Tuesday = Lots of Links

It’s Tuesday so bring on the links!

San Jose is in St. Louis tonight in the best Tuesday game and it’s on NBCSN at 7 pm. Photo by Don Smith/Getty Images

First Quarter: Starter Links

1) I like Pearl Jam so I share this from Grantland
2) Former Nebraska-Kearney AD
3) Mad Chatter from Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World Herald
4) Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star and his Twitter Tuesday

Second Quarter: College Football

1) Andy Staples CFB Power Rankings
2) Forde Yard Dash
3) Derek Carr article
4) Oregon and Nebraska will face off in 2016-17

Third Quarter: 4Q Potpourri (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS)

1) NBA – Season preview
2) NFL – Another Chiefs article, I know but care little
3) NHL – Scoreboard
4) MLS – Week 33 Power Rankings

Fourth Quarter: MLB

1) Today’s scoreboard
2) LCS schedule
3) MLB notebook
4) Walt Weiss gets a new contract

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