Thursday w/ 4Quarters

Almost done with the week here are four Thursday topics for you

First Quarter: MLB

1) MLB scoreboard
2) Detroit Tigers (67-45) @ Cleveland Indians (62-52), 6:05 pm
3) Boston Red Sox (70-46) @ Kansas City Royals (58-53), 7:10 pm
4) Los Angeles Dodgers (63-50) @ St. Louis Cardinals (66-47), 7:15 pm

Second Quarter: Golf Leaderboards (PGA, Champions, LPGA)

1) PGA
2) Champions
4) PGA Championship at Oak Hills this weekend

Third Quarter: 4Q Potpourri (NBA, NFL, NHL and College)

1) NBA – Free Agent tracker
2) NFL – 10 preseason games to watch, I know but some of you crave any type of football right?
3) NHL – Preseason schedule/Grantland with some tips on how they fix the league and keep it the same
4) College – LSU and Wisconsin to meet in 2014 and ’16 seasons

Fourth Quarter: Thursday Links

1) The NHL found a buyer for the Phoenix Coyotes but look to be taking control of the New Jersey Devils soon
2) 25th anniversary of night games at Wrigley Field
3) Jeff Passan has just learned about the Royals clubhouse sign
4) Sports on Earth looks at competitive balance

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