL teams already writing off FSU’s QB?
3) FIFA not going to Qatar in 2022?
4) South Park going after Washington’s NFL team on Wednesday

Fourth Quarter: Links

1) Media Circus: Andy Roddick’s second career
2) MLS scoreboard
3) Golden State’s new arena looks like a
4) Lastly, A&M’s cadet will get his boots paid for after protecting Reveille on Saturday

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