Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

The Burning of Lebron James' Jersey

First Quarter: FIFA World Cup

1) Knockout bracket
2) Sunday the World Cup finals: Argentina v. Germany, 2 pm/ABC
3) Third place game Saturday: Brazil v. Netherlands
4) Sadly the World Cup game ends on Sunday afternoon

Second Quarter: NBA/NHL

1) Story of the day
2) NBA FA tracker
3) NHL FA tracker
4) More overshadowing by their roundball cousins

Third Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) 4Q Series of the Weekend: Detroit Tigers (51-37) @ Kansas City Royals (47-44)
3) 4Q AL Series to Watch this Weekend: Oakland Athletics (58-34) @ Seattle Mariners (49-43)
4) 4Q NL Series to Watch this Weekend: St. Louis Cardinals (50-43) @ Milwaukee Brewers (52-41)

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1) Last time Argentina and Germany met for the cup
2) C’mon Mothership!
3) Bake Shop
4) Masahiro Tanaka surgery?

See you on Monday and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading Four Quarters! Follow me on twitter @MikeVmos

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