4Quarters: 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions Sure to go Wrong

The quest for the cup starts tonight, here’s what I see happening (or will get wrong)

Another spring and another quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup revs up, which means it’s time to make Stanley Cup Predictions Sure to go Wrong! New format this season with a change in divisions the top three teams and two wild cards from each conference make the playoffs.

Eastern Conference –

First Round:
A1 Boston Bruins v. W2 Detroit Red Wings, Bruins in Seven
A2 Tampa Bay Lightning v. A3 Montreal Canadians, Canadians in Six

M1 Pittsburgh Penguins v. W1 Columbus Blue Jackets, Penguins in Five
M2 New York Rangers v. M3 Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers in Seven

Second Round:
Boston Bruins v. Montreal Canadians, Bruins in Six
Pittsburgh Penguins v. New York Rangers, Rangers in Seven

Conference Finals:
Boston Bruins v. New York Rangers, Bruins in Five

Western Conference –

First Round:
C1 Colorado Avalanche v. W1 Minnesota Wild, Wild in Six
C2 St. Louis Blues v. C3 Chicago Blackhawks, Blackhawks in Five

P1 Anaheim Ducks v. W2 Dallas Stars, Ducks in Four
P2 San Jose Sharks v. P3 Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Seven

Second Round:
Chicago Blackhawks v. Minnesota Wild, Blackhawks in Six
Anaheim Ducks v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Five

Conference Finals:
Chicago Blackhawks v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Six

Stanley Cup Finals –

Boston Bruins v. Los Angeles Kings, Kings in Seven

KEY – A = Atlantic, M = Metropolitan, C = Central, P = Pacific, W = Wildcard

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