4Quarters 2013 MLB Postseason Predictions Sure to go Wrong

For those keeping score I had a pretty rough time with my MLB predictions this season which you can see HERE. Undeterred here are my predictions for the postseason starting with the wildcard games that begin tonight.

The postseason begins tonight on the journey to the World Series.

AL/NL Wild Card –

National League 10/01/13: Cincinnati Reds @ Pittsburgh Pirates/The Pick – Pittsburgh Pirates
American League 10/02/13: Tampa Bay Rays @ Cleveland Indians/The Pick – Tampa Bay Rays

Divisional Series –

ALDS: Tampa Bay Rays v. Boston Red Sox (AL East Champion)/The Pick – Boston in Four Games
ALDS: Detroit Tigers (AL Central Champion) v. Oakland Athletics (AL West Champion)/The Pick – Oakland in Five Games

NLDS: Pittsburgh Pirates v. St. Louis Cardinals (NL Central Champion)/The Pick – St. Louis in Four Games
NLDS: Los Angeles Dodgers (NL West Champion) v. Atlanta Braves (NL East Champion)/The Pick – Los Angeles in Five Games

League Championship Series –

ALCS: Oakland Athletics v. Boston Red Sox/The Pick – Boston in Six Games
NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers v. St. Louis Cardinals/The Pick – St. Louis in Five Games

2013 World Series –

St. Louis Cardinals v. Boston Red Sox/The Pick – Red Sox in Six

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