Tuesday = Lots of Links

Creighton opens it's home schedule today

First Quarter: NCAA Men’s Basketball

SI.com looks at each of the four regions:
1) Andy Glockner  looks at the East Region 
2) Stewart Mandel tells us about the Midwest Region
3) Andy Staples examines the South Region
4) George Dohrmann has the West Region

Second Quarter: College Basketball Part II

1) Luke Winn looks at the biggest questions in the bracket
2) Paul Daugherty tells us what we probably already thought about this year’s first four … no VCU
3) Mandel also looks at this year’s crop of non-power six schools
4) Finally SI.com tries to help you pick your bracket

Third Quarter: NHL

1) Tonight’s schedule
2) Is Sean Avery retiring?
3) NHL.com gives you the numbers on if the season ended today for the potential playoff match-ups
4) The league likes the new rules put in for headshots

Fourth Quarter: NBA

1) Tonight’s schedule
2) Orlando looking to bend over backwards for Dwight Howard
3) This writer thinks the Lakers have a good enough roster
4) The Bucks are playing if the price is right

Follow me on twitter @MikeVmos also happy birthday to my Mom today!

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