Friday’s Weekend Primer

Getting you set for the Weekend

Can California Chrome make it 2-for-2 tomorrow at the Preakness?

First Quarter: NBA Playoffs

1) NBA scoreboard
2) Conference finals are set
3) Eastern Conference Finals: Miami Heat v. Indiana Pacers
4) Western Conference Finals: Oklahoma City Thunder v. San Antonio Spurs

Second Quarter: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

1) NHL scoreboard
2) Montreal and New York begins this weekend
3) Tonight’s game 7 winner plays Chicago
4) Game 7 (Series Tied 3-3): Los Angeles Kings @ Anaheim Ducks, 8 pm/NBCSN

Third Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Series of the Weekend: Atlanta Braves (22-17) @ St. Louis Cardinals (21-20)
3) 4Q AL Series to Watch this Weekend: Detroit Tigers (24-12) @ Boston Red Sox (20-20)
4) 4Q NL Series to Watch this Weekend: Miami Marlins (20-20) @ San Francisco Giants (27-15)

Fourth Quarter: Weekend Links

1) Photos of the most disliked people in sports
2) Zach Lowe previews the NBA ECF’s
3) Penguins make a FIRE who?
4) Pat Forde on the triple crown flaw with the Preakness tomorrow

See you on Monday and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading Four Quarters! Follow me on twitter @MikeVmos

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